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Designer Diary #2: The Scope of an RPG (Part 2)

Welcome back for another designer diary! This is the second in a new series, so if you’re just jumping on board, check out our last one and let’s roll! 1,967 more words


The Next Phase

Well, I’m headed into finals week at school. I’m not going to pretend I did very much work on this game this week, as I was obviously busy studying and such. 90 more words

Game Design

Big Game Project; Week 4

For this week I planned a Pre-Alpha for our group in order to help us stay ahead of schedule. And for the alpha until the final stage we need to have our main features implemented. 1,069 more words


Third Time Lucky (More steps on the road of iterative design)

So, I finally have time to return to Interference. The last version worked well overall, but the major feedback was the players need more to connect them to one another. 681 more words

Burning Steel - Four weeks in and a whole lot more to come

The Big Game Project has past its fourth week and Burning Steel is far from done. What we have so far is something that is sort of playable; two player splitscreen racing with a win state and a somewhat working respawn system. 104 more words


Week 4 - Tamarrion - Spells and balance!


Physics – archenemy of Tamarrion

This week has been all about working on the boss fight and the player spells.

What we’re trying to do, is to give the player a wide range of customization, both in itemization and spell variety. 633 more words

The Crunch

Ok, so here we are, at the final week of development.  Give’s me butterflies just typing it.  “Little Soul”, our little roomba game has been in development for two weeks now not including the first week of designing and documentation.   966 more words