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My Final Project

Sorry for not writing for so long, I was quite busy because:
My studies are soon to be finished! Hurray!
I know I am not so much of a blogger, but for my final project in university I HAD to make a blog to record my process for my teachers and colleagues. 195 more words


Pixel Perfect in Unity

This week has been a adventure in Pixel Graphic Minutia behavior in Unity. I made some animations for the protagonist for our game, and wanted to test them out in Unity, to make sure everything was appearing and behaving as expected. 632 more words



So earlier this week (Monday 13/2) we had an Alpha playtesting workshop. Were all groups showed off to the other teams and teachers what has been made so far in the development. 513 more words

Game Design

Lycanthrope: Spider Animation (WIP)

Hello! My name is Mattias Borgqvist and I am currently working on a shoot em up game based on the concept document “A game of beelonging” by group Ouroboros. 374 more words


Blog Post 2 - Bee

Considering that the bee is the main protagonist of our game it’s no more than right that it gets its own post. We technically have two versions of the bee in the game, as the main bee that the player controls is slightly bigger and has a different hue of orange than the swarm bees that essentially serve as the player’s health bar. 559 more words


Blog post #2 Monster approach sound

!Link to the music clip at the end!

Team Cockatrice is building a Japanese mythology inspired game. In this game, you as the player traverse a foggy sea while mythical monsters try to get in your way. 538 more words


Really Wild West Dragon Guns (For the Starfinder Rolplaying Game)

In the Really Wild West setting hack for the Starfinder Roleplaying Game, flame guns have been the most common form of energy-weapon for decades, and have a history going back centuries in the Quin Dynasty of China. 943 more words

Game Design