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If you have read the ‘About’ page, you know that I am the Art Director at Serenity Forge game development studio. This is the most recent trailer for… 33 more words

FAE Fantasy: High Elf Minstrel

Back in the Changeling Rogue post I mentioned that the main reason I used Masters of Umdaar as a template for these fantasy characters was the aspects suggested in MoU (a high concept, a motivation, a personal aspect, a shared aspect, and a free aspect). 704 more words

Roleplaying Games


From several of my posts, I have mentioned ProBuilder (link) generally in the terms of creating assets. For this post, I figured I would go into further detail on what ProBuilder is, what it can do and what I have learnt to do with it. 495 more words

Game Design

Hyrule, Editing the Overworld.

LOZ Project – Overworld Setup Documentation¬†Screen Shots Included in this Document…

Exporting a massive map from L3DT.  This is the program that I took the B&W map I made from an actual game map and hand sculpted the mountains and such to keep the definition of the outline of each screen. 1,033 more words

Game Design

Eden - Creatures

‘Creatures’ is a ubiquitous term for any kind of living actor in Eden, I don’t mean to imply that everything is a creature or monster. Eden brings to life a wide variety of different animals, humanoids, monsters and critters. 379 more words

Game Development

Lock + Key, Puzzle Box, and Gauntlet Dungeons

I just watched Mark Brown’s new video on the dungeons in Link Between Worlds yesterday, and the three dungeon archetypes he mentions seem pretty interesting to me, not just from a game design point of view, but from a mathematical perspective as well. 1,546 more words

RWBY Dungeons and Dragons 5e Rules - Version 1.0

Character Creation Rules

During character creation, each player has 100 points to distribute among all 7 stats. Each point equals one stat point. No stat may be below 6 or above 18 after spending these 100 points. 2,857 more words

Dungeons And Dragons