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Continued adventures in game design

I run into the same problem with my game ideas that I do with my writing, the crippling notion that someone else has done this before and probably better than me. 1,463 more words


#Microfeat: Nice Things

Microfeats are experimental feats we have in playtesting or development (and may well change before they ever get used in a product – or may get cut entirely). 239 more words

Pathfinder Development

Inclusivity: The Next Step

In “The Bad Ol’ Good Ol’ Days” I talked a bit about the challenges of being a minority role-player looking to create characters in settings with even less equality than the modern world. 810 more words

Game Design

Gone Yem

Yem – Geordie Dialect meaning: Home

Using some pre made assets from Ant we developed a walking simulator scene within the Unity Engine.

These feature a First person character Controller. 270 more words

Game Design

How to Engage Players Outside of a Session

I’m a player in a Monsterhearts campaign, and we just had our second session a few nights ago. The morning after, I realized that I had had dreams about my character, Aiden. 1,211 more words


A discussion of Caillois' four categories of design applied to Bioware's Dragon Age

Since its creation, mankind has used the concept of play as a way to break from reality, placing the player in a new world with its own unique rules and boundaries. 953 more words

Day #292: Ghoul School

It was probably ten years ago when I first heard the term “Kusoge”.  I was dating a Japanese Major at the time and she educated me on the Eastern “kuso” culture, centered around the enjoyment and pursuit of terrible media, not too dissimilar from the way we mock b-movies over here, though sadly without the help of robot sidekicks. 317 more words

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