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Difficult Dungeon

A difficult dungeon to get through, with chambers long hidden from any exploration, lying untouched for millennia. Can your intrepid explorers find their way through and uncover the hidden secrets?

Happy 1st of April.

Game Design

DF-Like Rules posted

As the title says!  You can find them in the “Old School” section of this blog.


Miniature Games

Mini Quatre Bras

Our second attempt at my Don Fetaherstone-Like rules was using a scenario from One Hour Wargames based on Quatre Bras.  The red side gets a full compliment of troops randomly determined.  603 more words

Miniature Games

TLQ: Searching for a Voivode of Visuals

After procrastinating about this for months and months, I bit the bullet.  After a post of a fellow guildie in the Game Designers (HabitRPG) about getting some art done for his game, I finally had a place where I could post up a job for the character art I wanted done for Hunters: … 374 more words


The Puzzle of Railroading

Ahhhhh… Spring break. Time to pour yourself an orange juice, kick off your shoes, and finally open all of those games you bought during the Steam winter sale but didn’t have time to play. 2,088 more words


King of the Swamp: Minimum Viable Product

So I started working on another game, King of the Swamp. The game will be a simple, cannibalistic Hungry, Hungry Hippos with bullfrogs, lovecraftian transformations, and local multiplayer. 181 more words

Getting Started

Today was the first day of proper work, we started with a morning meeting, which we will have daily, where we discussed our aims for today and the week and divided the first tasks. 148 more words