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Game Development Lectures by Warren Spector

This has got to be a good set of lectures by Warren Spector and his guest lecturers on game design and the business of publishing. 19 more words

Game Development

The Song of Samael

Of course, the other joy (and Lovecraftian tradition) of Call of Cthulhu is making up your own eldritch tomes full of mind-shattering cosmic horror. The following is what I came up with as an alternative to the… 1,629 more words

Game Design

Dark Yojimbo: FFX2 moves it up a notch

I’m still slogging my way through FFX2. I still have mixed feelings about this game. There is a massive difficulty spike at the end of Chapter 2 that lasts into Chapter 3, to the point that regular monsters in most areas are capable of spamming special attacks and killing you. 1,041 more words

Video Games

Cardboard Architects Podcast Episode #14 Too Many Games!!!!

Joe Brogno (@thebluemuzzy) and I have started our own podcast. We are going to be looking at the world of games through the eyes of designers. 184 more words

Game Design

Design Journal - Part 7

Risto D. Holmstrom, CCO & Founder of Epic Owl

Hey everyone! It’s been some while since my previous post: we’ve had the launch of our first game, … 1,545 more words

Epic Owl

Shadowfall Beta Release

We’ve finally arrived at that point again where another game is finally ready to be released to the public in its beta form. Everyone please welcome SHADOWFALL! 643 more words

Game Design

HTC Vive Dev Kit Unboxing

Christmas came early, received the HTC Vive dev kit! Yes it’s relatively late compared to when other studios got them, but its infinitely better to have it than to not. 202 more words