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Bootstrapping and Finding the Fun in Language Learning

For my language learners and linguistics friends…


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how I study and learn language versus how it was and is taught. 2,798 more words


The Earnestness of Importance

Television has changed a lot over the last couple of decades. No longer bound to the yoke of short run times and advertisements, TV shows have started becoming more like movies: Longer, more intricate, with a consistent story told between episodes. 780 more words

Problem Machine

Reflections on Miguel Sicart's The Ethics of Computer Games - 01

So, I’m reading Miguel Sicart’s The Ethics of Computer Games and loving every bit of it. Well, almost every bit of it. Most of the bits. 373 more words


A Review Of :: Gnomoria

“Fortress-Like” Gameplay In Beautiful Pixel-Art Aesthetic

Gnomoria is perhaps the best example of a “Dwarf Fortress BUT” game I’ve encountered. This game takes the fundamental fantasy of the genre (oversee a group of beings and help them survive by defining the rules for their community) and gives it a facelift with pretty pixel art, and a point-and-click GUI. 304 more words


Let's Talk About: Her Story

A dim lit room. A lone computer screen in the middle of that room radiating all of the noticeable light around you. Like a moth, you’re drawn to the light. 730 more words


Blaugust Day 1: And I'm Cutting Corners Already

Back from business trip, got home at 6pm, completely bushed.

Had a bath, then collapsed into bed, not really sure if it was going to be a nap or if I was going to sleep like the dead until the next morning. 1,025 more words


Arcanine Prototype Week 4 Review: Designing Tutorials for an ‘Approachable' Game

I’m happy to report that the prototype for the 2D platformer game is almost done!

    What’s done:
  • Playable 10 levels with in-game tutorials and character progression…
  • 153 more words