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Drawing myself on Animate (Flash)...

In Chris’ lesson today, we looked at the software ‘Animate’ in more detail, in particular drawing shapes. We started off by copying some shapes from the board onto our own canvas on Animate and focusing on colours and different size and shaped lines on the shapes. 377 more words

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Drawing in Animate / Flash

In class today we drew basic shapes using the tools in Adobe Animate before modifying them to change how they look like in order to become more familiar with the drawing tools. 68 more words

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Adobe Animate drawings

We used adobe animate to learn how to use all the shape tools. We then used these tools to make images, and then attempted to make a cartoon portrait of our selves. 117 more words

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Dragon Age and Skyrim—How Game Mechanics Create Gender Lines in a Genre

I recently started replaying Dragon Age: Origins. It’s a personal favorite of mine for a lot of nostalgic reasons. As RPG veterans are wont to do on the millionth playthrough of an aging game, I decided that… 1,907 more words

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Today we worked on playtesting and got rid of alot of kinks…

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Development Diary #10: Builders and Spenders.

Hello again, and welcome back to the 10th (!) development diary. Today we’re going to have a little chat about how God Powers correspond to the “second to second” game play decisions. 476 more words

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Master Class, Hybrid Classes (Pt. 2)

Master Class are posts where I talk a bit about design choices, how I make them, and what guides these decisions. They’ll likely be pretty rare. 1,391 more words

Pathfinder Development