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Criticism and Theory Round 1: An Aesthetic of Play

I’m adding a new category, since I think we need it.  This is for all the sort of meta, literary criticism, or analysis kinds of things. 1,116 more words


Guild Wars 2: Specializations are here! Yay!

Greetings, ladies and gentlemen!

On June 23, ArenaNet rolled out a major update to Guild Wars 2 that brought with it some welcome changes and new feature additions. 1,164 more words


A new project is being born

While Cranko Runners is in the last phase to launch in Google Play store, we are developing a new mobile game:

You are a space ship pilot trapped into planets gravity in an unknown planetary system, and you have to scape from many planets as you can. 506 more words

Video Game

Reviewing and Anticipating - Game Chef 2015

The critic has to educate the public. The artist has to educate the critic.

-Oscar Wilde

This year, for the first time, I participated in the annual…

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Invoke(Rant) - Ep 02 - Immersion

The topic of this episode is immersion in games.  Have you ever thought about the immersive quality of a game while playing it?  Paul and I do, all the time. 121 more words


A new experience every time you play

Hi there!

I always liked games which give you different experiences while you are playing, so I added few different types of gameplays in mine. At the moment I have 4 planet categories and inside each one could have variations: 179 more words


Initial Concept: What is our game about?

WARNING: this post, and all others by me, are likely to be SPOILERIFIC if you intend to play our game. I’m the guy who talks about gameplay dynamics, storyline and theme, so all my posts are likely to contain spoilers. 496 more words

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