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Live from the Wizard Jam front, episode #2

Hey there! This is my second missive from the WJ4 front – read the first one here.

I spent last weekend finalizing the geometry so I could turn it into a prefab and use it across all scenes. 382 more words

Game Design

Iridescent Crown, Zephyr 3, and Worldbuilding Notes

Iridescent Crown

I’ve made a lot of progress on my 2D roguelike platformer, Iridescent Crown. I’ve finally settled on a name I like (only took me 6 years). 1,187 more words

Game Design

Ma Face

I just really love her hair and face, so I wanted to give Ma a close up! :D

Don't Tread On Me

Finished Ma Model

Here is Ma’s topology, with and without the skirt (which I made double-sided for normals to always face out).

Don't Tread On Me

State of the Conspiracy: Dragonmeet

Just a quick update to share the above, a near final version of the game ready for Dragonmeet tomorrow. It still needs a final round of proofing but otherwise it’s done. 16 more words


Fair and Random Ability Scores

Some people love rolling random ability scores for d20 games, and hate the carefully balanced, often similar arrays generated by point-buys.

Other people hate being unable to pick ability scores that work for their character concept, and the fact that random rolls often mean players don’t start on a level playing field. 315 more words

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