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New Game Smell (Part 3)

A couple of blogs ago, I started a series about how game companies keep things fresh for their existing game lines. The three methods I wanted to focus on in this 3-part series were… 414 more words


New And Improved

I thought upgrading my inventory would take about and hour, but it ended up taking about two, which still isn’t a lot, and I’m very happy with the results so I’m not too upset by that additional hour. 244 more words

Personal Places vs. Group Games

What’s a group game and why are they such a big deal?

You may have noticed that some games are starting to pop up around Roblox that are owned by groups and you may be wondering why that is.  982 more words

Group Games

Daily Design: Day 210

Daily Design is a series of game concepts devised daily through all of 2016. These are just basic concepts, designed based on randomly generated words. Today, they are;  376 more words

Game Design

Literary Game Design 2: Designing Conflict

Sometimes, you can be working on the same idea from two different angles, and it takes you a while to realize it. The previous article, … 1,319 more words

Game Design

Work - 7/28/2016

I basically complete the pass-through platforms. That should be all nice now. Then I move on to rearranging the camera controller. Now it’s attached directly to the character, which changes things up a bit.

State of the Conspiracy: The Candidate Release!

It’s been a while since a ‘State of the Conspiracy’ post has incorporated any new material so here’s a big one: A brand new version of the game that has the potential to be damn near complete. 297 more words