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Hiding Information from Players

As a game designer, you should never hide information that the player already has from the player.  The reasoning: the player has this information already… 839 more words


BGG.FAM After Report

BGG.FAM 2016 was last weekend.  Since Comicpalooza is in June this year, we had a chance to slip out of Houston, escape the deluge, see some old friends, and to make new ones. 1,194 more words

Game Design

So Long Pong

In late 2015 and early 2016 I decided to try make a game, a classic game by the name of Pong. I’d found some online forums talking about starting out with game development in their personal lives and one piece of advice stuck with me: 1,129 more words


Ludobits: 5 Eurogamer Mistakes When Learning the COIN System


Excellent advice on what to avoid when your’re a Eurogamer learning the COIN system.

I wish I could link to an article as concise and coherent as this one, with respect to the mistakes wargamers make when they learn the COIN system. 31 more words

Game Design

D&D 5e: Magical Styles

I really like Fighting Styles in 5e. The goal is to reward variety in weapon styles within the martial classes, letting one fighter feel very different than another fighter. 418 more words


Angry ... Cows?

A friend challenged me to an exercise in creative concept art – draw some Angry Birds (yes, as in the game). But make them cows. Angry cows. 539 more words

Vendi, Vidi, VRAM

In my final year at University, I took part in a graphics module due to, once again my interesting in games. I thought an important part of what I would one day hope to do would be learning to perhaps create models of structures and also I’d get to learn more about what an artist would be thinking and considering in making a game, so if anything else, it gave me a wider perspective on challenges faced by others in a potential team. 826 more words