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Dungeon Explorer Devblog 2 - Start Your Coding

Project: Dungeon Explorer (codename)
Goal: Develop and release first game
Initial Commit: 7 Aug 2019

Dev Hours Since Last Devblog: 5.66
Total Dev Hours Spent: 1,120 more words

Game Dev


This months Dev Diary for Absolute Territory is all about progress on the Mission Editor where you create your own missions. You will be able to fly multiple ships and configure their loadouts for optimum effect. 63 more words

Aging Toads LD44

There is a legend of subaquatic creatures awakening from ancient times. Once every century they rise to feed and regain their strength. Time diminishes their appearance, but they transforms in short bursts to a heroundus size. 2,068 more words


Sword Combos

While messing around with the last enemy I created (cf previous post), I felt like the lasting fights would get boring at some point (repeating the same moves). 187 more words

Game Dev

3D Maze Generation in Unity

Mazes are unpredictable parts of game play, if it is 2D you can see and create a path above. If you able to see the whole maze above in 3D, you can do the same like rolling a ball in the maze. 2,414 more words

Game Dev

Chronicles of a Game Dev

I’ve done Video Game Development as a hobby for years and years. I’ve studied, learned, experimented and created. I’ve dreamed and planned many games. My goal was always to make games that “inspire people to seek more of Life”, and also to make games that I want to play ;) 1,180 more words


Weekly Update #216

Ahoy there dear readers!

Welcome back once again to another of our dev posts. This week has been a mixed bag and while I haven’t achieved as much as I’d liked, I did get back into sculpting again! 203 more words