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Deism and Digital World-Building

Nearly every aspect of archaeogaming can be considered on two levels: in-game and extra-game. As Raiford Guins writes in Game After, “players are not privy to the ‘inner space’ of games, and only play its ‘outer space.’” Archaeogamers, however, can look within to study a game’s “inner space.” 1,245 more words


We’ve known since the beginning of the year that Westwood-based Ghost Story GamesKen Levine’s studio that was formerly known as Irrational Games, has been working on a game it  106 more words

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Boston-based Harmonix is launching what could be its most ambitious project yet at the end of the month: Dropmix, a game “that fuses a Bluetooth-enabled game board, NFC playing cards, and a mobile app to create a playful musical mash-up tool,”  28 more words

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If you’re a Walking Dead fan and like playing mobile games, I have news for you: Framingham-based developer Disruptor Beam has released The Walking Dead: March to War for Android and iOS devices… 41 more words

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What Game Developers Can Learn From Shooters Like Overwatch

It seems like no matter what, entertainment is one element that is recession proof. Consumers spend hours a day just watching videos alone. But what is also taking up the time of consumers are video games. 751 more words