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Occultus: Mediterranean Cabal

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Are you optimistic for VR?

Virtual Reality has a lot going for it

I have several old, initial drafts of articles from a year ago I want to redraft and post but I’ve been out of the whole writing thing for a while and right now, I’m in the mood for something fresh, something I haven’t written about much before. 46 more words

Virtual Reality

Reload reality

VR games could traumatize players, warns CEO

Virtual reality (VR) offers huge opportunities for new gaming experiences, but there are fears the technology has the potential to traumatize audiences. 38 more words

Virtual Reality

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Forgotten Places: Regained Castle

Game Developers

A history of Roswell’s Tripwire Interactive game studio

The company’s vice president shares the story of a small team with great passion


(ROSWELL, GA.) – Nestled in the corner of Roswell, a team of 50 video game developers make up one of Georgia’s longest running game development studios, Tripwire Interactive. 1,310 more words