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A history of Roswell’s Tripwire Interactive game studio

The company’s vice president shares the story of a small team with great passion


(ROSWELL, GA.) – Nestled in the corner of Roswell, a team of 50 video game developers make up one of Georgia’s longest running game development studios, Tripwire Interactive. 1,310 more words

Digging Out of This Early Access Grave

Early Access.

This odorous term has unfortunately become one of the staples of the current gaming cycle. Providing a consumer the ability to purchase an incomplete product at a… 347 more words


Streaming: The New Gaming Era?

The gaming industry has had its share of phases, but the latest one may be simultaneously the most exciting and the most disheartening one that we have ever seen.   304 more words


"Premortem" Revived

A year ago I voiced an interest in reviving an old games-criticism series of mine which went by the title “Premortem.” These posts, each one isolating a singular game in development, were written to soothsay outcomes which I emphatically hoped against but nonetheless believed would manifest. 328 more words


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