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Spamocalypse updates: pathfinding, weapon script changes

It’s about time I had a new update. There’s been quite a few changes since the last one, so here goes:

First level redone
For starters, I revamped the starting level, so it no longer uses default shapes and textures. 479 more words

Game Development

Game Update, 05 Feb 2016

Here’s some work I’ve done on my game since last week.

It might not look like much, but there’s a lot going on since the last update. 14 more words



first post, got to test the post url slug

Game Development

The skills you need to get hired as a game designer.

By ChadViper

Game designers are a rare breed of people that are responsible for many tasks when it comes to making a game. We have broad diverse skill set and we bring a lot to the game development table. 486 more words


Save Our Souls

Save Our Souls is an Action-Adventure game being made in Unreal Engine by a team of one. Martin Mutanuka is from Zambia and has given us a small preview of the work that he has accomplished in a month.  10 more words


Unity game updates.... Gangnam style

So Mixamo decided to give away all their super cool animations and models.

Being an enterprising little bunny (with an ingrained love of free stuff) I decided to jump on this and download all I could, while I still could. 25 more words