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Glitch Metal Concept Art

Working on a new video game and aiming for your phone. You can get a preview of the Shoot Em Up game (pre-alpha bugs and all) at  22 more words

Game Design

Gamedev & My Stupid Confidence Problems

My self-confidence has never been great. Most of it came from not wanting to bother or annoy anyone. Consequently, I’ve always had trouble asking for help with things; not wanting to put anyone out or waste people’s time. 1,226 more words


Building multiple platforms with one click

EDIT: this is now up on GitHub.

I finally got tired of manually changing platforms after creating builds, so I went and created a customised BuildPipeline. 419 more words

Game Development

Ghost Party ~ WGD 'Spooky (2016)' Three-Week Competition

It’s been a while since I’ve properly sat down and made a game, apart from the Zero Hour Game Jam, which I entered with… 951 more words


Belatedly, let’s talk about Red Dead Redemption 2

Late last month, Rockstar dropped its first teaser trailer for the brand new Red Dead Redemption 2. A series of persistent rumors had popped up some months before hinted that a sequel to the very popular… 899 more words


Movies vs. games: who wins?

The history of filmmaking can be traced back to as early as the 17th century, where magic lanterns were used. Back then, films were all made in shades of black and white only. 663 more words


Games & Science : A misspent youth

Before I’d even considered a job in games (beyond an idle daydream), I’d been a huge games fan. Since early childhood I’d spent most of my spare time playing games. 1,008 more words

Game Development