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Mirror's Edge: Catalyst - Beta Impressions

Mirror’s Edge is back! See, last weekend I had the opportunity to play around in the Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst closed beta. Now I’ll say right off the bat that the game is looking promising. 1,260 more words



Been awhile since I shared anything involving game development. For those who don’t remember, I’m working on a card-based RPG with real-time elements and all other kinds of video game verbiage nonsense. 52 more words

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New asset on GitHub: listing static objects

So, I have a new repo on GitHub. This is an Editor utility script that divides scene objects into static and non-static objects and writes them, along with concave Mesh Colliders, into a text file. 199 more words

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Run Unreal Engine 4 on Ubuntu 16.04

It’s been over a year since I last made the tutorial post for downloading, building and running Unreal Engine 4 on Ubuntu. Since then, both Unreal Engine 4 and Ubuntu have moved to newer versions, and things have changed quite a bit! 1,123 more words

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The Morality System - Does it work in video games?

While it is hard to create multiple endings in video games that reflect a player’s actions; video game developers give players a false sense of control of video games. 1,017 more words


New build: night vision, pathfinding fixes, tutorial messages

Another build for Spamocalypse. This has a few changes:

Night Vision effect
After some feedback from the Feedback Friday threads on the Unity3D forums (mainly about some parts being too dark to really see where they were going), I added in a night-vision effect that I found… 279 more words

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Two Witches

I don’t know why, but for some reason I keep having two witches pop up when I’m play testing Tears of the King!

To solve a stupid problem I had with  244 more words

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