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#WriteFriday - August 28th

Yeah, this is a bit late…

I ended up writing outside in my notebook on Friday.  I had determined that I needed to either firm up the plot of… 449 more words


LibGDX Tutorial - Part 2

Environment Setup

To get your code running you need to properly configure your development tools. And that’s one rough road. But once you setup your environment correctly, the successive projects will be easy to deploy. 1,300 more words

Game Development

LibGDX Tutorial - Part 1

LibGDX is a cross-platform game/application development framework. The codes are written in Java. Since it is Java based, it can be run in Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. 239 more words

Game Development

Let’s start here

Video games is being conquering our social life for some decades now. It had one of the fastest evolution in technological world. I don’t think people want to hear the history of it, which is repeatedly mentioned everywhere on and on. 124 more words

Game Development

Fuzzy Horde ~ Ludum Dare 33 - You Are the Monster

This weekend was the 33rd iteration of the three-times-yearly Ludum Dare competition. Participants spend a couple of weeks submitting, slaughtering and ultimately picking themes, until one single theme is left. 944 more words


A Finished Map!

My map is done!  :D

There are still a few areas I may add to, but for all intents and purposes, it’s done for now.  I stayed up pretty late finishing it.   60 more words

Game Development

What about a game where you can't see?

There are many types of platformer games on the market today. Some hard, some easy. But most of them share the same principle, that the difficulty comes from the obstacles you encounter in the game. 198 more words

Game Development