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Unity5 released

In hindsight, I should have waited with before creating that GitHub repository yesterday, especially as I knew that Unity would be making a major announcement today. 270 more words


Gamemaker and making Children objects run their Event code and their Parent's Event code

Slowly as I move forward with my Gamemaker project, I’ve learned new things along the way. One such thing I’ve learned is that when a Child object makes its own Event, it will override the Parent’s Event code. 279 more words

Game Development

Path-finding for stealth

One of the problems I have with Spamocalypse is how to build light intensity into the player’s ability to hide. Most of the stealth-based games I’ve played include a mechanism like this, and I think it’s worth adding. 256 more words


New Dungeon: Asura Kingdom

In Learning the Dark Trade, the player goes through two types of dungeons: ones that are tied to each party member, and ones that have to do with the chapter progression of the main story. 159 more words

Game Development

Introducing Little Orc Wars

….*Crickets chirping*…. I know, I’ve let SemiSorted hang for a while… but it’s finally time to get it back up to date. One project I’ve been dying to post about is Little Orc Wars. 289 more words


Game Development: Design process for a game system.

One of the things I find so interesting about game development is the process that is used in order to design and implement the multiple game systems that co-exist, interact and inform each other in order to bring life and functionality to a game or gameworld. 603 more words

Game Design

Animation tutorial for Unity

My students did last spring a tutorial how to importing and playing animation using Mecanim in Unity.

Kudos to Oscar Romin and Andreas Jansson.

Download the tutorial