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A Basic Level Editor

In an effort to speed up the development time of our little game, I fleshed-out the bare bones level editor into something a little more powerful and user friendly. 281 more words

Game Development

Game Dev Blog: Aboravin Jungle: Trees, Wildlife, and Light

I’ve spent the last few weeks working on Vitrerran’s jungle level, and holy crap am I happy with how it’s turning out. Also, holy crap is what I’m doing time consuming! 465 more words

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Choosing My Game Platform

As I worked my way through the research I very soon realized that the world of game development was very broad.  But I was a glutton for punishment (I guess) in that I explored just about everything that caught my fancy.   642 more words

Game Development

Let the Journey Begin

I wanted to get into game development as a means to generate some income to supplement my retirement.  After doing some initial research I realized I could apply the knowledge and skills I’d learned over the years to something I could do at my own pace and interest.   344 more words

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Trials and Tribulations of a Solo Game Developer

Welcome to Airontina Studio’s blog.  Here I would like to share my trials and tribulations of transforming from a hobbyist to commercial game developer.  Please see my… 227 more words

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Updates to Valentine's Day Escape source

After that email about the source for VDE, I received several others from them, asking for help with the source code. It turns out that I’d hard-coded several values, causing things to break when anything was changed. 211 more words


Gamedev Journal 3: Infinite Runner Tutorial

It’s been a long while (again) since my last update, but I’m happy to say I’ve made much better progress on my road to making my own games! 413 more words

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