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Making Games "Feel" Better

I came across a fantastic video of a presentation by Jan Willem Nijman – a co-founder of the game development company Vlambeer, who produced Super Crate Box (which admittedly I had never heard of until seeing the video), and a number of other games. 829 more words

Game Development

Name the System!

With last week’s screenshot, I explained a bit about my game’s new relationship system, which requires you to form close friendships or romances between all the individual characters in order to make them closer to the group as a whole.  58 more words

Game Development

Spamocalypse AI Update

So, I’ve been working on Spamocalypse on-off over the last while, and I’ve got a basic framework for the AI in place. At the moment, I’ve only got the basic dumb bots able to attack, but that’s on hiatus until I get the AI to be able to move close enough to a suspected player. 363 more words


Archery code with Ben

This is the first prototype for our arrows in our hunting game. If you can notice they actually penetrate the mesh of the Ai human. More to come soon.


Playing Like a Designer – Stealth in Mark of the Ninja

Image captured by Rob

As I delve further in to game design, I find that they way I approach a game is beginning to shift. The common idea that I’ve heard bandied about is that ‘the magic disappears’ once you know how to make games. 1,161 more words

From New Authors

Introducing ZAsteroids: Full Game and Codebase

ZAsteroids, it’s 3D asteroids, but with a twist! Try keep your Ion-Cannon satellite in working order while fending off waves of asteroids. It’s also completely free. 655 more words

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