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18 months of work down the drain

This is a massive, rage-inducing WTF moment. I kept having problems with the pathfinding code marking corridors as impassable even though there was enough room to walk along them, and having issues with checking underneath objects, particularly in buildsings with more than one floor. 478 more words

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More voice lines

I generated some more voice lines for Spamocalypse. This time, I chose a Scottish accent instead of the North English I used one for the Mods. 119 more words

Game Development

Game Update, 23 August, 2016

Spent an hour this morning getting the ‘Translate’ button in the game and working. There’s still a bit of scripting left to do, but it’s basically done. 21 more words

Game Development

Spamocalypse Voice demo

I spent the weekend messing around with Audacity to create some voice lines for the Moderators in Spamocalypse. Here’s the interim results:

Here’s how I did this. 129 more words

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Game Design: Researching the Market

So you came up with that killer game idea. You are super eager to start working on it, right? Well before you do that I want you to STOP! 451 more words


Game Update, 12 August, 2016

I’ve been making a fair bit of progress this past month and I’m now in Alpha (that means feature complete).

I have the main story translated and a redesigned interface, so now comes the long process of getting all that content into the game in preparation for the Game Developer World Championship (GDWC16) competition at the end of September (and a couple of other game competitions around that time). 64 more words

Game Development

5 Reasons Pokemon Go Is So Popular

We’ve all seen the explosion of Pokemon Go: the app hit number 1 in app stores pretty much immediately. Not only is it breaking records in terms of numbers of users, it’s boosted Nintendo’s market value and actually changed the behavior of thousands of users, who are frequently seen doing fairly ridiculous things. 977 more words