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Spamocalypse 0.5.0: new level, stats, and artwork.

Finally, I have a new build, which brings Spamocalypse to 0.5.0. The changes:

  • I added the final level. This uses the same scenery as the first (non-tutorial) level, but there’s no loot to steal this time – just get to the sewers where you started!
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Game Development

Google Play Services in LibGDX - Android

Past 2 weeks, I spent a lot of time trying to make Google Play Services library work in my LibGDX project. Even though the process is simple there are a few pit falls from which it might take some days to recover, like what happened to me.  430 more words

Game Development

Glitch Metal Title Screen

Playing with the title screen animation for Shoot Em Up game Glitch Metal. If you like shooters or retro gaming you can preview it here  21 more words

Graphic Design

Giant Blue Moth Boss

Design for another insect boss for the Glitch Metal game. Shades of Mothra. Mostly blue shades. Preview the game here https://timebomb.itch.io/glitch. Works best on Google Chrome browser, and keep in mind it is currently in development, so might be a lil buggy. 18 more words

Graphic Design

More Insect artwork for a Retro Scifi mobile game

Some more boss animation for a retro scifi mobile game, Glitch Metal. Follow me at @DynamiteScott for somewhat more regular updates.

Glitch Metal Concept Art

Working on a new video game and aiming for your phone. You can get a preview of the Shoot Em Up game (pre-alpha bugs and all) at  22 more words

Game Design

Gamedev & My Stupid Confidence Problems

My self-confidence has never been great. Most of it came from not wanting to bother or annoy anyone. Consequently, I’ve always had trouble asking for help with things; not wanting to put anyone out or waste people’s time. 1,226 more words