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New build! (Finally)

I finally have a new build. Most of these are performance fixes that I covered in my last post, but I also added a lot of extra stuff to the City Inbound level. 235 more words

Game Development

Optimising Unity

For the last three or four weeks, I’ve been trying to fix several performance issues I found while testing. Some of these are graphics issues, which I can’t really fix myself, but the scripting ones are things I can work on. 595 more words

Game Development

Game Update, 11 May, 2016

Finally I feel like I’m making some progress.

Since the last update I’ve mainly been spending my time becoming more familiar with the Dialogue System plugin, and have now added the ability to have quests. 79 more words


Mirror's Edge: Catalyst - Beta Impressions

Mirror’s Edge is back! See, last weekend I had the opportunity to play around in the Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst closed beta. Now I’ll say right off the bat that the game is looking promising. 1,260 more words


Game Development: A Sum of Parts

More money is spent on gaming today than any time in history. In 2015, the industry saw revenue upwards of $90 billion. This is not only due to more people playing games, but the amount of options in today’s landscape, thanks to a growing number of creators. 463 more words



Been awhile since I shared anything involving game development. For those who don’t remember, I’m working on a card-based RPG with real-time elements and all other kinds of video game verbiage nonsense. 52 more words

Game Development

New asset on GitHub: listing static objects

So, I have a new repo on GitHub. This is an Editor utility script that divides scene objects into static and non-static objects and writes them, along with concave Mesh Colliders, into a text file. 199 more words

Game Development