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NullHunter: An Editor script that flags potential Null References

When giving Spamocalypse a test recently, I ran into an issue where I hadn’t initialised a variable, resulting in my console being filled with NullReferenceExceptions. This annoyed me enough that I went and wrote an Editor extension that looks for null public variables in a particular MonoBehaviour. 152 more words

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LibGDX Tutorial - Part 4

Importing the Project

As we have succesfully created a sample project using the LibGDX setup app, let’s start working on it. We’re going to import the project into IntelliJ Idea. 529 more words

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Godot v2.1 Beta Released

The long awaited Godot v2.1 has been finally put to Beta testing.

Visit https://godotengine.org/download and download the beta version.

Godot is a fastly growing, feature-rich game engine that has in-built editor. 97 more words

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Virtual Reality: The Future?

VR gaming in finally sweeping the nation. What a time to be alive. I have personally had hands on experience with the Oculus Rift and it was one of the best gaming experiences of my life. 318 more words


Support Your Mechanics!

Game development can be a frustrating task. Here at PBrecreation we want to help ease your pain. Today I want to talk about a topic that I have been thinking about for awhile now. 183 more words


Getting AppGameKit to run it's game executables on Ubuntu 16.04

Well, App Game Kit was on sale today on Steam and as always, Steam sales bring the impulsive buyer in me out! Even better, this piece of game development software has native support for Linux. 812 more words

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Ways Pokemon GO could be a catalyst for change.

EDIT: Some days have past since I wrote this. not all is the same¬†today as it was then, ¬†for a start it is officially out in the UK so don’t go correcting me on that, also, some of my enthusiasm is lost, sure I like it, still play it and still think this could make for a shift in game design and it will be influential for years to come. 2,303 more words

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