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Silver Screen Nightmares - Playtest 2

So Tuesday night I ran through Silver Screen Nightmares again and overall I think things went well. It was not an optimal playtest, seeing as how I only had two people available to play, but nonetheless, I did get some solid conclusions an we had a good time. 363 more words


Online multiplayer

Online multiplayer is an important feature of Glodd Omega that I didn’t even mention in the previous post, because I wanted to write a separate one for this. 131 more words

Game Development

Animal Design, Yes I Said It.

What do you write about when you do the same thing for days in a row?  It is hard to figure out what to say.  I’ve been just writing up descriptions of creatures that have the potential to make it in to Violent Sol Worlds.   165 more words

High Poly Swordage

Hey friendly people. I made this nice greatsword in Blender yesterday. It’s the Order Executioner’s sword from Scout’s Journey. I actually got the idea from a dream I had, the little shield on the finger guard and the slotted fuller on the blade are details from the dream. 330 more words

#WriteFriday - August 28th

Yeah, this is a bit late…

I ended up writing outside in my notebook on Friday.  I had determined that I needed to either firm up the plot of… 449 more words


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