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Weekly Update #121

Welcome back to our regular weekly update post!

First up is our achieved list which frankly isn’t going to be great this week as regular work continues it’s assault on our Faith & Flintlocks development time! 305 more words

Concept Art

Light 'em up: Weekly Update #2

When starting out this project the scope was set well within the limits of my current skillset.  Although, I did know that at some stage I would have to put a bit of time towards learning a better system for lighting my environments.   514 more words


What Hearthstone does wrong

Bugs happen. Sometimes you catch them early and can do something about them. Sometimes you catch them too late to do much. Sometimes you catch them, but the bug is in the hardware—and there’s nothing you can do to fix it. 651 more words

Game Dev Quick Links - July 2017 (I'm reading lots of game dev stuff so you don't have too!)

Each month I put together a few links that get added to the Bristol Games Hub newsletter. As an active games developer, I do read a fair amount around game dev, bizdev and the art and culture of games development. 372 more words

Of Interest And Note

Learning Unity Again

So no, I really didn’t know Unity that well to begin with, but for the last couple years, I and a few former co-workers (at the time we weren’t former) decided to learn Unity and release some games.   504 more words

Game Development

At the IndieCade: Hazelnut Bastille

One of my PERSONAL GAMES of Interest this year! If you love dungeon-crawling with SNES-style graphics, this is the game for you!


Game Development

Eden - The World

There is a lot to talk about when discussing the world of Eden. I’ll do my best to talk about the more interesting aspects of the game world and how they impact the player and game mechanics themselves. 618 more words

Game Development