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Time for an update.

There’s not much new on the Western front. I’ve been in another extensive rewriting and editing process on the Scout’s Journey script. 355 more words

Indie Games

Why i chose Unreal Engine 4

I play games since ever and my dream was always be a game developer. I started learning to program at age 10 in C and SDL. 415 more words

Game Development

Abandoning a Reckless Pace

Neither Re-Hoard nor Reckless Abandon are going to be released by Comi-Con this year.

Ever since my last post, I took my time both recovering and considering my needs. 87 more words

Game Development

Pre-Alpha 1.77 is Here!

Hey everyone! As promised, I have another update available today. The two main things in this one are rebindable keys and support for PS4 controllers. That may not seem like much, but those were surprisingly difficult to implement, hence the delay. 13 more words


Building a Beat Em Up Style HUD in UE4

For Stuffing! I really wanted to build on some of the core things i think beat em up’s really did well. And one of them was a shared camera and hud. 37 more words

Game Development

//side project: Hakai

Finally back to a game with a better scope!

“Hakai”, meaning “destruction” in Japanese, was based largely on the game breakout. It’s a short arcade-style action game with over 20 levels and a little story to guide it along. 184 more words

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Side Note: Hakai


(Hey guys!)


(This week I finished making a new game! It’s called “Hakai”, meaning “destruction”. It’s simple and fun, so please give it a try!) 46 more words