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Procedural Generation & It's Affect on Immersion

In my final year of university I was tasked with researching a subject in the computer science field that I could use for my dissertation. As a gaming fanatic I instantly thought about the opportunities close to heart, and also close to personal experiences. 1,074 more words


High performance with canvas prerendering

Canvas API is slow by nature, don’t try to argue this, it is…
When using HTMLcanvas, we have to know how the whole thing works, first of all, the canvas 2D context itself is an Int8Array with length (side^2) * 4 and an API to modify this array, this API is an abstraction layer that allows you to easily draw shapes, paths, etc without leading with pixel modification or rasterizing. 296 more words



So I have started to sit down and write the rules, and one of the things I hadn’t really accounted for was how impersonal the rules are. ¬† 347 more words


3D Modelling and how to get started.

3D modelling and designing is an exciting thing to do because just like every other form of art, the limit is your imagination. But, there is a difference. 1,335 more words


Small Gods - Bugfixes

The “”””fun”””” part of game development.

As part of my game dev work tonight¬†I fixed four bugs/issues that were present in the game and discovered a new one that I’ve never seen before. 397 more words

Small Gods

Versatile Techno - Mobile App and Game Development

Versatile Techno is an pioneer Web design and development, Mobile app development & Game development company. At Versatile Techno, we have a right combination of Web, Mobile & Game development experts who can assist you in providing the best IT solutions. 25 more words

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Tanglewood: Introducing Djakk Monsters

Introducing Djakk Monsters

There’s a reason our friend Nymn is so keen to get back home before dark. That reason is a huge, snarling, fearsome beast that emerges from its cave at night, with the blood of its last victim still dripping from its teeth, and an insatiable appetite for Nymn’s face. 553 more words