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Real Solar System Data

Since I am going for realism, I need to create our actual solar system as realistically as possible within the confines of the game systems. I spent most of the week setting up a system to read data from a comma separated file, and translate that into stars and planets. 51 more words

Game Development

Video Post: VO Review Grow Home

I got bored and made a video for the last post about Grow Home. It has a silly with video and voices. =)

Transcript can be found here


Intruder Alert!

Ok, so instead of a week, it’s been a month. I’ll just have to start every post with an apology now…

I haven’t been able to do much, because of exams, snow days, the piles upon piles of homework, upcoming events, and other personal things going on. 387 more words

My Evaluation!


Prepare to get your minds blown with my wonderful evaluation of my wonderful project that I will talk about in wonderful detail. I am going to talk about the good the bad and the downright ugly from day one. 1,860 more words



This is my final piece concept art I have worked hard for all this assignment. I painted the final piece with the graphics tablet in PhotoShop while the drawn up pictures were scanned in and I painted over them. Here the final piece!


New icon for RTS!

Had a couple of thoughts and the first icon wouldn’t do any good so I changed it a bit and now it looks a lot better! 6 more words


Types of mapping in Maya!

Colour/diffuse mapping: A diffuse map affects the colour outcome to the surrounding area by changing that light that hits the object from a different angle. Colour mapping are usually the only image map that will contain any actual colour, colour mapping is a good start of stage to get a feel for the object. 273 more words