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Faction evolution: The Order

The Order faction has been going through massive changes since its inception. What used to be rather medieval – swords, steel plate armour, crossbows – has transformed into black leather-clad cyber-necromancers. 356 more words

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Game Development Lectures by Warren Spector

This has got to be a good set of lectures by Warren Spector and his guest lecturers on game design and the business of publishing. 19 more words

Game Development

Blog 659: Sonic Adventure DX

I’ve ragged on Sonic Adventure DX so often while discussing other things that you’re probably sick and tired of hearing about it, but it seems like I’ve never actually dedicated the time to examine the game on its own. 1,114 more words

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Shadowfall Beta Release

We’ve finally arrived at that point again where another game is finally ready to be released to the public in its beta form. Everyone please welcome SHADOWFALL! 643 more words

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Level 1 for Spamocalypse

So, in the last two or three weeks, I’ve been working on what will be the first actual level for Spamocalypse. I’m calling this “City Inbound” for now, and the player’s main objective will be to find their way to the backdoor into Tinterwebs Museum. 269 more words

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The New Nostalgia - EquityArcade

Think nostalgia is something that only applies to 90s cartoons? Think again. In the gaming world, nostalgia is changing:

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