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First day of class

The first class of production for the semester was not a very welcoming one. During the summer i learned that my name had not been added to the automated email system that had already asked all the students who were signed up for the class who they wanted to work with were all assigned teams over the break. 418 more words

Game Development

First blog post

Hello and welcome. This blog will primarily be used for my Game Development class that i’m currently taking as i share my thoughts and feelings about the process of making a video game. 83 more words

Game Development

Weekly Update #81

We’re back for another Thursday update. So it was a good week of getting things done but not quite a ‘stick to the plan’ sort of week. 285 more words


Game Dev Update: Upping the Challenge

So it’s been a little bit since the last update on my hobbyist game development efforts, but a lot’s been going on whenever I can snatch some time in between the constant, endless presentations I’ve had to prepare for recently on the academic side of my life. 1,399 more words


Boss Fights Health

So I was watching my brother play the Rise of Iron DLC for Destiny and I had an idea during the first boss battle. My thought is that, depending on the difficulty level, only a percentage of the boss’s health comes back. 48 more words


Masters of Puppets

Let’s play a mobile game, shall we? One of the top rated ones, preferably, one that promises light-hearted entertainment for the weary traveler, all for the price of watching an advertisement now and again. 802 more words