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Highway Chase

This is a simple game prototype I worked on with two programmers over the course of 1 week. For this project, I primarily focused on art/animation and sound, along with contributing to the mechanics design. 37 more words

Game Development

Hooch - Cinematic Slides

I’ve been working on my final project at uni for the last couple of months. A 2D top-down turn-based stealth game. One issue we’ve encountered is we do not have an artist on the team. 75 more words

Game Development

Broken Progress

January 2015: 16%
May 2015: 37%

I’m going to be honest. A lot of the last few months has been wrapped up in little things, hiring help, talking to people, and especially the conversion from RPG Maker VX Ace to Unity. 137 more words

Game Development

Chi-Coder: The Curious Case of ReSharper.

I was recently introduced to ReSharper.  If you’re not familiar with the tool you can check out more about it in that link, but here’s a quick overview.   1,170 more words

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Development diary #2: Skillshots

Hello and welcome back to the development diary!

Today we’re going to talk a little bit about the new skillshot system that will be introduced in the next version of the game. 386 more words

Noble Neon: Sprightly Sprites!

So we talked about getting defined looks for our games last week, where consistency is key to making games look great even without the help of a great artist. 480 more words

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Create, Save and Load.

Hello again.

A few things to update you on. I have added the a way to view your in progress quests in a list, and creating, saving and loading characters or game states. 258 more words