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Developer Log #2 - One step forward, two steps backward

Yes, one step forward and two steps backwards sums up my journey so far quite well. Despite this, there has been progress since last time, because ever so often, I take three steps forward.   1,037 more words


How Do You Start An Indie Game ?


Well, that’s a very broad topic. Some may say, “Just Do It”. While other’s could argue, “oh you have to spend 3 years planning and another 4 years making the perfect game”. 620 more words

Game Development

Weekly Update #92

We’re back and on time this week! All is right in the world once again :)

This week the unthinkable has happened, we’ve hit 100 followers across our different platforms (wordpress, facebook, twitter, emails)! 377 more words


I, Zombie Review - 5/10

This week I published a review of the recently release I, Zombie by Awesome Games Studio. The was a short, but sweet level based puzzle game set in the zombie apocalypse with you playing as the lead zombie. 207 more words


Creature Profile – The Fire Lizard

You look at this dog sized lizard and you would be correct to be afraid. These creatures are called Fire Lizards, mostly because of their bright red skin. 132 more words

Indie Game

Day #341: Lara Croft GO

When I started this project back at the beginning of the year, it didn’t exactly take me very long to write something about the original… 375 more words

Video Games

Thesis: Shrinking

(Updated to include videos)

In the prototype for the Dec. 1st critique, I tested two different kinds of transitions where:

  • It seems as though you are changing (in this case, shrinking) relative to a space…
  • 355 more words
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