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Unlimited Sky Warfare - Update #02

New things this week :

  • Added camera shake effect when player collides with an enemy or hit by a canon.
  • HP and EP crates. They will be dropped between waves.
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Game Development

Designing Time Into Storm the Coves - Merchant's Revenge

In designing ‘StC-MR’ it was my wish to represent an element of urgency in dealings. Hence it became a goal to insert mechanisms within the game mechanics to bring about the feel of time. 304 more words

Game Development

Mo' Apartments

In the process of making another apartment. A little bit retro looking.

Also been coming up with some more plans for the game, kinda going in an even creepier direction, can’t really say much about it. 42 more words

Game Development

Blog 643: 18-Gun Salute

A game with only a single type of enemy is not much of a game. Well, okay, actually, Unreal Tournament technically gets away with it (the differences are visual only, though they are heavily parameterised), but I’m not operating on that level — so I want there to be as big a variety of mechs as I can make. 966 more words

Game Development

4 Old-School Game Mechanics That Are Showing Their Age

We’ve really gotten used to the idea of video games being a young medium—and in many ways, they very much are. We’re still arguing about whether or not  1,823 more words


RM Hack'n Slash - Developing Concept 3.2

Hello, I’ve had a frustrating time seeing if any of my unique-ish ideas were possible to do in RPG Maker without scripting. There’s no point prototyping something I can’t implement so I’ve been delving into RPG Maker to see how I could theoretically implement them. 780 more words

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