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Making a robust Modifier System for Paradox3D.

I use Paradox 3D it is a great new engine being developed by the guys at silicon studio. I’d check it out if you haven’t yet: … 507 more words

Entity System

Tatmara ist online.

Tatmara – ein seltsamer Name für einen Blog.

Wenn man das Wort Tatmara googlet, findet man keine guten Resultate. Der Begriff Tatmara hat für mich viele unterschiedliche Bedeutungen. 100 more words


My thoughts about Unity

This is my very first post. So, i started my blog to introduce people to IT technologies, what i have used. In IT there are so many technologies, sometimes IT people haven`t heard about even very popular IT technologies. 160 more words

Game Engine

LGE source code released


So I decided on releasing the source code of the Linux Game Engine.

It reflects the state of the engine as seen in this video: 237 more words


The UnrealEngine Strikes Back

I wished to write a little more about game engines. I think it is a good time because of the recent strategy adopted by the Epic Games’ Unreal Engine. 632 more words


Unreal Engine 4 - Wow.

Today I just wanted to share my amazement and excitement for the upcoming free-to-play behemoth that is Unreal Tournament. I still play the GOTY version of the original and seeing how this is shaping up took me right back to where it all began. 75 more words


DynRow for the Unreal Engine: URow

I’ve been binge watching all the Unreal Engine tutorial videos on Youtube for the last days. The concept of the engine gets more clear with every small step I’m taking. 100 more words