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“And there we thought that SanctumV2 was the answer to all our questions!”, mumbled Calvin, rubbing his eyes, as the flashing red message indicated that their simulation had failed to compile again. 832 more words

How To Start With Game Development

This post is for those kids who wonder that how games are made? You don’t really need to be a computer engineer if you want to make games. 164 more words


Mario in Unreal Game Engine 4

So Mario, the happy go-lucky plumber we all know and love has been the staple of Nintendo and, one of the longest running games in the industry. 240 more words


Day 1 and an explanation.

I am a gamer I’ve been a gamer since the 1st time I played Charlie Swanson’s Atari 2600 in his basement, I was hooked!! I grew up with NES, PC, Apple. 128 more words


Point and Click, update 3

Over the last few days I’ve been working on adding the next segment of my project. It’s not much yet, but finally an exit from the room. 38 more words


Creation of Modular Stairwell – Post two: Research and Reference

First of all, I am going to find images of stairwells from online, below each of the images, I will place the website link of where I got the image from. 61 more words

Games Design

Creation of modular stairwell - post one


I am going to be creating a modular based stairwell with textures that can be used within the game engine Unreal Engine 4.
I will be using reference images from the internet to give me design ideas and an understanding of what will be needed to make it a modular based system. 193 more words

Games Design