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Building a 3D Game Engine with .NET Core

Anyone who has been following the progress of .NET Core knows we’ve been talking a lot about console and server applications. In this blog, I’ll be exploring another use of .NET Core, and showing a multi-platform 3D game engine, editor, and game that I’ve built from scratch. 1,122 more words


Cocos AssetsManager.cpp

  • in downloadAndUncompress()
    • “std::thread( […](…){…} ).detach()” (Link)
  • in create()
    • “new (std::nothrow)” (Link)

Cocos CCDownloader.cpp

  • in createDownloadDataTask()
    • Postfix ‘_’ for local temporary variable.
    • Prefix ‘_’ for member variable.
    • “do { } while (0);”. It’s only useful for C MACRO (Link).

Best Free Game Engines for use

List of best almost free amazing game engines u can use to make your own realistic Games in a heart beat, i have got you the top 5, with amazing great features and where to download them, for free or trial/Demo, these best game engines have it all, so lets get started… 319 more words

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The 3 Popular Video Game Engines

What are Game Engines?

You might have used or talked about the term, but do you really know what a “game engine” is? The genuine way to understand is by knowing what their purpose is. 571 more words

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