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Play-test - The Miller's Trail

I’m delighted to announce that the first proper play-test of the LangobardRPG was an overall success! The International Medieval Congress at Leeds, on the 3rd to 6th July 2017, provided a perfect opportunity to gather a group of medievalists and gamers and give the rules a whirl. 2,919 more words


Exporting Truong Rigs for Game Engine from Advanced Skeleton

Warning: this not always works for every of my rigs. You can test them out anyway ;)


Adding multithreading in a raytracer

I’ve been working on to add multithreading in my raytracer.

My simple whitted raytracer (no indirect lighting yet as of now) only had 1 main thread to do all the rendering workload, since the renders are taking awhile, I decided to try implementing a multi-threading raytracer. 684 more words


Game Engine Project

This is a 2D Game Engine created for my second year university project working with Carl Chalmers,  using the C# language and Microsoft’s XNA framework. 37 more words


Text Based Adventure Game Engine

Text Based computer games are one of the oldest form of computer games. They are also the simplest. They require a whole lot of text. In this endeavor I wanted to create a simple yet robust parser that enabled me to write a Text based adventure without having to put the story between two parentheses after a output function.


2nd week of Project and Portfolio

The second assignment we had in our Project and Portfolio class was to create the game Pong. This was a pretty nice assignment to do since we were able to work more with Unity and actually play this game. 87 more words

1st week of Project and portfolio.

The Beginning of June 2017 I started my project and portfolio class. The first week we had an assignment called “Beginning Journal” and what we had to do for this assignment was create a replica of a classic game like Mario Bros. 161 more words