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BMW taps Unreal Engine for a mixed reality vehicle development process

BMW is combining the best of real and virtual worlds to make the process of creating new car designs as quick and painless as possible. The carmaker has tapped Unreal Engine’s rendering capabilities to generate virtual surfaces and objects overtop 3D-printed prototype vehicle pieces, letting designers and engineers preview how various materials or surfaces will look on a final shipping vehicle without having to actually make the thing first. 215 more words


Illuminare Level Screengrabs

I’ve got a couple images here inside of our multiplayer level for Illuminare. The multiplayer was designed to be inside of our eventual single player world and when it came to level designing we tried to make it as multipurpose as possible. 27 more words

Game Art

GDP First Term Projects

Here are some demo videos of the projects I completed in my first term of the Game Development – Advanced Programming course at Fanshawe College. These projects were done to demonstrate some Physics, Graphics, Network Programming and Game Engine programming techniques. 78 more words


Godot Engine 2.1.2 Released

Hello! :)

The folks over at the Godot Engine team pushed-out a maintenance release recently. You can read about the update here, and a download link should be provided inside of the article as well (though, there is also a download link inside of the “Tools” page of this blog). 41 more words

Custom-built Game Engine using C++

I worked on a team of 4 programmers (including myself) to build a 2.5D Platformer called ‘Unlit’ in a time period of 4 months. The engine we built is called the Whisky Engine and is written using C++ with a few libraries like OpenGL, GLM, SFML etc. 131 more words


Building a 3D Game Engine with .NET Core

Anyone who has been following the progress of .NET Core knows we’ve been talking a lot about console and server applications. In this blog, I’ll be exploring another use of .NET Core, and showing a multi-platform 3D game engine, editor, and game that I’ve built from scratch. 1,122 more words

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