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CRYENGINE Source Code released on Github as pay-what-you-want

#Crytek has #released the engine source code for the latest CRYENGINE on GitHub.

Back at GDC in March, Crytek made an #announcement the company would release the full engine source code under a “Pay What You Want” model. 232 more words

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3D Character Project in Blender

Lately i have some free time after i finish work. So i decided to use that time to start a new project.

This is a 3D chibi type fighter that i have modeled so far. 126 more words

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Self Initiated Fighting Game (Update 09/05/2016)

I have made huge progress since the last update considering my self initiated fighting game (Shadowrunner). As you can see in the video below I have expanded the level quite a bit and made the player access to the other levels of the game that I have yet to make. 278 more words


Trying to contribute to blender

Basically, I’ve been trying to get myself to learn the blender code base. I’ve always been using blender to do a lot of 3D modelling stuff in my spare time. 133 more words

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#01 Baby steps

The goal of this blog is simple: Make video games.

Easier said than done. It’s going to be a long and arduous journey, but I will work hard to try to make this endeavour work. 1,539 more words


Engine Project Proposal

Topic: Real Time Particle and Physic effects.

Reasons: I studied Physics before I got into Full Sail, besides, I like animation and visual effects either. So I wanna choose the Particle and Physic effects for my project, and the project would focus on presenting some particle and physic effects like explosion, elastic collision, gravity, friction and restitution. 833 more words

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