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Final Fantasy XV's Game Engine Is Lumnious!

Development for Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XV, a title that has been in development for centuries, is well underway and is expected to be released sometime in the next decade. 76 more words

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Learning and Research – Unreal Engine 4 : Post 3 – Current progress and plan

Current Progress

Over the last day, I have finally been able to get morph targets to work within Unreal Engine 4 by creating it within 3DS Max. 262 more words

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War Thunder reveals Dagor Engine 4.0 in latest developer blog update

War Thunder’s latest devblog feature is live and with it are the details of its latest #development drive to implement an improved version of its # 219 more words

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Learning and Research – Unreal Engine 4 : Post 2 - Ideas

I have had a look at the example 3D side scroller that is included within Unreal Engine 4 (4.9.2); and the first thing I think I need to change a lot compared to this example is how the camera is used. 194 more words

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News - Microsoft Purchases Havok Game Engine From Intel

In an unexpected move, Microsoft has purchased the Havok game engine from Intel. While the purchase price is unknown, we are assuming that it wasn’t cheap. 212 more words


Job System 2.0: Lock-Free Work Stealing - Part 3: Going lock-free

This week, we will finally tackle the heart of the job system: the implementation of the lock-free work-stealing queue. Read on for a foray into low-level programming. 2,451 more words

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Nu Game - A Pure Functional Game Engine

It’s not often that someone reach the point where he can say that he/she did something truly gigantic.  That’s what Brian Edds did two days ago. 187 more words

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