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The Adamite engine, first groundwork and laying out future plans

This blog is here to document my thoughts and my progress on projects I’m making. The first such project is creating an engine for the course “game programming in 2D”, which I’m currently doing at the GAME education on Uppsala University, campus Gotland. 685 more words

Adamite Engine

Choosing between AABB and Sphere?

So, I was in a dilemma… AABB or Sphere? Which one should I choose..

Well, actually these two are simple, memory-efficient techniques, for checking collision between different entities in the game. 149 more words

Game Engine

Game engine resurrects!

So, I just left developing DJINN further, because I thought it was a waste of time, and plus being built with Python, would mean a terrible speed of execution. 46 more words

Game Engine

Ingin Membuat Game Tapi Bingung Mulai Dari Mana? Ini Langkahnya!

DigiTale Studio – Saat ini mungkin ada di antara kita yang ingin membuat game tapi bingung harus mulai dari mana. Bahkan tidak tahu apa-apa soal game development! 885 more words

Buat Game

Swineherds & Builders ...or some trait revisions

So, there’s still a lot to be done on the various traits for the character sheet. Some bits haven’t been looked at yet, and even the parts that have been discussed in previous posts are at most tentative. 1,806 more words


Honeycomb Engine: Dev Blog 3 ~ Quaternions for Rotations

Quaternions. The mere mention of these mathematical constructs would’ve sent shivers down my spine a couple of years ago. They’re really weird and complex. However, when you’re making a game engine and you have to model the rotations of objects, you’d be crazy not to use them for several reasons. 902 more words


Wounds II: Where the Blow Falls

Having previously created some combat skills for the Langobard RPG and tentatively outlined the first parts of a health trait with varying degrees of injury from minor bruising and scratches through breaking bones, severing limbs, gouging eyes, to instant fatality. 2,725 more words