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Everything is a Twist of Nothing

Hello all of you earthlings and how is the oxygen today? Great, mediocre, crazily spontaneously combustible. No… Yessss… I am sorry I cannot hear through the monitor, do not worry though for I shall work on this dilemma. 1,682 more words


Full featured game engines Unreal Engine 4, Unity 5, Source 2 are being offered free

There seems to be an amassed #release of free game engines according to #UnrealEngine 4, #Unity5, and even Valve’s #Source2 engine. Even more impressive is that each engine is cross-platform, supporting #Linux, Mac and Windows PC. 844 more words

Linux Game News

Unreal Engine is free - and it's great!

Epic Games recently announced that their Unreal Engine is available for free now. There are certain limitations when using it commercially, but these are far from being a limitation. 149 more words


Video Game Engine Makers Intensify Their Race to Zero

If you want to know who the Game Developers Conference is for, just look at its name: It’s an annual pilgrimage for tens of thousands of video game makers, particularly “indies” who don’t work for the big-name studios. 329 more words


Mistakes From My First Game

We’re headed into the #7DRL Challenge. Last post I described what I was going to make, how I was going to make it, and what I hoped to get out of it. 1,348 more words


Five Beautiful and Realistic Architectural Visualisations done using Unreal Engine

Here are some amazing samples of Architectural visualisations done using the awesome power of Unreal Engine 4.

1. Unreal Paris

2. Architecture Real-Time

3. Church of the Light

4. RealTime Architectural Visualisation

5. Luxury Bathroom


Stateless, layered, multi-threaded rendering - Part 4: Memory Management & Synchronization

The last post of this series basically concluded with the following questions: how do we efficiently allocate memory for individual command packets in the case of multiple threads adding commands to the same bucket? 2,261 more words

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