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[Pysoy] - Pysoy Development, Part One

In this blogpost, I would like to describe the engine from a game developer’s perspective and as a general introduction to the organization and the engine itself. 661 more words

Computer Graphics

References-Puss in the Boots






Bench & rocks – unreal engine starter contents props


background Spanish guitar, sound of wind together with birds, horse sound – downloaded from YouTube

Game Engine

Dev blog - 0 - Intro

Dev blog – 0 – Intro

Hello world,

This blog is going to be basically a dev blog (sort of diary-ish I guess) for my personal project. 103 more words

Dev Blog


OK! So… I ‘ve done my texturing and its finished for now. It started as a test project but now im thinking on working on it hard to make a whole city block or two.. 45 more words

3D Exteriors

[Personal] Purgatory: My First Indie Game

Hello guys! For the past months I have been learning how to make games using the Unity3D game engine. I wanted to be a indie game developer… 412 more words


Cocos2Dx meets Delphi

Cocos2Dx is a popular free cross platform game engine written in C++, searching the web I found a port of Cocos2dx 2.2 to Delphi. If it can be ported to Firemonkey it would be fantastic. 48 more words


Making a robust Modifier System for Paradox3D.

I use Paradox 3D it is a great new engine being developed by the guys at silicon studio. I’d check it out if you haven’t yet: … 507 more words

Entity System