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Game News: Gameloft Reveals Spider-Man Unlimited

Looking quite a bit like the Spider-Verse event coming soon in the Amazing Spider-Man comic, Gameloft has announced their newest mobile game, Spider-Man Unlimited.  Watch the first official trailer below.



Bombshell is a game that most people like to play. It’s a game that you fly with a plane and kill other enemy planes. You have to pass missions. 88 more words

Wild Blood

Wild Blood is a game that people like to play. Most people like to play online with a Game Loft account, with the account you can login to the game and play with more than one person. 136 more words

iMac Gameloft game sales

For those of you that didn’t know, and they have a compatible mac, Gameloft has some sales going on right now.

In the past Gameloft has been notorious for having iOS sales, taking some of their best games and reducing the price down to .99 for a limited time. 84 more words

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