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Simple Animation Loop in Java

If you want to show some animation, maybe for a simple java game, then you need to render a certain amount of frames per second. For a smooth animation you want 30 to 60 frames per second. 141 more words


Game Dev Diary - Part 2 - Living with Chaos

Living with Chaos

Hey guys Nemo here. Last week in our Game Dev Diary blog I went into the importance of having a game design document and gave a concise version of my design document of ‘Delirium’ a top down sci-fi action game set in a spaceship with a variety of bosses. 914 more words


Entities & Components (Strategy Pattern)

To define every entity within the game, the strategy pattern was used. This means that every entity is created out of modular components that can be changed at runtime. 229 more words

Game Loop

While research is being carried out and concepts are being developed it is still possible to build some of the core components of the game. By getting some of the important parts of the program built early, the production process should be much smoother because then the base systems will already be in place for when features are ready to be implemented. 278 more words

Rewriting the Event Manager

Since the beginning I was aware that one of the most critical and difficult part of the development of Wizards’ Duel would have been the… 729 more words


Fact about the game

Game Loop

The game loop illustrates the basic tasks the player has to fullfill.

Some of the information can already be found at the About… 144 more words

Chaos Projectile

Making a game in less than 13kb part 1

Making a game is quite a challenge, making it in less than 13kb is insane. Here are all the details on my game Shield Maiden… 989 more words