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Interesting Characters

I’ve been listening through the backlog of the System Mastery podcast, and recently listened to an episode of Afterthought where the hosts were asked which character written by the other host was their favorite. 407 more words


Crystal Heart

If you’re a fan of comics and Savage Worlds I’d like to make a suggestion to look at the new comic strips from Up to Four Players,  99 more words

Game Mastering

Who is the who?

What is a story (or an adventure) without characters?  In last weeks post we talked about writing up an adventure, and how the conflict is Man VS., But remember that MAN can be any protagonist, whether male, female, protoplasmic asexual, or super-intelligent shade of the color blue.  2,660 more words

Game Mastering

Behind the Blog: PbtA Cyberpunk

Yesterday I posted a fairly well-read post over at Cannibal Halfling comparing The Sprawl and The Veil as the two current standard bearers of Cyberpunk in Powered by the Apocalypse. 780 more words


How does it start?

I have talked about lots of different things about how to run a game, and how to do referee things, but only brushed on the meat of it.  1,986 more words

Game Mastering

Mindtrap: A Mental Encounter

Recently, my players decided to rob the wealthiest noble family in a drow city. I didn’t see this coming, even though I should have. Of course I should have. 1,270 more words


The Road to Heroism

I think that’s what I’m calling this volume of Dungeons & Dragons adventures: The Road to Heroism. Why? Because the Via Graiae features prominently in the campaign, thus far. 1,378 more words

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