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Zen Game Mastery

I meditated a little before running an RPG for the Of Mooks and Monsters Podcast yesterday.

By this I mean, yes, I sat down on my meditation pad in the lotus position and focused on my breathing for a few minutes. 271 more words


Dirty Little Secret (Secrecy in RPGs)

Recently a friend asked us, “As a PC do you enjoy keeping secrets from other players?” We offered up some answers and seemed to have some disagreements about the nature of secrecy in RPGs. 1,824 more words

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game

Genre Acceptance

I was considering a Halloween game. Based on an old The Dragon magazine enclosure, about a group of scouts in a Haunted House.  I considered it, then discarded it, as i didn’t think any of my players would like the idea.  1,323 more words

Game Mastering

World-building, continued: What about maps?

In thinking about my post-apocalyptic fantasy game, the centerpiece of the game would be a massive overworld map with tons of places to go and interesting things to see/do/kill. 1,260 more words

World-building: Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy

Yesterday, I articulated the desire to run a sprawling epic fantasy campaign in a post-apocalyptic world, among other ideas I’d pursue if I had infinite time available. 1,568 more words


Infinite Time

I have once again been inspired by an RPGnet thread, this time one brought back from the dead a few days ago after being fallow for 18 months. 892 more words


Everyone Should Just Roll Dice All The Time

The title of this post, aside from just being a cool motto, is also the simple version of my answer to a question I saw in a Facebook group that was basically this: “How do I keep everyone at the table from wanting to roll a perception check when I ask one player to roll a perception check?” An even simpler answer to this question would be to just tell the other players that they can’t roll a check because you didn’t ask them to, but let’s extrapolate on the “roll dice all the time” answer instead. 637 more words