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Game Mastering: Git Gud

I had the honor of helping a blossoming Dungeon Master (in terms of the popular format Paizo or Wizards of the Coast calls “Dungeons and Dragons,” though in any other platform you could debatably call them a “Game Master”) organize his game in a way that would be most conducive to fun gameplay while promoting a coherent plot. 2,125 more words

Zero to Hero

There was an interesting thread on RPGnet a few months ago about the notion of “zero to hero” as an RPG story arc. The thread was about not liking it, but in my opinion that comes from the fact that “zero to hero” was a trope of fantasy that  531 more words


It builds character

The one most frustrating bit of meta-gaming I see among my players is the urge to view characters as merely sums of their abilities. Playing games based on what characters can do rather than who they are stifles any possibility of letting characters get deeper. 902 more words


3 Reasons To Charge Out Of The Tavern And Into Action

We’ve all started a campaign with the group sitting around a table in a tavern, it’s one of the ultimate cliches of the hobby; along with rescuing princesses from Dragons (the classic quest) or my parents and everyone who knows who I am is dead (the birth of the murder hobo). 422 more words


Canon fodder

Everyone in my online group, it seems, loves Fantasy Flight’s Star Wars games. Everyone, that is, except for me.

Don’t get me wrong, the system is pretty slick. 546 more words

Roleplaying Games

Players: How to make your Game Master's life easier and your game better

I’ve shared some advice for game masters to take some of the crunch out of our game; this makes everyone’s life a little easier. Now let’s look at things players can do to make life easier for the game master and make your game better. 308 more words


Monster Conversion: The Beholder

So, I’m working on a FantasyAGE campaign right now, and I have an idea (which I tweeted about earlier) for an arc that will involve numerous odd occurrances, thefts, and murders occuring within a city as a result of a Beholder looking for love.   1,509 more words