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The Five Area Dungeon

This post is about dungeon crafting, and it’s based on the Five Room Dungeon model. What I’m going to offer here are a few tips on expanding that model for those who want longer, more in-depth dungeons, why I like the “Five Room” model, and a refutation of some of the main criticisms of that model by, what is often the older generation of gamers (my generation).   2,169 more words


Resources: Long Puzzles

I’ve written about puzzles once or twice. I even included some puzzles in the style that I use. So, why write about puzzles a third time? 966 more words


How I Make Characters For Roleplaying Games

Before we get started, I want to point out that the title of this post is “How I Make Characters For Roleplaying Games.” It is intentionally not entitled “How You Should Make Characters For Roleplaying Games.” This is what I do that fits the style of character I like to play and the style of game I like to play and run. 962 more words


After-action report: May 15

On May 15th, I ran the 12th session of Interface Zero with my online group.

The team previously discovered their boss, Rich Truehart, had been kidnapped by a clone of one of their associates and friends, James Hoffmann. 704 more words

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Skills to Pay the Bills (Fantastic Skills)

From Alchemy to Use Magic Device, skills in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game sometimes skirt from the mundane to the downright mystical. Though often thought of as extraordinary abilities, a skill check results from the sum total efforts of that character’s abilities to achieve a task and often this takes the efforts into the supernatural realms. 448 more words

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game

Being a Good GM/DM

Okay, now that I’ve had my fill of offering advice on being a good player, covering both the social and in-game aspects, let’s turn my pointing finger on myself, wag it, and in that teacher voice I have cultivated over several years, talk to those of us who run the campaigns for player groups.   858 more words


Buy-in, and how to achieve it

In-game, my players are usually pretty good. Some are louder than others, but everyone generally acts like they want to be there and want to play. 572 more words

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