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After-action report: Apocalypse World, February 12th

I’m still running this game in the background, moreso now that one of our GMs is moving and the other is buying a house. At 7 sessions in, I’m seeing where the current arc ends…and I’m not sure I’m interested in pushing further. 969 more words


A Gentle review of a Savage system

A new favorite game!  Could be the only game I’d need, forever, except…

One of the things I had planned to do with this blog was game reviews.  2,257 more words

Game Mastering

Power Sources in 5e

It’s strange running 4e and 5e campaigns at the same time. On the one hand, you can appreciate how elegant and streamlined 5e can be. On the other hand, you realise there is a lot of stuff – and I mean, a… 1,679 more words


GNS and other nonsense

I’ve been reading a fascinating RPGnet thread about the notion of ‘System Matters’ as coined over at The Forge about 18 years ago. As frequently happens with discussions about The Forge and their approach to RPG mechanics topology, GNS theory came up. 981 more words



In writing a future post for Cannibal Halfling on campaigns, I find myself once again stepping back and seeing if I can take my own advice. 1,034 more words


Zen Game Mastery

I meditated a little before running an RPG for the Of Mooks and Monsters Podcast yesterday.

By this I mean, yes, I sat down on my meditation pad in the lotus position and focused on my breathing for a few minutes. 271 more words


Dirty Little Secret (Secrecy in RPGs)

Recently a friend asked us, “As a PC do you enjoy keeping secrets from other players?” We offered up some answers and seemed to have some disagreements about the nature of secrecy in RPGs. 1,824 more words

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