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Lock-in and Game ADD

I’m walking down the path where I’m going to lock down my next campaign for my online group, as well as my intent to make it a long-runner. 685 more words


Almost.... (City of Seven Seraphs: Bloodhulk Spawn Preview)

(ONLY 2 DAYS LEFT! 95% Funded! Visit the Kickstarter Here!)

That is a vampire? But shouldn’t it… sparkle?”

-Primeworld Recruit to the Wardens on their first visit to the Chapel of the Faith Devoured. 121 more words

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game

Only 48 hours for early adoption AND Nexus playtest!

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Greeting Spherewalkers, Backers and other awesome people! We are 46% percent funded on Day 5!!! We are so excited that our team has gone into OVERDRIVE trying to give you preview material for this project! 147 more words

3rd Party Options

Diegesis in TTRPGs, (OR why I don't oppose meta-gaming or table-talk - any more!)

Between the various Facebook groups and gaming forums I engage with, the topics of meta-gaming and table talk come up almost weekly and are often initiated by relatively new GMs looking for suggestions of how to control or even ‘punish’ players who engage in these practices. 2,578 more words


Points Buy-The Way To Go?

So, I’d like to talk a bit about my experiences with point-buy systems. I’ve run and played in a lot of roleplaying games over the years. 630 more words

7 Principles of Good GMing

This blog post began with a joke which, to understand, needs a bit of context.

When I’m not gaming I’m a teacher in Australia, and one of my regular gaming groups includes several other teachers. 1,395 more words