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Dark Sun Session 1: Escaping the Arena

“It’s been over 300 years since the city has shaken off the yoke of King Kalak’s tyranny. It’s been almost four King’s Ages since the legendary heroes have liberated Tyr. 1,592 more words

5th Edition

Trust Your Instincts, Most of the Time

A lot of the time when I’m working on something for an adventure I find myself asking: ” is this is stupid?” Or maybe I’ll be thinking that whatever I’m working on, for whatever reason, just isn’t “good enough.” I’ve thought these things about encounters or even entire game sessions or story-arcs that I’ve ran, only to be approached by players afterward telling me how awesome the encounter or session or story-arc was. 446 more words


Radio Silence - Start A War

Been a quiet stretch for us but it might have something to do with…

A Wind of Ash is the first module in the War of the Banner campaign arc. 146 more words

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game

The Challenge of Providing an Appropriate Challenge

It has come to my attention that my judgment around what constitutes a challenging series of encounters in Fifth Edition Dungeons & Dragons still requires refinement. 1,128 more words

The High Cost of Living and Dying and Having an Angel Cast Raise Dead

On Sunday morning, one of my D&D groups assaulted a fortress full of ogres. It didn’t go so well, and one of them ended up dying, but I used an NPC ally of theirs to bring them back to life. 774 more words

The Perils of a Night's Rest

Last night, one of my D&D groups cracked open the outer door of a prison containing a demon that has been imprisoned for hundreds of years, with the intention of killing it once and for all. 197 more words

Some Thoughts on the New Dungeon Master's Screen

Here are some things that I like, dislike, and find interesting about the new Dungeon Master’s Screen.

I think the artwork on the front of the screen looks really good, and it is interesting that the party depicted is a group of four female adventurers and a lone male. 430 more words

Dungeons & Dragons