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Running at Cons: Part 2 – Con Game Dos and Don'ts

Running at Con’s is very, very different from running a home game. Now, I’ve run a few con games, and I have played in a lot. 2,308 more words


Running at Cons: Part 1 - Getting people to show up.

Okay. Cons. Running games at cons is hard. 100%. For those who don’t run games at conventions, you can’t really imagine the amount of stress that goes into it. 1,270 more words


Instant skill for new DMs via /tg/

A short post today to hold you over while I continue to finish up some new content. An old favorite image of mine, and where I got my start. Enjoy!


Improve your sandbox tabletop role playing game by remembering these 3 names

In my personal experience there are usually two types of Game Masters I have encountered.

First there is what I refer to “the planner” who sets out to prep for and try and anticipate any and and all scenarios. 218 more words


BTT AG 1.2 "Stunned that We're Still Alive"

Previously, the party went to the Horologist’s Guild to learn more of the shipment of gears that was stolen. After talking to Master Ambrose and Will Cooper. 68 more words


Preparing to GM: Part 3: The World

Good Gods. The world. In my system, I don’t use the term Game Master for a couple of reasons. In my opinion, no one is master if it is truly collaborative. 1,139 more words


Did you see that?

What do I see/hear/find?

A very common question in gaming.  Whether the player is trying to discover something, or the ref needs to know how much their characters are aware of, this mechanic is probably the second most used mechanic in just about any RPG, (the first of course are combat rolls.)  But how should it work?  1,631 more words

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