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The Gods of Salona: An Overview

The gods of Salona are plentiful and active. They walk the world as they see fit, many are the tales of their comings and goings. 287 more words

Preparing to GM: Part 4 - Hosting

When you are the GM, you are often also the host. It’s generally easier to run the game when you have all of your books and supplies on hand. 1,079 more words


Gender and Sexuality in your Game

Okay. Dang. This is a hard topic.

There are a few issues that can get us started, but there are people with PhD’s who struggle with this topic, so by no means is this a complete exploration of the topic. 2,865 more words

Game Mastering

Running at Cons: Part 2 – Con Game Dos and Don'ts

Running at Con’s is very, very different from running a home game. Now, I’ve run a few con games, and I have played in a lot. 2,308 more words


Running at Cons: Part 1 - Getting people to show up.

Okay. Cons. Running games at cons is hard. 100%. For those who don’t run games at conventions, you can’t really imagine the amount of stress that goes into it. 1,270 more words


Instant skill for new DMs via /tg/

A short post today to hold you over while I continue to finish up some new content. An old favorite image of mine, and where I got my start. Enjoy!


Improve your sandbox tabletop role playing game by remembering these 3 names

In my personal experience there are usually two types of Game Masters I have encountered.

First there is what I refer to “the planner” who sets out to prep for and try and anticipate any and and all scenarios. 218 more words