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What your prep demands: Big choices in writing a roleplaying campaign

Yesterday, I contemplated how to adapt mechanics in order to run a hypothetical near-future/Cyberpunk game. In brainstorming this initial pass at writing a new game, my brain has gone in two different directions: mechanical minutiae, in this case adapting the incredibly specific mechanic of “Born” lifepaths from Burning Wheel, and the expanse of narrative intent, asking myself why I want to run my game this way. 349 more words


After-action report: Dungeon World, October 12th

I was not on my game last night. For whatever reason I was having a fair amount of trouble concentrating, and we only really got in an hour or so of play. 189 more words


Is Their Such A Thing As Too Much Cat Stuff?

Editing and editing and editing.

How much feline behavior is too much and where should those descriptions go? AHHHHH, I don’t know. I have a few pages of notes and each time I look over them I think to myself, “screw the cat stuff and get on with the story.” The next day, the “cat stuff” is the story. 469 more words

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After-action report: Dungeon World, September 28th

Dungeon World marks my return to GMing after a nearly two month hiatus. And man, it feels good.

We started off with character creation, a relatively quick affair in most PbtA games including Dungeon World, and ended up with an interesting little party. 626 more words

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Maths Puzzles

In talking about puzzles, I haven’t mentioned maths puzzles yet. Which is a shame, so I’m rectifying that now. Why are maths puzzles good? Two reasons: one relating to the players, one relating to the campaign. 867 more words


Two sides of the screen

One of my friends tweeted last night about getting the opportunity to be a player in a system he’s usually the GM for. My initial reaction was “well, I prefer to GM”, but then I thought about it more. 519 more words

Roleplaying Games

Ideas and Plans for my Savage Worlds Supers Game

So I play Tabletop RPGs.  AMAZING RIGHT?  Who would have guessed.

Well starting up this coming October, I will be running Savage Worlds with a Supers setting / theme.   380 more words