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7 Principles of Good GMing

This blog post began with a joke which, to understand, needs a bit of context.

When I’m not gaming I’m a teacher in Australia, and one of my regular gaming groups includes several other teachers. 1,393 more words


Real games being actually planned

I wrote in the past about all the games I wanted to play, provided I had enough time. Now, I’m starting to figure out a plan for what games I’m actually running in the future. 318 more words


Softening the Death Blow

In most games death sucks, so lets look at softening the blow. This was written with Lamentations of the Flame Princess in mind, but will work with any D&D style game. 191 more words


Trinket Table

Trinket Table

Sometimes you want your players to have a little something that has no declared mechanical effect, but could be introduced and defined as the story develops. 79 more words


The problem with constraints

I’ve been listening through the backlog of the System Mastery podcast. Not only are Jon and Jef hilarious, but in some ways I feel like they’re kindred spirits in gaming style. 443 more words


A Good Article: The GM Levels Up

John Fredericks over at Gnome Stew has a nice piece on gamemasters and how they “level up” or get better over time. His skill progression idea is pretty close to what I’ve seen on a bunch of folks, and I myself arced through in a similar manner.

Read it here. 

Roleplaying Games

The Novelty Treadmill

No gaming group is going to be perfect, and that’s not a surprise. Sometimes, though, general dissatisfaction mixes with otherwise minor personality clashes and leaves a game feeling frustrating. 705 more words