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Getting to Know the Bloodborn: Blood Patrons

Racial Trait: Blood Patrons

Each bloodborn is shaped by the influences of two things, the Great Source runes channeling the ley-energy to the Bloodwell that makes them and the blood of the two humans that activated the well that created them. 499 more words

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game

PaizoCon: Day 1 - Legendary Games - Assimilation Strain

Opening official game… Legendary Games‘s “Assimilation Strain” – an introductory adventure to their upcoming Legendary Planet adventure path Kickstarter. We also got to use their… 12 more words

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game

On the Value of Obvious Choices

A couple weeks ago, playing as a PC again in my friend Erik’s Underdark campaign, my party came across three thralls kept by a mind flayer. 815 more words

In Defense of the Inn - Why It's Okay to Start Your Adventure in an Inn or a Tavern

Your party assembles in Ye Olden Plot Hook Inn…

If you haven’t started an adventure in an inn, then you probably haven’t been playing roleplaying games for very long.  368 more words


[Dark Sun] I Am Boris of Ebe

Last session, the party managed to explore the tomb of a forgotten gnomish king. This week, their trek took them towards their ultimate goal: finding the shard of the Dark Lens hidden deep within Bodach’s Undercity. 1,522 more words

Table-Top RPG

Behind My Screen, or: Good Luck Finding Meaning in My Scribbles

I’ve been interested for a while in sharing a bit of my process for when I plan D&D sessions with my friends. I often comment half-seriously that I make most of it up as I go, and I’d still say that’s mostly true, and now maybe you’ll see what I mean. 369 more words

[Shadowrun] Into Bogota We Go!

During the last Shadowrun session, the party had successfully, though with difficulty, managed to destroy some viral and mutagenic material found in a remote Aztechnology research compound. 1,559 more words

Table-Top RPG