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A Quick Look at The Role Playing Game Primer

The Role-Playing Game Primer and Old School Playbook was written by Chris Gonnerman, the creator of Basic Fantasy RPG (BFRPG). It’s a concise introduction to classic tabletop role-playing, of course using the… 399 more words


Star Wars Aliens, Mickified

I spent a good deal of my time as a game master for the Star Wars role-playing game in creating alien characters that fit the movies, the books I read in the Star Wars series, and the game materials.  388 more words


Preparing to GM: Part 2 - Playing to Lose

One of the hardest things a GM has to do is lose. We could say, “Oh, the point of running a game is to make sure everyone as fun, so as long as everyone has fun, that’s a victory!” But, I mean, come on. 682 more words


Time Utilization

My girlfriend has proposed a game night this coming Saturday. Our house games (consisting of me, my girlfriend, our roommate, and 1-2 other people) have mostly flopped, but for this game I’m going to build it like a one-shot and provide myself with more contained prep and writing prompts than I’d use if I was trying to start a campaign. 340 more words


The World of Salona - Creator's Introduction

The world of Salona has been a pet project of mine for the past fifteen years or so. It is a fantasy realm that I am building for use in both my writing and in my game mastering fields. 312 more words

When to Roll the Dice

Here’s a little piece on the place of dice rolls. To many people in the same general circles as me, this might be obvious stuff. I’m going to write it anyway, because stating things clearly matters (and it might make it into a rules document i write one day). 316 more words


In Spaaaaaaace

So my campaign is underway, and my other backburner project is on hold until the system I want to base it on is actually released. Rather than plan any of this, I stumbled into a completely new project: writing a space sandbox for GURPS. 1,362 more words