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Two sides of the screen

One of my friends tweeted last night about getting the opportunity to be a player in a system he’s usually the GM for. My initial reaction was “well, I prefer to GM”, but then I thought about it more. 519 more words

Roleplaying Games

Ideas and Plans for my Savage Worlds Supers Game

So I play Tabletop RPGs.  AMAZING RIGHT?  Who would have guessed.

Well starting up this coming October, I will be running Savage Worlds with a Supers setting / theme.   380 more words


Absence, and a proposal

I’ve been in San Francisco for work essentially all of this week, explaining my lack of writing. I was able to put down 600 words on Fratricide in the hotel room, but a relative lack of time has made blogging about anything pertinent somewhat difficult. 250 more words


What Some Mice Can Teach You About Your Roleplaying Game

I may only be about ten years behind many of you, but a few weeks ago I borrowed some Mouse Guard books (Fall and Winter 1152) from my local library. 816 more words


Session 17: The sentient automaton

Last session the group found the magic machine that once powered the large iron mine they are exploring (and are caught in, due to a collapsing tunnel). 894 more words

Dungeons & Dragons

The Wheel Turns, and the Wheel Burns

The Talmud discusses the nature of conversion to Judaism. A rabbi is supposed to turn away a prospective convert three times. When he returns after the third time, that is how the rabbi knows the convert is serious enough. 564 more words

Roleplaying Games

Play-by-Post games: Going literary

I almost called this “In Defense of the Play-by-Post”, but I realized that title corrodes my thesis quite badly. The play-by-post (PbP) as a gaming medium doesn’t need defending. 993 more words