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[Shadowrun] Of Brothels and AI

After delivering the cryotube, the team decided to take some time off and focus on their own projects. Throughout the campaign, they’d struck up some kind of rivalry with the David Cartel by hitting their drug labs and financing their enemies, and they wanted to continue doing such activities. 1,078 more words

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Monsterous Monday: The Carrion Crawler - Not Just For Caves Anymore!

The carrion crawler has to be one of my all-time favorite monsters. What’s not to love about a giant, armor-plated maggot that paralyzes everyone? That said, I’m not as big a fan of the 5th edition incarnation of this classic monster. 641 more words


Creating Shadowruns on the Fly: The 5 Questions

Last year, one of our players decided to try his hand at DMing a Shadowrun game. I was fairly ecstatic at this announcement, and told him that I was onboard. 1,057 more words

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#OnePostADayTheMonthAfterMay Day 18 - Where I Find a Forgotten Treasure in a Dank Dungeon

Ok, so really I just found a book in my basement, but it’s a book that I had forgotten about, and my basement is indeed dank. 443 more words

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Wolves Without Teeth (Understanding Elements of Balance - Defense)

Stir the coals in the fire-pit and don’t worry about getting burned too much, still a bit more to say. The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game is hitting maturity (read: growing up, not old) and it is time to have some honest talks about the birds, the bees… and the behemoths of balance. 774 more words

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#OnePostADayTheMonthAfterMay Day 16 - Man I'd Love To Play Some Savage Worlds

I finally decided to pick up the core book for Savage Worlds, and I’ve been reading it for the past few days, plotting games that I doubt I’ll be playing anytime soon. 288 more words


[Shadowrun] Transyv Secure Lab

This week, the team began by tackling a mission that links this campaign to the previous one they’ve played. Located primarily in Seattle, the previous campaign involved different player characters, but had NPCs that are making an appearance this time around. 1,072 more words

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