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On Session Zero: Do's and Dont's

Maybe you’ve just picked up a new adventure, or a new game system, or you just finished working on your homebrew world and you’re ready to roll some dice. 1,133 more words


How to Game Master Like a Fucking Boss – A Review by Kurt Roesener

Overall this is a great book for either the new GM or one with some years of experience.

There are some gripes that others have had about this, and that is the language and nudity. 498 more words


Strangeness and Charm - Shifting Your Gaming Venue (Destination Gaming)

Conventions are great place to find new gaming experiences but not everyone is inclined to them. You may find yourself with a stable and local group–and are pretty lucky if so–with little variation in group composition or sometimes even party roles. 646 more words

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Character Mortality Is Not A Difficulty Slider

Hi Folks,

A quick update on what I’m up to and then onto the meat of this blog:

As mentioned before Seith and Sword is out. 1,953 more words

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Tweaks to Mongoose Traveller Random Generators

Yesterday was our weekly Traveller game, and after using the trade calculator and generator, it quickly became obvious that it was rather unwieldy.

As such, I’ve made a few tweaks, corrected a few mistakes, and added a few features to the generators. 51 more words

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Mongoose Traveller Random Generators Update

I’ve made a few changes to the random generators:

  1. A sales price tool that allows the selling price of goods to be determined independently from random generation.
  2. 43 more words
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[Shadowrun] Assaulting the Cartel

This session, the team decided to finish the campaign in a way that perfectly sets up the next one. Their goal: acquiring the technology needed to setup their own fake SIN fabrication operation. 586 more words

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