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World-building: Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy

Yesterday, I articulated the desire to run a sprawling epic fantasy campaign in a post-apocalyptic world, among other ideas I’d pursue if I had infinite time available. 1,568 more words


Infinite Time

I have once again been inspired by an RPGnet thread, this time one brought back from the dead a few days ago after being fallow for 18 months. 892 more words


Everyone Should Just Roll Dice All The Time

The title of this post, aside from just being a cool motto, is also the simple version of my answer to a question I saw in a Facebook group that was basically this: “How do I keep everyone at the table from wanting to roll a perception check when I ask one player to roll a perception check?” An even simpler answer to this question would be to just tell the other players that they can’t roll a check because you didn’t ask them to, but let’s extrapolate on the “roll dice all the time” answer instead. 637 more words


Towards a greater Cyberpunk setting

I’ve been reading and acquiring Cyberpunk games and game books at a decent clip. I read through Cyberspace, am currently reading the Fate version of Interface Zero, and also acquired the full run of Cyberpunk 2020’s  1,256 more words


The joy of maps

A few days ago, I posted an interesting image. Pulled from an interesting Google Maps extension called Floodmap.net, the image shows, roughly, what New York City would look like under 70 meters of water. 494 more words


The next campaign: The Sprawl

Although I’ve spent a lot of time vacillating between numerous ideas and contemplating my future desires in gaming, the fact remains that I’m about 99% likely to run a game of The Sprawl for my next campaign. 467 more words


Stories in games

I’m not going to bury the lede here: roleplaying games are not an effective way to tell a story that the GM alone has written. When you write a game with a narrative in mind, you will spend the entire time fighting the players to get on it. 965 more words