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New Game World Concept

Let me first say that I am sorry it has been so long since my last post, but as you can all understand personal and family matters arose with required most of my attention.  451 more words

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Daily D4

Today’s Daily D4 features the Force and Destiny RPG Game Master’s Kit, a product I just picked up at Drawbridge Games as part of my preparation for running Star Wars Force and Destiny. 425 more words

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Trap Alert!

I know coming up with new and original traps can be difficult at times, but you can only use so many spike pits and proximity mines before you become predictable.  455 more words

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Woes of Character Creation: Experimentation vs Repetition

I have played a lot of Role Playing Games. I have created and been in charge of quite a few as well. As such, I have noticed trends and common problems. 707 more words

Video Game Tuesday: How to Report Other Players Properly

This week for Video Game Tuesday I’m covering a topic that will help make your experience in MMOs much better if you ever encounter cheating, are harassed or even just have a bug. 485 more words

Video Game Tuesday

Dealing with Player Characters Death

All Game Masters have to deal with a player’s character dying at some point in their career.  This could be form a lethal blow from a monster or villain or simply from misadventure, but whichever the case it is something that needs to be handled.  387 more words

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National Scottish Museum

One of the highlights of my trip to Edinburgh was stopping by the National Scottish Museum one afternoon.  Not only did we get to brush up on our Scottish history, but also got to spend a couple of hours playing video games at the… 9 more words