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Archaeogaming at the Game Masters Exhibition

I had the good fortune to secure an invitation to the media preview of the new exhibition, Game Masters, at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia. 1,214 more words


Rules Lawyers, Min-Maxing, and Rule Number One

I am a role-player. A ROLE-player. I love to get into stories, characters, world creation–all the non-crunchy, fluffy bits of RPGs. I love that its it’s a living novel. 730 more words

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Creating a Fantasy Map: the Details in Seven Steps (Part II)

So, in my last post, I got you started on creating a fantasy world map for writers and Dungeon Masters. Today: we’re going to start detailing that map. 558 more words

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How to Create a Fantasy World Map for Writers and Game Masters in Just 7 Steps

I’ve just completed my first full campaign in Mondiir, the realm I created specifically for my DnD games. Since I wanted to keep using this realm, I knew that I needed a full world to explore. 491 more words

Dungeons And Dragons