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Rules Lawyers, Min-Maxing, and Rule Number One

I am a role-player. A ROLE-player. I love to get into stories, characters, world creation–all the non-crunchy, fluffy bits of RPGs. I love that its it’s a living novel. 730 more words

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Creating a Fantasy Map: the Details in Seven Steps (Part II)

So, in my last post, I got you started on creating a fantasy world map for writers and Dungeon Masters. Today: we’re going to start detailing that map. 558 more words

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How to Create a Fantasy World Map for Writers and Game Masters in Just 7 Steps

I’ve just completed my first full campaign in Mondiir, the realm I created specifically for my DnD games. Since I wanted to keep using this realm, I knew that I needed a full world to explore. 491 more words

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Top 12 Tools You Need as a Dungeon Master

As a Game Master, it is hard to keep coming up with good ideas on a regular basis. Here, however, are the best places I can suggest going for content to use in your own game. 766 more words

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World of Warcraft: Elysium's Game Masters possibly corrupt?

On 5 May, a few horde guilds on Elysium server including RISE attempted to kill the world boss Azuregos and claim his loot and treasure. However, just a moment before killing it, the monster’s tag was suddenly given to the alliance guilds PRAISE and DEMISE, and the whole credit, along with loot and treasure went to them. 195 more words