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Video Game Tuesday: How to Report Other Players Properly

This week for Video Game Tuesday I’m covering a topic that will help make your experience in MMOs much better if you ever encounter cheating, are harassed or even just have a bug. 485 more words

Video Game Tuesday

Dealing with Player Characters Death

All Game Masters have to deal with a player’s character dying at some point in their career.  This could be form a lethal blow from a monster or villain or simply from misadventure, but whichever the case it is something that needs to be handled.  387 more words

Table Top Gaming

National Scottish Museum

One of the highlights of my trip to Edinburgh was stopping by the National Scottish Museum one afternoon.  Not only did we get to brush up on our Scottish history, but also got to spend a couple of hours playing video games at the… 9 more words

Vestraadi, Blindness, and RPGs

I’ve a tendency for humility, so this post is prompted more by Jonathan G. Nelson (over at AAW Games) than anything else—if someone with a disposition as sunny as his is telling me to explain what the Vestraadi are  651 more words

MIke Myler

Tools of the Trade: GM Screens

One of the most basic tools of the GM’s trade is the GM (or DM) screen. I’ve used such screens for a variety of games over my twenty years of running campaigns. 144 more words


Happy GM's Day 2015

Today is International GM’s Day! Since 2002, this day has been set aside to commemorate the hard work that your friendly neighborhood game master puts in to make your game the excellent experience that it is week after week. 93 more words

Game Masters

Review: Game Masters, National Museum of Scotland

Appearing in the wake of Mammoths and Vikings, The National Museum of Scotland is currently hosting the Melbourne-developed exhibition, Game Masters, featuring over 100 playable games. 892 more words