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Mind the Gap

I am rather at a standstill on doing my Celtic Fringe battles. I am in the process of upgrading how I do terrain (or more properly bring what I do more in line with mainstream wargaming). 345 more words


Sunday Swatch

I skipped out on last week’s Swatch because I didn’t read much that caught my eye. So, sod’s law, I read and watched hunners of things that were fantastic this week. 596 more words

Sunday Swatch

A Game Design Lesson from Neptunia: Difficulty

For the majority of gamers, difficulty settings are little more than a stepping stone – one more screen to smash X through before getting into the new game they just bought. 733 more words


Interlude: Some brainstorming for a simple solo rpg ruleset.

Just some random thoughts about a simple solo rpg ruleset inspired by the Apocalypse World engine of 2d6+modifiers and the Four Against Darkness (4AD) method of basing everything on your level as a single stat. 1,233 more words

Apocalypse World Engine

Smarter Foresters

This attempts to improve the way foresters work, in two ways:

  1. They will only cut fully grown trees
  2. When they find nothing to do, they will not stand there staring into space, but do mundane worker things instead (like mining or carrying resources – what farmers and gardeners do in winter)
  3. 245 more words

Strength And Dexterity

Today I want to talk about statistically influenced mechanics.

In a game of any kind, mechanics control the methods by which you as a player interact with the game world. 646 more words

Game Design

What JRPGs can Learn from Bravely Second

I am a huge JRPG fan. When I was a kid I started with titles like the original Final Fantasy and Dragon Warrior. I went from turn-based to active time battles, from random encounters to avoiding enemies on the overworld map, from level-ups to sphere grids to everything in between. 1,751 more words