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Developer’s Journal 4: World Setting Rules for SW

So some of my favorite rules are already implemented in the Savage Worlds explorer’s edition. Like Joker’s Wild and Blood & Guts. There is one that I like that was created by the folks over at… 977 more words


Look to the hills

The header image is my marked-up topographical map of the Benburb battlefield.

“Things won are done; joy’s soul lies in the doing.” – Cressida in Act I – Scene II, … 866 more words

Game Mechanics

Pix Severus was here o/

Some time ago I came up with the idea of leaving a calling card in the systems that I hunt in, for the purpose of letting people know that their friendly, local MTU Hunter is never too far away. 691 more words

Eve Online

Fun Gun Award: Gibhard's Gibsucker(?)

[~600 words]

Gibhard is a retro-2.5D-aesthetic FPS that is being made single-handedly by Bram Eulaers (I don’t think it’s even in alpha, yet). The game so far looks fantastic (visually, ludically, etc.) 568 more words

Game Design

In the Wayback Machine: Design Patterns

Back in 2003, the game industry was determined to suss out how we might be able to standardize game design. This wasn’t so that we could make cookie-cutter experiences. 1,794 more words

Game Design

My Issue With VR Games Being Version Exclusive

Virtual reality is a young and developing area within gaming and experiences. It is not cheap to get a high quality VR device and the last thing I want to hear after spending a fortune on the device is that there are highly rated games that I cannot play in VR because I do not have the requisite device. 402 more words


For the GM...

While this post is not only for the eyes of any future GM’s out there, it will briefly cover what one can find in the GM section of the HBRPG Core Rules.  175 more words

Game Mechanics