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Dungeons of Fate Core

I forget how I came across Dungeons of Fate. Boy, am I glad that I did.

I’ve been itching to DM a D&D game, but committing to months or years of play to a single campaign (and that’s aside from any prep I do for such a game) is more stressful than exhilarating.  754 more words

Fallout 4: Weight

There are plenty of things I could say to disparage Fallout 4. It’s core game is barely changed from 3, it’s writing is that uniquely Bethesda blandtasy, and according to most people who’ve played it more than me, it is still a fundamentally broken game. 513 more words

Video Games

Esterwatch Specializations

Fantasy AGE offers a number of opportunities for specializations. Below are three Specializations available for characters in Esterwatch: the Channeler, Dimensional Adept, and Viarc Mutant. 384 more words

Role Playing

Ignore "untrained" penalties!

Few things irritate me more in RPGs than rules that penalize a player for making choices.

Case in point: nWoD’s untrained skill dice penalties. If you’re not familiar with the system, the basic rule is that for most rolls, you’re rolling a dice pool of Attribute + Skill. 168 more words

World Of Darkness

Talking Shite: The Place of Voiced Protagonists

Talking Shite is an article on game theory, where we discuss how, why and what makes a game good, bad, interesting or just downright odd. Today, we set our sights on the place of voiced protagonists: where they work, what they add and what they potentially take away. 738 more words


FFXIV, healing & DPS

Back to one of my current bugbears. FFXIV, healers and DPS.

I’ve already written about the fact that I don’t enjoy doing DPS as a healer. 537 more words


Embracing the tide of fleeting persistency

Bhagpuss nailed it. He just went ahead and nailed it.

Ever since I started playing multiplayer games and then switched to their “massively” department, my interest in single player games took a nose dive. 1,432 more words

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