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One Day Game Project: Atlantern: Mobile Navigation Game

Within my Game Design module, I haveĀ  been tasked to work in a team, consisting of: 1 Visual Artist, 1 Researcher, and 1 Mechanics Designer: I was the Visual Designer. 302 more words

Year 1

One With The Stone [Feat, 3.x, Scaling, Psionic]

One With The Stone

The depth of your bond to and the expanse if your knowledge concerning the nature of your psionic crystal item(s) leafs you to vastly improve it over time. 168 more words

Game Mechanics

Wog [Feat, 3.x, Scaling, Psionic]


Some children are born intimately connected to the spirits of nature and sometimes specifically to animals, their minds reaching out in ways strange to most to the beasts of the field and forest and even the birds of the sky. 699 more words

Game Mechanics

Splendor In The Grass

Board games have slowly developed from the traditional Monopolies, Scrabbles and Cluedos of this world. Mechanics have changed, stories have been implemented and now there are multiple ways to turn players (and friendships) apart. 868 more words


Nixing Attributes in your World of Darkness Games

I can hear you thinking it now: “Wait, wha–? Doesn’t the entire Storytelling system rely on Attribute + Ability dice pools?”

Yes, it does, to a degree, but… 386 more words

World Of Darkness

Game Jam Work

Over this year I have had the opportunities to participate in 2 game jams. The first was held in Cambridge over the summer break; the second was held by my tutor for our course privately, over the half term break of the first semester. 267 more words


Game Theory - Mirrors Edge

Here is the final game review where myself and my friend talk about what makes specific games “addictive” and “fun”. This video is a review of Mirrors Edge and some of the theories and gameplay elements that are used behind the scenes. 22 more words