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Boss Fights Health

So I was watching my brother play the Rise of Iron DLC for Destiny and I had an idea during the first boss battle. My thought is that, depending on the difficulty level, only a percentage of the boss’s health comes back. 48 more words


The Good Blind Fun of Zork

When I first read the title Zork I: The Great Underground Empire Pt. I  I knew I was in for a ride. Not only was the title completely non explanatory, but the beginning of the game gave little to no directions at all. 950 more words

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Game Mechanics (Reward Schedules)

Reward schedule  is an reward system  this is based on a time schedule,  This is where the player is reward for spending some time on  quest or for completing a quest. 198 more words

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Game Mechanics (Cascading Information)

Cascading Information is a mechanic that is implemented In every game,this mechanic feeds you bits of  information about the game at a time ,The information can start off with small tutorials and basic UI  indicators  on your screen. 87 more words

3D Realisation

Game Mechanics:lottery

Almost every game  has a lottery mechanic, a lottery mechanic is  something you can gamble   to win something bigger in game. The winner of  some sort of task can be picked, chosen or random selected. 235 more words

Game Mechanics

Game Mechanics: Lottery System.

“A game dynamic in which the winner is determined solely by chance. This creates a high level of anticipation. The fairness is often suspect, however winners will generally continue to play indefinitely while losers will quickly abandon the game, despite the random nature of the distinction between the two.”

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Game Mechanics: Points System.

“Awarded for engaging in desired behaviours.”

Probably the oldest reward system, points are an easy way of telling which player is winning the game, in a none story based/perhaps a fighting game, a numerical system that can potentially determine who wins.

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