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Board Game Mechanics Discussion: Point Tracks

As an avid board gamer, it should come to no surprise that I enjoy discussing board game mechanics. It may though be surprising that a mechanic that I do not like are Public Point Trackers. 868 more words

Board Game Design

Status Saturdays: Birthright Update 1

As mentioned briefly in my previous blog I am starting the process of designing a game. So to help encourage me to continue designing I am posting each Saturday a “Status Saturdays” blog update on what I am designing! 182 more words

Board Game Design

The Mist and the Wheel: Learning One RPG Through Another

As I’ve learned more about the hobby of roleplaying games, I’ve started to develop a hunger for understanding a large number of systems. This is partly just because I want to be able to play as many different games as I can, but it also has to do with mastery of my craft. 2,532 more words


Alignment (on A'arat')

In most game settings, alignment follows a two-axis system, with good and evil in one direction, and law and chaos crossing it. I believe it is far more complex and infinitely resistant to true definition, but that it serves its purpose, for the most part. 859 more words

Game Mechanics

Elyrian Anthropology Survey - Hrothi

Written by Anders Anderson and Grandmaster Anthon Taelysziq of Arkyn

With arable land surrounding the steppes of the Hrothi, stocks from diverse crops and wild and tamed animals help create stability within settlements. 1,001 more words


Shop and Inventory System (Buy, Sell and Equip)

Video tutorial is at end.

For this tutorial you will need:

A player
A shopkeeper
A shop prop (Market stall, table)
A mixture of weapons and shields… 2,007 more words

Video Tutorial

Undertale, or How To Integrate Characterisation and Game Mechanics

Some of you who are reading this probably have already heard of Undertale without actually playing it and are now reeling in disgust. For the other half of you who have no clue why the first group is doing that, I’ll be frank: the game has a terrifying fandom. 831 more words