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Everyone Should Just Roll Dice All The Time

The title of this post, aside from just being a cool motto, is also the simple version of my answer to a question I saw in a Facebook group that was basically this: “How do I keep everyone at the table from wanting to roll a perception check when I ask one player to roll a perception check?” An even simpler answer to this question would be to just tell theĀ other players that they can’t roll a check because you didn’t ask them to, but let’s extrapolate on the “roll dice all the time” answer instead. 637 more words


Game Designer's Notes #8: Preventing never-ending games

Everyone knows that one game that takes twenty five hours to play, and every hour is another hour of pain. Two quintessential classics come to mind: … 276 more words


Game Mechanics: Appointment Dynamics.

“Appointment Dynamics are game dynamics in which at a predetermined times/place a user must log-in or participate in game, for positive effect.”

To gain this mechanic, a lot of games use this as a way to get players involved, usually involving mass attraction, it can be a fun experience for everyone involved.

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Game Mechanics: Achievements.

“Achievements are a virtual or physical representation of having accomplished something. Achievements can be easy, difficult, surprising, funny, accomplished alone or as a group. Achievements are a way to give players a way to brag about what they’ve done indirectly as well as add challenge and character to a game.

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v2.0 - System Update

I broke down. I rebuilt the system from the ground up. I did away with percentile dice totally. I decided to rebuild the system as a small 2d6+ modifier system. 248 more words

Do you want to save?: Loss Aversion and Progress

Back in the 1980s, when Nintendo was emerging as the dominant video game platform, I remember having to rely on passwords to save my progress. Childhood Adam was expected to accurately write down a string of numbers and letters before turning off the game. 465 more words

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Game Mechanics: Combo.

“Combos are used often in games to reward skill through doing a combination of things.”

Usually found in fighting type games, combos are sometimes used in a way to gain the upper hand or level the playing field.

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