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Cycling Menus

By xx1MAn1RIOTxx
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I typed most of this up in response to a question regarding attribute points, but I have seen a few other topics that may benefit from this so I decided to expand it a little and share it. 904 more words

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How do I create a game timer?

by LadylexUK
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How do I create a Game timer?

Question: How do I show how much time the game has been running as a clock? 253 more words

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Displaying messages

Lesson 1 –How to get a Timed MessageĀ 

The mistake most creators make when starting out is trying to display text using the duration timer. 1,009 more words

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Difficulty Settings in TRPGs

It’s a common thing for video games to have variable difficulty settings. Usually it’s some kind of slider you can move from easy to hard, or maybe hardcore, or insanity mode. 1,159 more words


Roleplaying as a Game Mechanic

A couple of months back I had the opportunity to play the board game 7 Wonders at a friend’s bachelor party (why yes, I DO party hard!). 2,023 more words


How I Balance Ability Usage vs Recovery Time

To keep things simple, the way I have it set up, my characters can have up to five different abilities or use one ability in five different ways, or a combination of both. 838 more words


If I Could Play: Ryuutama

I recently got the opportunity to dive back into the hobby of tabletop gaming with most of the same folks I used to play with in college. 1,950 more words