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Designing Time Into Storm the Coves - Merchant's Revenge

In designing ‘StC-MR’ it was my wish to represent an element of urgency in dealings. Hence it became a goal to insert mechanisms within the game mechanics to bring about the feel of time. 304 more words

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4 Old-School Game Mechanics That Are Showing Their Age

We’ve really gotten used to the idea of video games being a young medium—and in many ways, they very much are. We’re still arguing about whether or not  1,823 more words


Creature College Update 13 - Fighting the Hamster of Chaos

Don’t forget to subscribe to our news letter if you haven’t done so already and you’ll be entered into our monthly “Win a board game of your choice” competition. 718 more words

Worthington Academy: Hacking Smallville RPG with adamantium claws

I am running a Smallville campaign using canon X-Men characters in a Hogwarts-style British boarding school. There are six players, based on Magma, Magik, Colossus, Rogue, Mastermind and (the incredibly obscure) Campbell Saint-Ange. 2,640 more words


I Like Fighting Games But I Suck At Them

Seeing as I’m a child of the ’90s, I think of a few very particular genres of video games when I get nostalgic.  There are platformers and JRPGs, which were my bread and butter for the majority of my childhood (platformers came earlier when everyone was trying to imitate… 885 more words


Tales of Zestiria Import Impressions (by Radiant Roar)

This is an incredibly detailed critical analysis of Tales of Zestiria‘s mechanics based on playing the import. The author is my friend Radiant Roar, who is a long time expert on the deeper mechanics behind modern… 4,793 more words

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Exploring Level Generation Methods

One of the more novel aspects of ‘Storm the Coves – Merchant’s Revenge’ involves the way in which levels are built in-game. It will not be the first game to have strived to deliver a rogue-like experience but the aspiration is to deliver a rich game play experience with the minimum in administrative overheads. 422 more words

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