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EXP: Class Exp vs Adventure Exp

As stated in DMG, in regards to Hit Points:

It is quite unreasonable to assume that as a character gains levels of ability in his or her class that a corresponding gain in actual ability to sustain physical damage takes place. 399 more words

Game Mechanics

The Future of Tactics: VR

Virtual reality is the next frontier for games that have been traditionally hampered by interface. Think Starcraft: the ability to fingerdance across the keyboard is just as vital of a component of a win as picking the right cheese strategy. 551 more words


Fire rate in Wargame Red Dragon

The armory doesn’t tell you this, but fire rate in Wargame isn’t a simple number. It’s actually composed of two parts: fire rate within a salvo and time between salvos. 993 more words

Game Mechanics

"It's A Secret To Everybody" -The Problem With Hidden Game Mechanics

I’ve mentioned previously that I’m a fairly recent game design graduate. While in retrospect I can say that my particular educational experience wasn’t suited to prepare its students for getting work in the ever-changing games industry, it still taught me a lot about game design and game production. 1,444 more words

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In Search of Superior Educational Game Mechanics

Existing literature on educational game design can be split broadly into two bodies of thinking with regard to how they approach the construction of game mechanics. 1,847 more words

Why are expensive tanks effective tank slayers?

Previously, I wrote a short post advicing newbies to use superheavies if they want to win the tank war. In this post I’ll talk about why this is the case. 767 more words

Game Mechanics

The UI Sketches

Decided to stop the modelling to work on the UI system and programming part which will be the framework of the project.

I would describe the UI’s style as medieval,  Bosch-ish, and fit in the overall project style. 613 more words