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Unity in Action: A top-notch how-to guide for game developers - #gamedev #programming

Unity in Action

Joseph Hocking

Manning – paperback

Unity, the cross-platform game development environment, is easy to download and get running. But it definitely is… 358 more words

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Forum Finds - Disguises

Hidden within each Developer Journal is a phrase that hints towards as yet unannounced features. The forums are a buzz after each journal scouring the text and examining each and every word to try to uncover the clue. 525 more words

Forum Finds

Chapter 6: The Bloody Mushrooms

Slowly opening my eyes, I stretched and forced my body to wake up. My mind was a bit confused as to where I was, but the memories of the previous days slowly flowed back, and I remembered I wasn’t on Earth anymore. 3,966 more words

Web Novel

Forum Finds - Player Housing

All sorts of things have appeared on the forums for Chronicles of Elyria in the last few days that are worthy of a blog post, but some of them will have to wait.  606 more words

Forum Finds

Forum Finds - Time Cycles

The Chronicles of Elyria forums have just had their first make over showing that the developers are at least listening to their community when it comes to making the important changes, forums are serious business after all. 799 more words

Forum Finds

Chapter 18: Of monsters and Nanya's panties (Part 1)

Note from the Author: Another two part chapter, the largest one so far! Hope you enjoy it! Here’s Part 1:

With the esteemed princess cured of her ridiculous curses, I released her outside of my Inner Mind. 2,929 more words


Chapter 18: Of monsters and Nanya's panties (Part 2)

We arrived at our destination after about 10 minutes of flying in a straight line. Looking back, we were quite far from the Academy and outside of the area I usually scouted and kept safe for the students. 3,358 more words