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Playing with Initiative: Declaring actions separate from resolving them

One common problem in RPG combat is the idea of separated turns or actions. In a typical game a combat round last 6 seconds and each character acts independently. 1,007 more words


What I'm Playing Now: Combat Mission Red Thunder

In my ongoing effort to find a hybrid game uniting the best principles of table-top RPGs, wargames, and video games, I’ve been exploring the world of wargames a lot. 973 more words


My first SC2 Arcade project: "Remnants"

A couple months ago, I wrote up a thought experiment about a strategy game in which no resource was plentiful, a so-called “scarce-resource RTS… 2,143 more words

Real Time Strategy

Annoying Game Mechanics - Flooding Puzzles

What are Annoying Game Mechanics? They’re those that when you find them you can’t help but groan. You’ve seen them at their best and worst and now they just annoy you on principle! 903 more words


Level Design

The Level Design in Chaos Projectile is heavily influenced by classic video games like the Metroid series by Nintendo. Unlike the 2D-adventures of Samus Aran, the screen in Chaos Projectile is fixed on the main character. 265 more words

Game Mechanics

Creature College Weekly Update Week 7 – Enter the Were-Gerbil

Don’t forget to subscribe to our news letter if you haven’t done so already and you’ll be entered into our monthly “Win a board game of your choice” competition. 666 more words

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Cutscenes hacking into my games; Finessing story into gameplay

In late February this year, a little old game by developers Ready at Dawn hit shelves with mixed reviews. Numerous gaming review and news sources gave it critical acclaim for the lush visuals and storytelling mechanics it had, but when it came to the interactive mechanics (you know, the things that divide a game from cinema and truly make a project  865 more words