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Big Fights Make for Long Nights: The Boss Fight

Last time we did this I talked about marching armies and giant battles but now I’m going to talk about a different kind of big fight that can be equally problematic: the boss fight. 1,202 more words


Rallying Round The Banner

This has been a long time coming, but I need to talk about Banner Saga, storytelling, and integrating game mechanics with story.

Starting off with what I liked, Banner Saga is a lot of fun. 701 more words

Game Design

Why I Still Play Marvel Heroes: Part 1

Marvel Heroes (now Marvel Heroes 2015, probably soon to be Marvel Heroes 2016 or Marvel Heroes NOW, or Uncanny Marvel Heroes, or All New All Different Marvel Heroes) was released just about two years ago.   1,752 more words

Marvel Heroes

Risk Legacy Fraction Starter powers.

Now for the Fraction powers. I’m not sure on how the designer thought you should make the decision. Whether it’s meant to be a sudden spur of the moment do it right now kind of thing or if your meant to take your time and try to strategize a bit more. 846 more words

Risk Legacy Game 0

So as I stated else where I had played a practice game of Risk Legacy before doing a real game where we start to use the stickers and making permanent changes to the game. 1,987 more words

Every New Beginning Starts With Some Other Beginnng's End: Meet Atom Universe

Yes folks, I just quoted Semisonic’s now famous 90s hit Closing Time. So what is with the metaphors? Well, just like the song Closing Time, its PlayStation Home asking its residents to “Gather up their jackets, move it to the exits and they hope you have found your friends”. 679 more words

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Defending in Fate: Opposing opposed rolls

Fate Core is a game about competent, proactive people leading dramatic lives. It’s a generic (that is, setting-free) system, which works because anything the characters might want to do can be regarded as one of four different actions: Attack, Defend, Overcome, and Create an advantage. 1,071 more words