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Little Big Planet style emitters

By LadylexUK
(video TBC)

Little Big Planet is a 2d platformer creator (essentially). In it you can place objects called emitters which can create objects which you can use as hazards or helps in your platforming game. 568 more words

Written Tutorial

Game Mechanics 101

Once you get into the board game hobby, the sheer number of games available can be overwhelming.  They all look good!  For most people, trying them out before buying can be difficult unless you have a board game café or friendly game store with demo copies available for play, or maybe a friend with a big collection.  2,920 more words


Metroid: Samus Returns and the Three Clue Rule

When Nintendo announced the game Metroid: Samus Returns at E3 in 2017, I was casually interested in the game. I enjoyed the Metroid Prime series but those games were my first non-Smash Bros experience with Samus Aran. 1,886 more words


On Screen Event Log

Creator: StringierKhan4
Created: 12 Jan 2018
Length: 6:10
Level: Intermediate
Type: Game mechanics / Screen Display

Game Mechanics

Project FreeFall Update 3

Great to see all of you again!  We’ve been busy with design decisions regarding the project and so far everything has gone smoothly.  I will be heading back to school next week meaning I will be meeting with the team.  132 more words


Making a Character in City of Mist

2018 is starting off as a pretty great year for me when it comes to tabletop games. It’s been nearly a year since the last time I was able to play a full tabletop campaign in person – instead, my usual group spent the last few months playing over Roll 20. 3,224 more words


2D Zombie Spawner

Creator: HadOne2Many
Created: 12 May 2014
Length: 4:49 (kode video)
Level: Intermediate
Type: Game mechanics

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