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::AdMiN AbUSe::

Admins in RUST got a tough gig. Especially if they play in the same place they admin. They tend to get treated unfairly and trampled all over. 477 more words


::KoS mE CrAZy::

KoS. Kill On Sight. The players that KoS are called many things by their victims; Fuck twats, Cunts, D-bags, ass hats… You get the picture. 1,221 more words


Gimmie Shelter! :: A lil' rant

If you can’t build a good base in rust, you’re dead boy. The base designs out there are plentiful and so exploitive and silly, it’s ridiculous. 452 more words


Lone Wolf :: What to do with you?

You don’t trust others. All your friends are dead and your other “friends” are trying to kill you. Joining some clan sounds like the easy way out, the coward’s path. 1,119 more words


Tweaking Lady Hackbird

After playing a few sessions of Lady Hackbird, there are certain elements from other games that would make for a richer experience. What I like about  486 more words

Game Mechanics

Armor on helos and planes

It’s a common myth that helos like mi-24D and apache, which have 1 frontal armor, are more resistant to SPAAG fire. This is not true. 442 more words

Game Mechanics

Under the Hood: Decision Loops & Funnels

Time for a behind the scenes look at gamebook mechanics. I’m going to reveal some of the methods to my madness and perhaps answer a question or two. 588 more words