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What does it mean "gameplay"?

Sometimes we use vague and not well defined words, such as gameplay: what is it? Is it synonymous with interactivity? Does it define the ways and the complexity of interaction? 622 more words


Beowulf Playtest Complete!

Well, I completed my playtest for the Beowulf game using the Yggdrasill system. A quick note: since Cubicle 7 has let go of the license on this game, and since the game now is officially out of print, I see the price of the hardcover has been gouged on Amazon from around $50 to $250. 1,274 more words

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Making "Failure" Interesting in RPGs

Image credit: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2012/11/19/at-the-core/

I had an idea come to me as I was listening to a review of the Fantasy Flight Star Wars RPG. This particular review was from someone (Dan Repperger of Fear the Boot) who was enjoying the game he was playing in but was simply baffled by the game’s mechanics – specifically, the custom dice mechanic. 425 more words

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Developer’s Journal 5: SW Powers = Techniques

Holy Moly it’s almost the end of June. It’s been a bit crazy on the home front. Working through a lot of projects and this tentacle hasn’t had time to write Monday Manga or a Developer’s Journal. 392 more words

Amora Game

Reading the Runes: In Praise of RPG GM Mechanics

If you have been following me at all, more than once you have heard me whine about all the rules crunch in games like Pathfinder. You’ve heard me complain about how some rules and too many rules tend to allow minmaxing players to ruin games. 1,110 more words

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Just stop it! Pre Expansion irritation!

Right. That’s it. I’m cross! You heard me!

Just stop! Yes, I mean you. I get it, you’re excited about the expansion – so am I! 212 more words


The End Game game…..

I am not trying to start a controversial thread here so hope you will bear with me. I know that the vast majorities of folks here who also play games, especially MMOs, are motivated by the very things that we see in most games, the achievement, the rewards, the progression, etc. 1,245 more words