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#Yugioh Discussion - The New Landscape (thoughts and musings)

So I wanted to discuss the rule changes and the new board and the possible implications therein.

So the first immediately obvious change was the removal of pendulum zones. 621 more words

Armor, and Why You Want It

In my haste and excitement to talk about what I have planned for the future of the game, I completely forget (and unintentionally lied) about Equipment being standard. 584 more words

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How to Fate 2: Telling a Story

Telling a story and making a hero are closely intertwined, especially in Fate, where your hero is made through a series of stories.

Remember the three components of making an interesting hero? 792 more words

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How to Fate, Episode 1

My local group started a game of Dresden Files RPG last night. There were a lot of people who were new to the system. Oh, some of them knew how skills and aspects and powers work, but almost none of them knew how to make characters. 506 more words

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Developer's Journal 1: Art of War

In this tentacle’s free time it makes RPG supplements or hires freelancers to do so under the company name that you can find in the widget to the right of your screen (click the logo).¬† 1,653 more words

Amora Game

Drama Vs. Tactics

To quote Spock, “Logic is a wreath of beautiful flowers that smell bad.”*

There are three questions that constantly plague role playing games:

  1. Do the rules trump the story, or the story the rules?
  2. 633 more words

Tristana Trouble or; Crits ain't that fun.

There are issues in League. The issue I will not be discussing here is the Eve support I had in my most recent game rushing a Hextech Gunblade while aimlessly waiting around for the opposing Jhin to forget that we had an Evelynn. 1,349 more words

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