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Gacha Mechanic, part 1


Gacha mechanic is a lottery system that randomly gives rewards in exchange of in-game currency and used in many successful free-to-play(F2P) games. These rewards are often rarely available in the game.  323 more words

Game Features

Game Mechanics (Free Lunch)

Nothing feels better when you log on to your favourite game with an reward waiting for you.It also feels good when you get something for nothing.   76 more words

Games Design: An Introduction

Game Mechanics (Discovery)


This method of discovery in game enables the user to explore vast open worlds and conquer advanced quests,Discovery allows the play to unlock other locations around the game world to progress though the game.   32 more words

Games Design: An Introduction

Game Mechanics (Countdowns)

Countdown dynamic is where someone has a time limit  to complete a quest or a race.This mechanic is commonly used  for many racing  games,action games and adventure games.The mechanic  can be used in many different situations one of those are  puzzles. 101 more words

Games Design: An Introduction

Game Mechanics: Productivity.

Productivity in games comes when players try to make the most of their time.

For example if when playing Fallout 4 and you have a quest that requires you to jump around the map looking for certain items, and you decide to take all of the weapons that you have ever found with you. 82 more words

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Game Mechanics: Free Lunch.

“A dynamic in which a player feels that they are getting something for free due to someone else having done work. It’s critical that work is perceived to have been done (just not by the player in question) to avoid breaching trust in the scenario.

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Semester 1

Game Mechanics: Discovery.

“Also called Exploration, players love to discover something, to be surprised. This also can be seen in the Game Feature, Discovery. Discovery encourages players to discover new pages within a website.

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