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Hakuouki (PS3)

Funny story: I bought the digital PS3 version of Hakuouki last year(!), after deciding that “I really have to play it already (I mean, it’s been ported to hell and back, I shouldn’t be missing out…)”, only to see an announcement for a new PSV/PS4 version a little later. 1,854 more words

Game Notes


NAKABAAAAAAA!!! Not gonna lie, Nakaba was the main reason why I wanted this game. I’ve been dying to play a route for him ever since the PSP version (never understood why he didn’t have one to begin with). 3,328 more words

Game Notes

2016-17 Season in Review

The 2016-17 Season in Review media guide is available now. This book includes end-of-season bios for players and staff, season notes and highlights, game sheets from every regular-season game and more.

2016-17 Season in Review

NHL Stats Releases

Kenta makes Roberts look good

Many questions, and many answers last night.

We will start with the NL baseball decision.

 Should you pinch hit for your starting pitchers as early as the 4th inning? 536 more words

Forsythe has a triumphant return

For the first nine innings of last nights ballgame it looked like the Dodgers might have activated Logan Forsythe before he was ready.  Logan struck out four times in his first four at-bats out of the lead off spot, but when it really counted he struck for gold connecting on a double to drive in the winning run in the bottom of the 13th inning. 495 more words

Now that is a clean up hitter

but he was batting 8th.

I was lucky enough to get a ticket last night courtesy of Brent Cook who asked if I wanted to join him in just enough time for me to say yes and get to the game on time. 465 more words