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'Game Of Thrones' Theories': The 9 Most Insane Predictions About The Rest Of The Series

The internet is dark and full of ‘Game of Thrones’ theories. As we await the show’s return, let’s take a look at the 9 most shocking predictions about the series that could very possibly happen. 960 more words


'Game Of Thrones' Star Pretty Much Confirms That Cersei/Jaime Theory Won't Happen

The ‘Game of Thrones’ theory that Jaime will kill Cersei is a good one, but Nikolaj Coster-Waldau has one major issue with it. His reasoning is solid, so does this lend more credibility that Tyrion will be the one to possibly kill his sister, or could Cersei die at the hands of someone else entirely? 323 more words


'Game Of Thrones' S7 Teaser Hints At 3 Heads Of The Dragon Fan Theory & More -- Watch

The Targaryen sigil, the three-headed dragon, kicks off the first ‘Game of Thrones’ season 7 teaser, giving us more hope that the show will confirm the ‘Three Heads of the Dragon’ fan theory. 451 more words


Ed Sheeran Lands Guest Spot On Season 7 Of 'Game of Thrones'

Another season of ‘Game of Thrones’ means another musical guest star — and this season is one of Maisie Williams’ favorite singers, Ed Sheeran! 308 more words


'Game Of Thrones': Fans Go Nuts After Ice Melts To Reveal Season 7 Premiere Date

Fans of ‘Game Of Thrones’ finally know when the show’s seventh season will premiere — and they went NUTS over HBO’s unique announcement about it! 384 more words


'Game Of Thrones' Season 7: Did Ser Davos Accidentally Reveal Premiere Date?

Do we FINALLY have a premiere date for ‘Game of Thrones’ season 7? Liam Cunningham, a.k.a. Ser Davos, may have revealed when the new season will premiere, and it’s… 295 more words


'Game Of Thrones': The 8 Mind-Blowing Things That We Need To See In Season 7

‘Game of Thrones’ season 7 is still months away, but I can still speculate about what I want to happen. From Jon Snow’s discovering his true parentage to more Rhaegar Targaryen, here are the top 8 things I NEED to see in the upcoming season.  694 more words

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