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Book Review: A Man Agrees with God as a Raindrop with the Storm

A Clash of Kings by George RR Martin

I first read Game of Thrones years ago and though I loved the complexity and beauty of the world, I think the graphic violence and sensuality was just a bit too much at the age I was then (around Joffrey’s age)! 782 more words

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Blu-Ray Review: Game of Thrones The Complete Second Season

After a pretty politically charged first season, one filled with incest, supernatural encounters in the North and — gulp — unexpected beheadings, George R.R. Martin’s epic story returns to HBO, and is now available on Blu-Ray in a solidly packed set chock full of bonus features designed to help you make sense of all of Westeros’ shenanigans and goings-on… 881 more words

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Tuesday Releases: Argo & Anna Karenina

{{February 19th 2013}}

ANNA KARENINA // Despite its tragic and flawed characters, “Anna Karenina” is both visually evocative and perfectly stylized, combining the ideas and set design of live theater with the motions and photography of the cinema. 591 more words

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Catching Up With Game of Thrones Season 2

For those of you who were hoping to just jump into season two without having read the books or seen season one, you’re out of luck, because things just started going. 1,622 more words


The Iron Price Is Right (Thrones Zone)

Did You Earn The Right To Post Yet Another Game Of Thrones Commentary?

“The Night Lands” (S2: E2)

I’m really getting into the second season of Game of Thrones, so I’m going to be sporadically posting stray thoughts on episodes here. 932 more words

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Theon Greyjoy is Mel Gibson (Thrones Zone)

And then I was like “Your time with the wolves has made you weak” and my son was like :O

“What is Dead May Never Die” (S2:E3) 797 more words

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"Game of Thrones": Why You Should Be Watching and What to Expect in Season Two

The second season of “Game of Thrones” is finally here, well…nearly here. The highly anticipated show returns on April 1st on HBO. Now, if you haven’t quite yet caught on to the show, for whatever reason,  you should speed through the first season between now and Sunday and here’s why. 801 more words

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