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Game of Thrones Scene of the Week: Shadow Dancing

There were a lot of scenes that could have qualified for scene of the week from ‘The Ghost of Harrenhal’…Tyrion’s continued tormenting of his cousin Lancel and working to diffuse his sister’s plot (or was it a scheme?) to use wildfire against Stannis’ armies; Dany’s adventures in Qarth; Stannis and the Onion Knight’s deeply honest conversation about Melisandre; or Arya’s continuing story (which had the line of the week uttered by such a cute little girl, “Anyone can be killed”) that saw her going into a partnership of sorts with Jaqen H’ghar that bore immediate fruit while having more than a little To Catch a Predator vibe going on as far as I was concerned. 231 more words


Game of Thrones 'The Ghost of Harrenhal': What Do You Want

‘The Ghost of Harrenhal’ is a very plot-intensive episode, throwing in a ton of plot advancement following a major – and shocking for newbies – development in the war of Westeros. 933 more words

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