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"Bloodborne:" The Pleasure in Failure

As I sit down to write this post, I can still feel my heart pounding in my chest. Minutes ago, I was taking my 10th crack at “Bloodborne’s” third boss battle, The Blood-starved Beast. 620 more words

Parlare del dolore e della morte

C’è una cosa cosa che i genitori di oggi sembrano temere sopra tutto: parlare ai propri figli del dolore e della morte. Forse non si sentono adeguati, forse temono troppo questi due termini perchè riflettono le loro stesse fragilità. 306 more words

Passi D'autore

At Night The Sky Falls: "Warning!" state and Game Over tweaks

It was a busy day but I squeezed in an hour of tweaks this evening. I added a flashing “WARNING!” message with robotic voice over to announce the start of the level. 55 more words


cc: And the winner is...

On tonight’s episode of “Will I Die if I Jump From Here?”, special “Will Someone Rez Me If I Do?” edition: Lady Amunara tempts the fates by jumping off the loft in Hoelbrak. 15 more words


3 Deadly Running Sins

If a Running Fairy came down off her podium in glittery running shoes, and told you that you MUST choose between Not Starting, Not Finishing or Coming in Dead Effen Last in your next race, what would you chose? 509 more words


To Be This Good Takes AGES

Some sad news came out of Japan late last week.  We would have reported it earlier but it was too soon.  We needed to grieve.  To say our farewells, reminisce about better days. 125 more words


cc: Poor Planning

Who doesn’t love jumping off tall places in order to reach the ground faster? And who hasn’t had that splat moment upon hitting the ground a little faster than intended… 11 more words