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Neon Maniacs

In a bout of reminiscing in what could have been yesterday here’s the third Italian band to be included in this blog in the shape of Bay Area infused thrashers Game Over. 332 more words

Thrash Metal

Japan Round 2, Part 3: Sakata... GAME OVER

Waddling off the night bus with swollen ankles and undoubtedly a bit of body odour we walked through the humid streets of Sakata to Ben’s place. 887 more words


Game Over: End.


SCENE: Sona, smeared with blood and having fallen on her knees, has noticed the ring on her enemy’s hand. Eyes widening, she reaches up towards her face. 176 more words

Creative Writing

Game Over p.6


SCENE: This scene takes up two-thirds of the page. A close-up of Sona piercing her sword through the mysterious boss’ heart. He holds up his hand, which is encrusted with a recognisable ruby ring. 52 more words

Creative Writing

Game Over p.5


SCENE: Sona rushes towards the door. In the darkness her feet are scraping past mismatched debris and rags.

SOUND FX: Puff. Puff.

GAME NARRATOR: ‘’You have ten seconds…Ten…’’ 131 more words

Creative Writing

Game Over Girl

lana del rey

I know it may sound corny to you but there are things that are worth to share :3

“No one compares to you, but there’s no you, except in my dreams tonight.”

862 more words

​There is only one truth...

That is: there is absolutely no truth.
And the only truth that interesting to me is that I do not want to know anything !!! … 13 more words