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Book Of Da Week: Game Over

Game Over: Nintendo’s Battle To Dominate Video Games is our book of choice for the week ahead, frankly as it’s considered the best book ever written about video games. 355 more words


I don't know.

Is this sadness temporary? Does it correlate to time?? Would it look something like this?

This doesn’t help…Ho perso le parole. I feel like I’m am stuck on an event horizon. 92 more words


Why not though 

Perhaps this was a small mistake. A simple misunderstanding. Yea that’s it this was just something to play with. Something to give me hope for my expected end. 70 more words


Down the Forsaken Road

Sometimes fate leads you to places, where your demons reside. You keep repeating to yourself, ‘’This can’t be happening. This can’t be happening.’’ You are terrified, and you found yourself trapped there. 101 more words

Burning Thoughts

Game Over

You press play game,
And you enter this world,
At first you venture through,
And explore what it holds,

You’ve passed level one,
And two and three, 101 more words


How to make the transition.

Adult hood. It’s confusing and in many modern developed countries its just as confusing and even more so as there’s more steps to get to adulthood. 491 more words