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CCCLXV Days in IV Photos Pearl 4️⃣ 📷

In some video games, once the player uses all the given chances a “Game Over” hits the screen. Although, life is not a game, yet a single “Failure” for some is considered as a “Game Over” and a sign of giving up and letting go. 175 more words


Dave - Question Time

Dave has announced the release of his latest EP ‘Game Over’ which is due out on November 3rd. Question Time was released yesterday evening but I feel that this could  be the most important record Dave could actually ever release, he addresses many issues that are much cause of concern in the UK and it really feels that he’s a spokesperson and is asking the questions that everyone wants the answers to from the major politicians in the UK.

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Let's Talk About...: Unexpected Depth

We’re back with our “Let’s Talk About…” series! Check out the previous chats here.

Let’s Talk About…: Missile Command

Good ol’ Atari, right? For such a pioneer, it definitely has its memorable titles. 456 more words

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Keying & Green Screening..

Once the script was done, the next thing to do was to film/shoot Shot 1, 2 & 3.

These two pictures are the before and after keying the footage in Adobe After Effects… 74 more words

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The Content Creation..

Assets, Backgrounds & VFX

Within our group it was Adam’s job to create the assets, such as the News station’s logo & titles. It was my job to create the green screen backgrounds & VFX.

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Kelvin Martin

What's it all about?

“We very quickly came up with the basis of the story, and then added little quirks to make it less serious off a serious news report..”

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The Story Board..

Story boards from Shot 1 – 3

As a group we decided on a style that would match our backstory as well as ideas for animations & possible VFX for the broadcast shots, location ideas and how long our shots should be. 19 more words

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