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The Hauntening Case 3 Is Live!

SIDE NOTE BUNNY: Those seeing content NOT in your game anymore and you are NOT finished with Case 2 Questlines to Pt.6/7, please do the following…  1,471 more words

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The Hauntening Character Questline - Franken Bonnie

Its Alive!!! It’s Alive!!!

I guess with Frankenstein arriving in our games it’s only fitting his bride, Franken Bonnie, came with him, only problem is she’s got her eye on a demon hunter and is supplying us with the gasoline to kill her monster of a husband. 261 more words

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Mystical Return

I’ve been pretty gloomy-gus about some of the changes to the Monk enhancements lately. I don’t want people to misinterpret my criticisms as a “DOO00M!!!1” or anti-Turbine skeed, however. 875 more words


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The Hauntening - Case 2 Ending Soon

UPDATE BUNNY: Those seeing content NOT in your game anymore and you are NOT finished with Case 2 Questlines, please do the following… 

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The Hauntening Premium Character Questline: Mad Scientist Hartman

He’s mad, stark raving mad I tell you.

Yes Dr Hartman is bringing his own brand of crazy to Quahog with his new Mad Scientist character costume. 232 more words

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The Hauntening Character Profile: Franken Bonnie

Behind every great monster there’s a great woman, and hasn’t Frankenstein hit the jackpot with Franken Bonnie.

Franken Bonnie is a hair raising new costume for, well, Bonnie of course. 342 more words

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Forced content engagement

Some MMO devs seem to like dictating not only the rules of their game but also how we play them. Others are, perhaps, more content to give us a world and let us figure that out. 393 more words


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