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Watt Starting To Feel Like His Old Self

HOUSTON (CBS HOUSTON) – J.J. Watt didn’t feel like himself during the Texans’ 30-0 AFC Wild Card Game loss to the Kansas City Chiefs last January. 308 more words


Roller-Derby | Tournament Season Is Upon Us

Whoop whoop! Many leagues have started the new season after a lazy and well-deserved summer-break. Our Facebook timelines are flooded with happy-to-be-back-on-skates-selfies and yay-first-training-of-the-season-grouppictures. The Rockcity Rollers were no exception. 764 more words


Exemplars & Eidolons: Post-Mortem

It turns out that Exemplars & Eidolons was almost exactly as awesome as I thought it would be. It also turns out that I failed to sufficiently anticipate the bottleneck that I would create by not printing out more materials for my players to use while making their characters. 662 more words


Using the News for Inspiration,sort of?

I have a fun little trick to help me come up with inspiration from time to time for my games. If I am out of ideas I will sometimes hop onto the internet and head to a few of my go-to resources for off the wall inspiration. 527 more words

Role-playing Game

Depth-Based Adventure Sites

Many of us know the joy of describing a complex dungeon and watching our friends studiously attempt to chart it out on graph paper, in many cases distorted by the “picture-telephone effect.”  And mapping out a dungeon can be serious fun for a DM.   1,958 more words


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I didn't have anything for you on Friday, but my friend M has an excellent piece here on creating randomly generated labyrinthine locations and encounters! I like it, and want to use it for my own games. I'll be done with being super busy soon, and will return to my usual schedule as quickly as possible.

New DM Guide

Now that our Elsir Vale campaign is complete, I’m handing over the reigns to my players. Although I may Dungeon Master a few more short adventures in this world, I’m quite content with the story we’ve told. 1,097 more words

GMing Tools

The Finale

The party is about to complete the Red Hand of Doom module and the last session is tonight!

We skipped chapter 4, but may revisit in the future, depending on tonight’s outcome. 351 more words