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Shaping the World with Introductory Text

I started using Google Drive to keep notes around chapter 3. Before that, I was mostly still on paper. Here’s the script for the introductory text that I read to my players to start the prologue session. 523 more words

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Choosing a System: LotFP

Just before starting Savage Realms, I was playing in a Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 game. And prior to SR, the last three campaigns I ran were in 4th edition. 877 more words


GM Bag

When I run a game, I show up with two bags: one for me and one for my players.

My player bag includes general items the players may need: pencils and paper, extra dice, character sheets, extra copies of the players’ book, setting information, and any notes or items left in my possession at the end of the previous session. 323 more words

GMing Tools

Annalise - Trying Not To Hijack the Game

So, hoping to get a session of Annalise together with my group (if I can corral those cats). Looking over the rules again, I’m trying to figure out how to avoid defining characters in a way that blows up the game. 316 more words

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Importance of Visualization in Sports

Every athlete has been through stages where they are performing well in practice but can’t transfer it to the game, or they are in a slump and just can’t figure out what it is that needs to change. 269 more words

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Ars Magica - German Timeline 1220-1231

I was asked a long time ago, when I mentioned that I include timelines in my Ars Magica adventures, to post some online. Below the fold is cut-n-paste from an adventure set in what  7,393 more words

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Ars Magica - Timekeeping

So, although I don’t run a campaign right now, my favorite roleplaying game for the past decade has been Atlas Games’s Ars Magica. I started playing it when the Fourth Edition was free, and now I’m deep into the weeds in the Fifth Edition. 1,047 more words

Historical RPGs