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Approaches to Feature Prioritization

One of the most important production tasks is that of prioritizing work. Prioritization takes place throughout a project’s life cycle, from determining the importance of items in the ever-growing backlog to determining which elements of a given sprint should take precedence, all things being equal. 1,827 more words


Some Thoughts on Trust

When you have a blog, it’s easy to talk from a position of assumed authority. After all, writing something down makes it seem like the author must know something. 1,941 more words


A Production Presentation for Your Consideration

During my current job search, I’ve had to create two presentations.

One of these presentations was… oddly enough… a presentation on me. Now, given how much I really dislike talking about myself (and trust me, I  122 more words


The Magic of Cadence

Production for any form of development, regardless of method, is focused on addressing a series of solvable problems. Every problem has a solution, although it may not be the solution you want or expect. 2,233 more words


On Production - A Preface

What in the heck is this all about?

I’m going to start a series of production articles, centered on detailing what I’ve learned during my time as a producer in the game industry. 573 more words


Unity Accessibility Plugin - Update 12 - Release Date and Anniversary

Roughly a year ago I started work on the Unity Accessibility Plugin. That doesn’t mean I have been working on it for one year – far from it. 361 more words

Global Game Jam 2017

During this past weekend (2/3 – 2/5), the Universities at Shady Grove hosted a Global Game Jam. The event concluded at 5:30 pm on Sunday, Feb. 411 more words

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