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Done, Dusted and Dead

So in regards to unwrapping, whilst there are certainly flaws with how I’ve unwrapped, I think it’s one of my best unwraps so far. Just in regards to how I’ve organised it. 390 more words

Visual Design

The Walking Dead Part 2

So onto modelling my concept then.

As a reminder here is the final concept for my modified truck:

The first thing I tackled was the unicorn head, this was surprisingly not that difficult to model, it was quite similar to modelling a human face but with a longer nose section..sort of. 128 more words

Game Production

Finishing the Final Project! - Week 30

It is the final week of the course! This is both a scary and exciting thought. I am continuing my zombie pickup truck from the beginning stage of modelling which I left it at last week. 434 more words

Game Production

Modelling the Zombie Pickup Truck - Week 29

Using the design I created I began adding modifications to the base of my pickup truck. I managed to get most of the modelling done this week but I will need to spend some of next week adding more details to it and possibly making some of the edges less harsh. 46 more words

Game Production

Level 30: (not) Left for dead

Well what an excellent week I have had let me tell you, I am not joking or over estimating I have probably worked the hardest ever and I have actually really enjoyed myself! 412 more words

Level 25: From Mario Kart 64 to Mario Kart 8

This week has been awesome, only good news to tell this week! Although things seemed really dire this time last week it seems like all turned around this week, I spent all of last week trying to complete the model of the hillux so that It was actually complete and again I felt like all hope was lost because I was scared of the unwrapping side of finishing off the model. 255 more words

Level 23: let's play Mario Kart!!

This week was a good one by my standards! I admit I was not able to complete the character project to it’s full potential as I could not complete the texturing and rigging I was able to hand it in on time so it’s all out of my hair for now. 311 more words