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Character Project Post Mortem

The brief: In summary it was to concept, model, texture and rig a character that adheres to the Village style guide, based on my likeness. It must be anatomically accurate apart from a slight exaggeration of the hands and feet.   1,106 more words

Visual Design

I Coatant Believe it

Here is the finished character model:

4479 Tri’s (props and character combined)

As a reminder here is what my character design looked like:

I’ve modelled her in a static pose because she’ll be rigged later on. 553 more words

Game Production

Going Loopy

So just as a reminder here is my final character design (well 4 because colour):

The next step before modelling was of course creating some orthographics. 447 more words

Game Production

Low Poly Female - Week 15

Our anatomy boot camp continued in our game production class. We learnt to model a low poly female character. To do this we used strip modelling which is where you create a plane and extrude edges from it in order to build up a form. 52 more words

3ds Max

It's Been a While

Haven’t posted since July of last year, but I’m still kicking (sometimes also screaming, but mostly just kicking). So what’s happened since then?

Between July and mid-September, I’d been working on Cape Cod indoors and outdoors doing construction, deconstruction, painting, sanding, staining, powerwashing, and my personal favorite, wielding the mighty air-compressing collated nail gun, which I nicknamed the Plasma Cannon. 402 more words

Game Production

My Interview with an Industry Leader

Hey Everybody! Hope you had a good weekend.

What I want to talk about today is one of the coolest experiences in my life. I was fortunate to get to interview Mr. 1,170 more words


The Infuriating Quagmire that is RNG

Random Number Generation (or RNG) can be a boon to designers. It adds an element of unpredictability to games and allows games to stave off becoming stale, thus increasing replayability. 437 more words