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Your Ideas are Worthless and they are Poisoning You

Please stop treating your ideas like they have any worth whatsoever.

They don’t. Everyone has ideas. Even if your ideas are good, from a supply/demand viewpoint, ideas are utterly worthless. 636 more words


Week 22 - Character COMPLETION!

After getting off to a good start last week with texturing, I found it quite easy to continue building upon the base I had made. I looked at some examples of stylised characters to get higher quality folds in clothing and also at the characters other students were making and they were able to give me some tips on how they made their characters a balance between stylised and realism. 572 more words


Is there such a thing as an objectively good game?

The title is pretty self explanatory and it’s a seemingly straightforward premise for this week’s blog. However the point to this musing and the reason why I chose to write about it is that it is exactly the opposite of what you would expect. 821 more words


Week 21 - Unwrapping is pain

Finally managed to complete my model this week, which left me with the horrible task of unwrapping my character. I’ve never really gotten into unwrapping, trying to cut the seams to pelt it correctly feels stiff and I haven’t quite got the knack of it yet, the biggest problem came when I started finally texturing and realising the mistake I had made in unwrapping, such as over lapping and on the case of symmetrical unwraps the verts weren’t properly aligned making the texture distorted, which is making the process go a lot slower than I’d hoped. 468 more words


Week 20: Character Project - Modelling

This week saw us start to model our characters. As I had modeled some one else’s head other than my own during boot camp, I had to create new topology paint overs of my head and model this to begin with, and then moved on to create a simple body to work as a base for my clothing and accessories to go on top of and to ensure the correct anatomy and proportions were used.  145 more words

Game Production

Week 20/21/22 - The production of my designed character

With my character concepted and the design process complete and ready to be imported into 3DS Max for modelling, I make a start on the form of my character, giving her volume and something to work with. 115 more words

30 Shades Of Weeks

Game Production - Week 10

Learning yet more new things about 3DS max, this week: splines!

It was pretty hard to remember every new thing I was taught about modelling trees in 3DS max, so when I made mine I had to follow the tutorial document step by step, but that’s what it’s there for I suppose. 237 more words

Game Production