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Controlling an Animated Character in CRYENGINE using C++

Making an animated character move around the screen in CRYENGINE requires many thousands of lines of code and a lot of time and dedication. This series of articles will show you how to control a character animated in CRYENGINE Mannequin using C++ code. 2,787 more words


Android 6 (Marshmallow) permissions and Unity

While working on Overclock, our team faced a new problem with Android 6 (Marshmallow): all permissions were requested when the app launches the first time instead of when the user downloads the app. 1,511 more words

Game Development

Printing UObject information

Sometimes to implement a feature in our game we need to know how Unreal Engine works internally, there are a lot of ways to do this: finding any information on the web, reading the engine codes, debugging the program at some point, printing things to the log, and many more. 983 more words

Game Programming

Flexible Data with UStruct

In game prototyping or pre-production we usually don’t know what kind of data we are going to use, these data will probably change in each iteration as we are trying to figure out the mechanics of our game, and as our code base get larger these changes will be more and more expensive to make and harder to manage. 1,642 more words

Game Programming