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Platformer in Unity!

Okay, so Pong was way easier than anticipated, haha.

I’ve decided to move onto attempting a 2D platformer using free & royalty-free assets and sprites from amazing artists. Gonna have a blast!

Game Development

Let's re-create "Pong" in Unity!

Alrighty, I gave in…

Decided to start making Pong, an all-time classic game, in Unity!

Thus far, going well. It’s much more straight-forward than I thought. 25 more words


Content Creation

Have you guys heard of MapEditor?

It’s this really cool tile content creator that keeps in mind the “tools to make your game” concept! If we were making a tile game – I’d definitely be looking into this. 1,805 more words

Game Programming

Cara Membuat Game Android (Bagian Keenam)

Pada bagian kelima, kita telah menjelaskan cara menambahkan musuh bagi karakter utama, si robot. Tentu si jagoan harus kita persenjatai agar dapat menghalau gangguan musuh-musuhnya. Nah, bagian keenam ini akan membahas cara membuat senjata bagi si robot . 6 more words

Cara Membuat Game Android (Bagian Kelima)

Halo semuanya! Selamat datang kembali pada rangkaian tutorial membuat game android bagian kelima. Seperti yang telah saya janjikan pada bagian keempat, kita akan mempelajari lebih lanjut cara membuat game jadi lebih menarik. 11 more words

References For The Win

I love single character code changes that generate massive performance improvements.

Unreal has had static code analysis passes not too long ago. It’s surprising that SA didn’t identify this issue. 30 more words

Game Programming

Working On the Behavior Tree

Trying to implement a behavior tree for my A.I. Have made some progress but still buggy.

Behavior Tree