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Creating A Rotating Cube With Unity3D

In This Tutorial, We’re going to create a rotating cube. I’m using Unity3D 5.5.0f3 for this tutorial and you can download the latest version from… 524 more words

Game Programming

Part 4: Events - Draw the circle wherever the mouse is clicked.

We remove the loop code and most of the variables that we don’t need.
We just need the code.

… 367 more words
Game Programming

Part 3: Draw shapes at random positions on the screen.

This is our next challenge! Are you ready?

Since we would be positioning the shapes at random positions of the screen instead of positions specified by us, we shall use a library for random(a library of code and we can borrow pre-built code from it). 941 more words

Game Programming

Part 1: Pygame and Python made easy and fun!

Pygame is daunting to look at understand initially. Especially to those uninitiated to programming or just initiated to block based languages like Scratch.

As a part of my work for a summer camp at  911 more words

Game Programming

Holodeck Shader

Augmented-Reality Shader

Virtual Poster on Real Surface

Setting up an augmented-reality experience requires more than just putting a collection of virtual objects into the world. The user’s experience is important: how do the visuals, the controls, and the sound contribute to the overall impression that we want to convey? 571 more words

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Voxel Engines and the Surprising Utility of Software Rendering Knowledge

This project was aimed at representing large volumetric spaces. Written in Rust, my intention was to see how easy it would be to write a high-performance voxel-rendering engine from the ground up. 1,546 more words

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