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Content Creation : Then and Now ...

So funny thing…

Remember that last blog post I made on Content Creation? How I basically listed all the reasons why stopping production on the main game to create a separate system that allows the quick and error free creation of story assets in the format we need, wasn’t a good idea for us at the time? 426 more words

Game Programming

Game Development. Introduction to 3D for Web Games

Michael Oneppo. MSDN Magazine. 2015-08-01.
Adding a third dimension to a game truly brings it to life. You can look around from any viewpoint and see every angle of an object or a scene. 86 more words

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Upstart. Games Revolution

Michael Thompson. MSDN Magazine.  2015-08-01.
I was born in 1983, just as the early video game market famously crashed and left many to believe it was a fad that had run its course. 58 more words

Game Programming

Am I a bad programmer if I can't even make a pong game in unity using C#?

Daniel Super. Quora Digest. 2016-08-09
You are a beginner. It’s really not helpful to think of yourself as good or bad. You’re just getting started, you are learning, you are inexperienced. 45 more words



Our project is a 3rd person action-adventure RPG. The game revolves around gaining more experience, levelling up and completing quests. Leveling up can be done by slaying enemies or by completing simple quests obtained from the NPCs. 130 more words

Game Programming

Game Update, 12 August, 2016

I’ve been making a fair bit of progress this past month and I’m now in Alpha (that means feature complete).

I have the main story translated and a redesigned interface, so now comes the long process of getting all that content into the game in preparation for the Game Developer World Championship (GDWC16) competition at the end of September (and a couple of other game competitions around that time). 64 more words

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