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Breaking into the Game Industry – III: The How’s

Enough about the Why’s and What’s, you must be itching for the How’s. No stories in this one, I promise. There must be a ton of questions that must be springing up in your brains now that you are preparing to break that first wall of defence. 1,223 more words

Game Development

Breaking into the Game Industry – II: The What’s

The tree of Game Development, like all other trees, is branched. Not heavily branched, but it depends on the kind of game being built. The more complex and fatter the game gets, the more branches it unfurls. 1,270 more words

Game Development

Breaking into the Game Industry - I: The Why's

One of the hardest things about the gaming industry is getting your first breakthrough. I remember being jobless 2 years back for about 3 months before I got my first gig. 1,080 more words

Game Development


Today I will be starting my clone of the game Breakout.

You remember that game, right?  The one with the ball and the platform and the wall of bricks you have to make the ball touch at least once to make them disappear?   81 more words


What's the Point?

What’s the point of making this blog?  Well, probably so that I can update my progress on the games that I’m making, or someplace to jot down my thoughts on recent developments in the vidya industry. 180 more words


Pygame Tutorial, learn a lot and have loads of fun!

Pygame is daunting to look at understand initially. Especially to those uninitiated to programming or just initiated to block based languages like Scratch.

As a part of my work for a summer camp at  343 more words

Pygame, Object Oriented Programming

Part 19: Add levels, the last leg - using nested lists in python

You can see the pink walls here? They are actually multiple smaller rectangles drawn close together. How do we decide what is the pattern for the walls for adding multiple levels in the game? 495 more words

Pygame, Object Oriented Programming