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/** Unsung Heroes Development Intro */

Hello World!

Since the development of Unsung Heroes sparked the creation of the blog and gave me the proverbial push to actually take the time and set up a blog, it only seems fitting to kick of the first post with an introduction to this said project! 293 more words


Unity Serialization Part 1: How it Works and Examples

On this series of articles (2, maybe 3) we will discuss a topic that is extremely  important to Unity3D development: serialization. This subject may be a bit cloudy for beginners, but understanding it not only helps to figure out how the Unity engine works, but it can also become really handy during a game development process and assist you to build better solutions. 1,126 more words


JPCT OpenGL Java Game Engine Prototype 2015-04-04

The current state of my “self-education”-project to make a space shooter game.
This engine is based on JPCT (www.jpct.net) which is a free Java OpenGL engine. 30 more words


[Cocos2d-x] Background Sliding.

How to make background sliding vertically in cocos2d-x.
void GameLayer::updateBackground(float delta)
        CCSprite* bg1  = (CCSprite*)this->getChildByTag(ChildTagBack1);
        CCSprite* bg2  = (CCSprite*)this->getChildByTag(ChildTagBack2);
        CCSprite* bg3  = (CCSprite*)this->getChildByTag(ChildTagBack3);
… 110 more words

Unity 5 vs Unreal Engine 4

Unity and Unreal Engine have been in a battle ever since Unreal Engine 4 was first released with last month making it free to use besides a 5% royalty fee on revenues. 864 more words

CRYENGINE Flowgraphs - Blacklists and Substitutions

On a large project, such as a game built using CRYENGINE, structure, clarity and consistency can provide decent gains in productivity by reducing the time it takes to comprehend and perform simple tasks. 969 more words


Want to Learn Python Programming?

Programming is definitely a useful skill to have. With so many applications, from making games and data analysis programs to constructing software systems and building electronic circuits. 274 more words