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ECS is officially the bomb!

Over the last week and a half, I have been working on my own ECS framework. This is a side project away from my main voxel game, but it is something I wanted to do in order to be able to improve my productivity with making games more quickly. 1,179 more words

Game Development

Partial Success

This is coming a little late today but I wanted to get the update on the goal out there.

I was a little short of my goal of putting an hour each day into coding and designing, but I did restore some of the desire with designing games. 177 more words


Simplistic 2D Shadow System

Is There a Simple 2D Shadow System?

After looking for a good example of a 2D shadow system that was powerful and simple to maintain and follow, we came to understand that it seemed there was one single truly 2D solution that did not deal with polygons.   917 more words

Beginning Game Programming

I’ve started a new MOOC called Beginning Game Programming with C# on Coursera. I’ve already finished the first assignment and submitted it for grading, but since I’m early, I won’t get any feedback about it for about a week or so. 50 more words



HOLY MOTHER OF RUSSIA. August, September, October November December January FEBRUARY, SEVEN MONTHS OH MY GOD that’s more than I thought. The days and weeks and months and days have all mashed together into one giant SUPERDAY! 783 more words

Challenge: Recapturing Motivation

Welcome back to my blog.

This will be a short one. An extended period of high stress has drained all of the drive I’ve had with programming lately. 121 more words



I’m 50% through my Python course!
This course is getting better and better as I progress, I’ve just finished going over Lists and Dictionaries. I’ve learnt so much from this, you’d be missing out if you didn’t give… 140 more words

Game Development