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Senior Production Blog 9: Just Another Day

It’s finally done!

Download from itch.io coming soon!

Just Another Day

This game takes place in the midst of Poland in the 1940’s, right around the time where Germany starts to invade. 112 more words

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Bear Freedom

Download the build here

Ever wanted to know how it feels to be as free as a bear? Ever wanted to relax and play a 2D free-running experience? 269 more words

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Upgraded Message System

So the problem I was having with the old message system was that I couldn’t have more than one line of dialogue. I couldn’t have little images of characters beside the text if I wanted too. 327 more words


Building an RPG

One of the most complex development projects you can take on is building games, specifically if the game happens to be a Role Playing Game (RPG). 188 more words


Warping Around the Galaxy

Obviously warping is going to be a very important part of our game. Since it is done quite often I want it to have some kind of visual queues for the player so its not just an instant flip of the screen and they are there. 628 more words


How to profile and analyze your application performance with Visual Studio 2015

I ran into a couple of good MSDN resources while looking into how to analyze your applications performance and see possible bottlenecks. Here is what I found: 36 more words


Hybrid Behavior Trees

When I began thinking about how I wanted to handle the AI for this game I was interested in behavior trees at first until I had a realization. 393 more words