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I will make a game live on Twitch!

On the 3rd of December I will do a live stream on the OmegaDish channel, where I will start developing a game. In the first episode we will create a prototype of the game from scratch using Unity 5, and then in the following episodes, we will continue to work on the game to complete it. 24 more words


Asynchronous Keyboard Input for Fixed-Time Step Games

Suppose you’re using a fixed-time step and a game frame was just rendered and we’re at the begin of a new frame. Then, the keyboard input events that were fired are requested and handled before the game logic takes place. 3,395 more words


Baking with Swarm

One of the challenges in game development is pre-computing static lighting. Emulating photons bouncing around in a virtual environment can require legions of compute cycles. This process is called baking. 2,086 more words

Game Programming


Been a while since I posted something. I’ve recently graduated, married, and have a child on the way, so its been pretty busy!  So back in May, my group finished our senior game project, where we developed a game in C++ and Ogre3D.   110 more words


Custom Mesh File (.bin)

Binary files are a usefull way to go if we’re loading files from the disk into the memory at run-time. Not only because they’re a direct representation of the data we’re loading, but also because they can be easely compressed. 432 more words


[GAME DEVELOPMENT] Terrorist shooter

game terroris shooter, terinsipirasi dari maraknya aksi terorisme di indonesia

not for commercial, game ini di buat sebagai tugas mata kuliah game programming stt telkom… 46 more words