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DevBlog, May 2018: Dead-Ended

This might not be the best time to write a DevBlog, but it’s also way overdue and having not done it is stressing me out, so I may as well get it out there. 507 more words

Problem Machine

My game project is now on itch.io

Yehaaa! My game project on that I am working on is now on itch.io. Checkout: Wobbly Towers

Deliver final.pde

For example, the parts of the game I were forced to leave out because I was out of time to finish.

For example, parts of the game that mines are most proud to have coded be done with the Bot Royal. 28 more words


Develop final.pde

I took the Iron Giant code and the collision code.

I will have to give him a comment about the game and program.


Define final.pde

all the different variables that each object will need for your program (List and explain each variable under its object.)

I used images, user sprite, ‘bots, background images, sounds, and etc because with all the game it needs is the program. 35 more words


Discover final.pde

pac1.pde: Pacman with fireballs and an apple.

The behavior was music, fireballs ,and apple because this effects the game to Pacman.

I will use this behavior for the fireball action and explosion because it needs something awesome about this game.