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PEG Is Now Available On Google Play!

PEG On The Go

Some people requested that PEG should be available on mobile platforms, as the game is more than suited to be played on the go. 253 more words

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November releases

It’s November.  A new month of games releases.  Am I interested in anything released this month?  Well yes.

So the Xbox One X is released this month on the 7th November.  651 more words

PEG Is Hitting Steam!

After a good time in my own game development purgatory, PEG is nearly hitting Steam :3


The official release date will be that of the first days of October, maybe 2 or 3, but it will be during those days for sure. 99 more words

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Best Game Releases this October 2017

October is full of new exciting games that are sure to bring you a new gaming experience. That’s why today, we’re going to list down five of the best games to be released this October 2017. 396 more words


October releases

October is an exciting month for gaming, and I am super excited for a couple of things this month but we will get to my top choices of games for this month in a bit. 748 more words

Managing Content and the Joys of Smart Pointers

Hello everyone, I figured I’d write a post about something I’ve been working on for the last week or so, partly as a bit of advice for some budding programmer wanting to write a bit more low level games programming stuff, but also to try and explain why it has been several weeks since I last posted about… 1,168 more words

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September releases

September is a great month for games releases so what am I excited for (even if I don’t own the system the games will be on)? 407 more words