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Borussia dortmund stunned Tottenham 3:0

Borussia Dortmund BVB, stunned Tottenham Hotspurs with 3 goals in the net. The result is a huge advantage for Dortmund. The second game will be played in hot atmosphere in Tottenham on White Hart Lane. 66 more words


Pawns against Panzers

France 1940, a British Staff Officer writes in his diary, on hearing news of the ever worsening situation in France…”Meanwhile the nightingales sing full throatedly around the chateau and like the countryside in the loveliness of May, illustrate with great measure of delight that can be drawn on in spite of the madness of the men who are responsible for this disaster.” With the scene set let us turn to the situation at the front. 1,376 more words

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Franvielle Ridge - 1944

After the relative success of the previous day the commander of 11th Panzer Division, Generalleutnant Wend von Weitersheim ordered urgent reinforcement and replenishment of the advanced Kampfgruppes of the division, now under command of Oberstleutnant Kirchner. 1,264 more words

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Tales of Valhalla 

A captain in the 11th Panzer Division wrote of his thoughts as he prepared for the impending attack. “We reached a point where we were not concerned for ourselves or even for Germany, but lived entirely for the next clash, the next engagement with the enemy. 795 more words

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Post-LARP post: Twin Mask Camper – December 11-13, 2015

Twin Mask once again sets the bar for LARP in Socal.  As usual, it had almost constant content.  Often there were two mods running simultaneously.  This amount of content could be a bucket of fail if the content was pointless.   216 more words


Post-LARP post: Dying Kingdoms Camper – November 13-15, 2015

This game had some great highs, and very little lows.



Pirate Game

At the end of summer we played a pirate game using the core rules.  In the game the pirates had careened their ship (sailed close to an island during high tide, and when low tide came began cleaning the barnacles off the hull of their ship) when an English sloop spotted them.  236 more words

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