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Conflicting sub-shards: C3 vs C3

I have a game coming vs Lea Davidson’s Concord, the Blue 519 Shard. He has a backstory for his Concord in that the systems around Blue 519 were cut off for a while by the fluctuating currents of the Antares photosphere and when they emerged back into contact they were significantly divergent from the rest of the C3. 374 more words


Lists used for Xilos 2: Counterattack

It was commented on the Antares Facebook page recently that some people would like to see what forces have been used in the various games in the (frankly wonderful) … 682 more words


The Ugnaughts and their Junky Companion!

Bespin is here!

First thing many Star Wars Imperial Assault fans did was rush out and collect their preorders or pray their FLGS had a spare one on the shelf. 880 more words

Game Report

Womp Rats travel to Yavin (Part 1)

First Post (there you go Tris)

I’ve been given the honor/no one else wanted to of writing the first post on the Womp Rats blog, this will be be a collection of entries by various members ranging from full battle reports and event write ups (like this one) to drunken entries when tris gets home and thinks its a good idea to blog after a few dozen beers…. 1,183 more words

Game Report

Enter the Rooms!

Alright, so it’s safe to say now that the game will be about exploring a home and collecting items there. Wonderful, isn’t it? The above picture is an example of one of the rooms in the house. 87 more words

Lilli Week

[HarnWorld] Visitors (Session 1)

So, I had my first session on Hârn two days ago.
We played my unholy mess of an OD&D/AD&D hack, and I decided to make character generation part of the game (the players were remembering who they were after waking up with amnesia). 944 more words


Quick Game Report - Ghar vs Freeborn, Outpost

Following from the Ghar vs AI report that I put up a few days ago, we decided to try out the House Geff proxy troops against the Ghar. 999 more words