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Game Report - X-com Board-game

Back in the mid-eighties I was searching through the shelves of computer games and came across a game called X-com Terror from the deep.  The story sounded cool enough so I gave it a shot.  1,538 more words

Game Report

Walking through technical wonderland – Spirit does Mass Effect

Sometimes, one is at the height of fashion, following the newest trends and ideas, riding the waves of everything that’s hip and new and undiscovered. Where one is the first to do, to see, to try something, the first in the cinema to see the new movie, the first to buy the next game… 561 more words

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The Return to Apple Lane

Grindle’s Pawnshop was the first ever scenario that I ran, it came bundled in the box with RUNEQUEST. When it comes to RUNEQUEST, setting is everything, and the slim booklet of APPLE LANE was probably the most accessible way in to the world of Glorantha. 1,560 more words

The Armchair Adventurers

Game Report - From Beyond Earth

From Beyond Earth (FBE) is a miniatures game that I created based on a near future Earth that is being invaded by a coalition of alien species bent on conquering the planet, the governments’ response is to pool their resources and create a military group armed with hi-tech weapons and equipment to fight the alien invasion. 1,117 more words

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Game Report - New Years Eve Game

On New Year’s Eve my fiance said she wanted to run a game and decided to play an epic game of Zombicide using the original game plus the other three expansions we have (Toxic City Mall, Prison Outbreak, and Rue Morgue).   766 more words

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Game Report - Six Guns and Zombies

Yesterday my fiance and I decided to play a game of Sixguns and Zombies a game I designed a few years ago in which players take on the role of a cowboy on their way home from a cattle drive when a flash flood washes them into a canyon.  1,130 more words

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Game Report - X-wing Miniatures

The weekend after Christmas my brother and I sat down to a game of X-wing Miniatures game by Fantasy Flight Games.  He had gotten me the Rebel Ace Expansion Pack that comes with an A-wing and a B-wing.  658 more words

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