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Episode 30 - Perfume: Story of a Murderer


We wish Carlo a happy birthday and a fond temporary farewell as he, Andrew, Jio, Melanie and William recapture some of that oldschool energy and struggle to say a whole lot about Tom Tykwer’s Perfume: Story of a Murderer. 44 more words


500 Questions (ABC)

500 Questions (ABC) – Starts 20th May

Quiz show time, 500 Questions does exactly what it says on the tin. A contestant has to answer 500 questions, in 50 question blocks of 10 categories with 5 questions each. 139 more words

2015 Review

Episode 29 - The Life of Reilly


Matt helps Andrew and William navigate the clusterfuck that is Spider-Man’s ’90s Clone Saga mega-event with The Life of Reilly, a blog charting the well-intentioned creation of the overarching saga to the narrative insanity that it quickly evolved into. 14 more words


If you're interested in Impact Investing and Social Enterprise...


I’m creating a web/TV show on impact investing, social enterprise and with a crowdfunding component.

Email me to learn more about it:cartouchecreations+impact@gmail.com

Looking forward to hearing from you. 21 more words


2 Japanese Girls. 1 Cockroach. 🐞

This interesting game on a Japanese game show requires two contestants to try and blow a cockroach into the other’s mouth through a tube.  Just watch how quickly she inhales that sucker: 25 more words


2 Girls 1 Cockroach [VIDEO]

O-M-G!! This has me gagging and NOTHING makes me feel like that… I’m the guy that encourages my kids to catch bugs and spiders that are inside the house and let em go… but this got me!! 25 more words


Girls Blow A Roach In Each Others Mouth On Weird Japanese Game Show

A bizarre Japanese gameshow involving a cockroach, a plastic tube and plenty of breath has gone viral. Two contestants sit either side of a plastic tube with a cockroach sat in the middle.  31 more words