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Oscar the Wonder Rodent

White rat used to win prizes on the game show parody THE CHEAP SHOW/SYN/1978-79.

During the bonus round, Oscar was placed on a spinning wheel and whatever hole he crawled into indicated what prizes were awarded. 106 more words

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Whoopee! – As in “Let’s make whoopee!” This word was the censor-sanctioned euphemism for sex used on THE NEWLYWED GAME/ABC/SYN/1966-90. Whenever host Bob Eubanks asked questions about S-E-X, he veiled his queries by using the word “Whoopee!” 196 more words

'SNL' Transformed Kumail Nanjiani Into The Ultimate Unintentional Game Show Villain

We’ve all been the accidental villain before, so when SNL host Kumail Nanjiani‘s trash talking game show contestant realizes his smarmy persona wasn’t the right call, it’s relatable. 182 more words

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Unknown Comic, The

A comic who wore a paper bag over his head as he performed on segments of the THE GONG SHOW/SYN/1976-80.

A big gimmick on this syndicated talent show satire (besides the terrible acts) was the Unknown Comic. 84 more words

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"Name That Tune"

Name That Tune (1950s throughout to 1985)

Name That Tune has been off and on television since it premiered on NBC Radio in 1952. The best remembered version of Name That Tune aired from 1974 to 1981 with host Tom Kennedy and announcer John Harlan. 116 more words


Standout 'Jeopardy!' Player's Streak Ends With Narrow Loss

LOS ANGELES (AP) — The goofy and entertaining reign of “Jeopardy!” champ Austin Rogers is over.

The New York City bartender narrowly lost on Thursday’s show after a 12-game winning streak that netted him a total $411,000, putting him in fifth place for all-time regular season winnings. 437 more words