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We must raid this fridge

You never know when the midnight munchies will strike…..

Mmmmm…..chocolate cake

Now if she only get a glass of milk to go with it…..

Oh, and you can buy this refrigerator for just $10.

Sale Of The Century

Episode 18 - Help!


Help! I’m trapped inside the podcast! Andrew, Dylan and William talk about the pot addled Beatles vacation caught on film by Richard Lester, Help!.


Every Teacher Needs an Eggspert

If you teach in a public classroom or at the kitchen table…

If you teach wiggly pre-schoolers or willful teenagers…

If you teach math, science, English, or underwater basket-weaving… 580 more words


I Gloriously Failed To Get On Wheel Of Fortune

I’ve bragged about the thousands of virtual dollars I’ve won while watching my favorite quiz program for the past 30 years. From my couch, I yell at contestants who stumble and miss obvious solutions. 331 more words

Bukan The Genius

Pertama kali berkenalan dengan program ini adalah ketik iseng ngikutin seorang teman nonton salah satu episode dari season 3..


 Seperti yang sudah saya share di facebook , saya langsung jatuh cinta, dan mau tak mau pun akhirnya langsung mengejar ketertinggalan saya dari 2 season sebelumnya. 428 more words

Bukan Review

Trivial Pursuit Live! Review

The console game re imagines the traditional, famous board game by giving it a new game show twist. The game is compatible for up to four players to challenge each other in several different rounds, from a variety of more than 1,200 questions. 472 more words

FEATURE: I Survived a Zombie Apocalypse

BBC Three’s new show is shaping up to be a post-apocalyptic Crystal Maze!

Now, we admit we may have been a little slow on the uptake, but recently we’ve spotted BBC Three’s new reality TV/ Game Show, … 235 more words