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Hero Catalyst Upgrade Guide

This chart shows what Catalysts are required to upgrade any champion. Consult it often to help you deterine which Daily Events (Class and Generic) to enter days before the next Rank Up Event.   56 more words

Game Strategy

Making the Most of being in an Alliance

The most important part of any Alliance is participation and working together as a team for the good of the alliance.

Alliances benefit you in several ways. 167 more words

Game Strategy

Check out Other Game Forums

Tips and Tricks are all over the internet. To help you check out other Game Forums, we will list them here as we find good info or groups. 25 more words

Game Strategy

Arena 3v3 Team Builder

Team Builder:

  1. Go to tab 2 (Collection) and select all the players of appropriate class that you want to use.
  2. Return to Tab 1 (
  3. 45 more words
Game Strategy

Champion Synergy Guide

Certain Heroes have bonuses activated by teaming them up with other Friends or Enemies.

Use this information to your advantage when building a team.

Game Strategy

Class Bonus Chart

Alternate for you:

Each class has a bonus and penalty against a certain other class durring battles. 

If it helps think about it this way: 48 more words

Game Strategy

They win by making others lose

A game strategy is rather than focusing on winning, focusing instead on making the competition lose. Better still designing a situation so that your opponent can’t win whatever they do, so you win by default. 371 more words