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UNCHARTED 4: A Thief's End "Gameplay" Trailer

This trailer pisses me off. If you’re going to call something a “gameplay” trailer, we need more than a few seconds of gameplay surrounded by CG footage. 88 more words


Neverending Nightmares

I really like both the art style and the music here, but the developers need better voice actors. At around the 50 second mark all i could think was “this guy sounds like one of the venture bros” and all the tension just vanished out of sight, never too be seen again. 38 more words


The Unspoken Trailer and Impressions

I’ve said before that the whole VR thing isn’t something i really care much about, but this looks interesting at lest. I still can’t get over how dumb this would make you look acting out the spells and such, but it’s a more interesting idea that Loading Human had with “put out fires with shitty looking motion controls”. 31 more words


Titanfall 2 Trailer and Impressions

I didn’t play the original Titanfall in part becuase i can’t be persuaded to get a XboxOne, but i also just don’t care much for multi-player focused games. 149 more words


Loading Human PS VR Trailer and Impressions

“It is actually highly probable that this whole reality is only a very well structured simulation”. I normally don’t mind the act of patting yourself on the back for a joke well done, but first you do generally have to do something well for that to work. 86 more words


Here's why Game Trailers are One of the Best Marketing Tools for Video Games

Game trailers are in essence a marketing tool to sell games because they help build the hype and excitement every developer wants to see.  Why? 349 more words