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Starcraft Remastered Trailer and Impressions

I’ve never really understood Starcraft. To be more accurate i’ve never gotten the whole RTS genre. That’s not really a good thing when you’re trying to make a name for yourself writing about video games. 143 more words


Narcosis Seems to be Anything But Sleepy

March 2017 has been a important month for games thus far. It’s been high-profile release after high-profile release so far, and with the nextDark Souls III… 659 more words

United We Game

Agony: Escape or Suffer for Eternity

Everyone has their own idea of a “personal hell”. It could be stepping on Legos, reliving troubling times, or screaming children. The actual hell is much different though from Agony’s perspective. 408 more words


What The Fuck Sony: Everything Trailer and Impressions

A few months ago Sony shocked the world by promoting “Life of Black Tiger” and “Skylight Freerange 2” on the official PlayStation YouTube as well as access to the PlayStation  store. 339 more words


Upcoming GTA Update: Special Vehicle Circuit Trailer!

Rockstar has just released the official trailer for their upcoming GTA Online update Cunning Stunts: Special Vehicle Circuit, with the following description teasing the game. 214 more words

Nintendo Switch: MK8 Deluxe Overview Trailer!

”Get all the details on the new content included in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for the Nintendo Switch, which releases on April 28th!” – Youtube.com/Nintendo… 22 more words

Huntdown Trailer and Impressions

My knowledge of shoot-em-ups pretty much begins and ends with the original Contra. I’ve never made a point of avoiding the genre i just never had much of an excuse to get into it. 144 more words