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Mothergunship Trailer and Impressions

Can….can you be sexually attracted to a video game? Not a video game character, just the game as a whole. Shit, when i made “Ludophile” a part of my url i didn’t think it would end up being literal. 107 more words


Typoman: Revised Trailer and Impressions

With the subheading “Revised” i’m going to assume this is the second or so game in their series. If that is the case: shame on you reader. 253 more words


It Seems Nier: Automata has Some Mysteries to Solve

Nier: Automata is already out next month here in the US. That may be amazingly fast considering just how recently it broke into the wider gaming consciousness, but it’s definitely not unwelcome. 314 more words


Yooka-Laylee: 13 Minutes of Gameplay

With everything I’ve seen from Yooka-Laylee, it’s impossible not to say that i really enjoy the games style.   But while watching this i noticed something, something that’s been building with every trailer for the game that’s come out so far: this looks boring. 145 more words


Pokemon Duel!

Yesterday Pokémon did one on us, they released the Pokémon Duels, this game was already released in Japan with no word on when or if we would be seeing in in other countries. 216 more words

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Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City DLC Trailer and Impressions

I have a confession to make. For as much as i love the SoulsBorne games, i have never played any of the DLC. At all. Not once. 242 more words


Switch Week: Trailers

The most anticipated aspect of any presentation for a new game console would have to be the trailers for the upcoming games. What new worlds and adventures will we go on with the new console? 530 more words

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