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In Memory of GameTrailers.com

Yesterday February 8th 2016, it was announced by Brandon Jones (the voice of GT) and one of the founders of Gametrailers.com that the site will be closing down after 13 years in the industry, 195 more words

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Dark Souls III Opening Cinematic and Impressions

I don’t think i’m going to be alone in saying that the story is not what really draws me to Dark Souls. I’ve watch more than my fair share of lore videos about the franchise, but the game play has always been the real point of focus here. 186 more words


XCOM 2 Dropping in Today

Want to save the enslaved world from total annihilation?

You can today in the new XCOM 2 on PC.

I personally have been debating for days whether or not to get this game myself opening day, but what is there really to think about? 24 more words

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LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer and Impressions

I have long since stopped caring about the Lego video games, but this trailer does remind me why i use to love the games so much. 94 more words


Killer Instinct: Kim Wu Trailer

Killer Instinct Cup is currently streaming live through Twitch, and moments ago Kim Wu game play was revealed.

Armed with nun chucks and a ghostly dragon figure, Kim looks to be a pretty awesome character for season 3 of Killer Instinct. 13 more words

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Insomniac Partners with Gamestop

This morning Insomniac announced it’s new game Song of the Deep, along with a partnership with Gamestop.

Insomniac has full creative control over the game, as Gamestop works to market and exclusively sale the Physical version of the game. 74 more words

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Game Hype: Feb 2016

January is a good month to catch up on my never ending back log of games. Despite the critically successful Witness and the next entry in the Lego Series, not a lot of interest to try new games. 271 more words

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