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Destiny Meets Metal Gear in Deus Ex

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided releases August 23. The action/stealth game has a sleek display that reminds me of Destiny with combat that comes closer to Metal Gear Solid. 74 more words

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Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Gameplay Impressions

Infinite Warfare has had it’s ups and downs with it’s marketing so far. When it was first announced i was kind of annoyed at just how much the apex of dudebro gaming was taking from classic sci-fi iconography, but when E3 came around (and i found myself actually getting into Black Ops 3 multiplayer more that i thought i would) the game didn’t look too bad. 130 more words


Persona 5 Opening with English Subtitles

Not too much to say as i already went over the video yesterday, but for my fellow English speakers who want to know what exactly was going on, here you go. 38 more words


Nightdive Studios' System Shock Reboot will be comming to PS4

When i finally got the Pre-Alpha demo of Nightdive Studios System Sock reboot running it ran at a full 5 frames per second, meaning i simply couldn’t play it. 115 more words


Life is Beautiful: Episode One of Life Is Strange is Free Starting Tomorrow

While the trailer says it’s free now, PCGamer.Com clarifies that the episode goes free tomorrow and it’s still $5 on PSN at the moment so i trust that to be accurate. 142 more words


First 18 Minutes of Persona 5

The one near universal complain with Persona 4 was that the opening was a bit slow, taking nearly three full hours to get moving at a steady pace. 274 more words


Minecraft Story Mode Episode 7 Trailer and Impressions

The last time i even thought about Minecraft: Story Mode Laura Kate had been doing a Lets Play, but had to stop as episode 5 had not been released yet. 113 more words