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Putting words into my mouth


careful phrases that explain
how I only want you for a week or a day
and tell you this is no more than a game I play… 47 more words


「パソコンでプレステ」まもなくサーヴィス開始 [ #cloud ]

オンデマンド型ストリーミングゲームサーヴィス「PlayStation Now」は、現在のところPlayStation 4とソニーから販売されているいくつかのテレビのみの対応となっている。



Y_Y Finally got to play that bored game I ordered Months ago!

I’m going to be brave and straight out say what I was waiting for: “Tyrants of the Underdark.”

T_T Do you want to know just how much of a geek I am? 89 more words

How Xenoblade Chronicles X Made Me Rethink JRPGs

(Source: kotaku.com)

Traveling the alien landscape of Xenoblade Chronicles X (Chronicles X) is sublime. You really feel like you’ve crashed onto a whole new world, where even gravity is different and you leap through the awe-inspiring environments of Mira. 1,433 more words


This weekend is Ludum Dare!!!  Okay, enough of the excitement, I won’t be participating this time around.  Sorry, I know that this is the time for indie and hobby game dev folks to really let loose with their skills and compete in a fantastic competition, but this is also my birthday weekend, and my friends and family have cool stuff planned.  91 more words


The Helplessness Of Clock Tower

(Source: kotaku.com)

Most survival horror games give you weapons to improve your chances for survival. In the original Clock Tower on the SNES, all you can do is run, and even that’s limited by your stress gauge. 606 more words