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Magazines, movies, social media, books, commercials. In our ever moving world we are constantly bombarded with messages about how we should act, who we should be, and what we should look like.

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From Melbourne to Milan

Well hello lovie!

it’s 4am in the morning and I’m wide awake as I’m still adjusting my body clock after just completing my Melbourne to Milan journey – and what a journey it has been! 599 more words


இலான் மஸ்க் (Elon Musk ) - புது உலகின் பிதாமகன்

இலான் மஸ்க் (Elon Musk ).

  • “செவ்வாய் கிரகத்தில் தான் நான் சாக வேண்டும்” என்று கூறிய இலான் மஸ்க் (Elon Musk ), SpaceX , Telsa , Solar City போன்ற முன்னோடி நிறுவனங்களின் முதன்மை அதிகாரி, நிறுவனர்.
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Bad Company

During my childhood, I was afforded the opportunity to attend a prominent preparatory school located in Montego Bay. During my tenure I exceled as most of us that age did; the work was easier and the term deadline was non-existent. 636 more words


Persevere to Find Your Way

Stay the course.  Don’t be fooled into thinking it is going to be easy to do.  Sometimes it can be intercepted and not go as planned.   336 more words

Psychic Encounter

Last year, I had the strangest shift ever. One of my patients turned out to be a ‘clairvoyant’. Now, I had always been curious about these so called gifted people but I wasn’t sold on them. 1,130 more words