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The One thing that ups Your Lead Conversion Ratios immediately 🎯


By Anders Christian Hjort

One of the more effective ways to get leads and high convertion ratios is to ask for a referral.

How often do you do that? 12 more words


Stop Looking at Your Phone!

Author: Anders Christian Hjort

We see behaviour change all over the globe due to one little device. It’s a real game changer.

People, including myself, staring downwards in an angle of 45 degrees toward the lit screen of my iPhone, walking around in the streets doing my sleepwalk in pure daylight. 334 more words


Thinking out loud

times like this make me think about solutions.

… make me think about obstacles and goals.

The world needs a society which has time to heal itself. 375 more words


Rediscovering Your Motivation

Sometimes for reasons unknown to us, we lose our motivation to continue the clock work grind that we have been doing day in and day out. 482 more words

First Year Tips

An email that made my day!

Author: Anders Christian Hjort

How would SPIN® Selling Skills Help My People Succeed in Selling?

I get this question often when meeting with new prospects. 224 more words


Startups ARE the Game Changers

Startups are seeds being planted in our world that can lead to substantial change for society and the economy.

Think about it. New companies are being formed. 302 more words

The Secret of an Excellent Trainer

Author: Anders Christian Hjort

I think we have all experienced to have a great teacher back in school, high school or in the university. In sports we might also have met a great trainer that found the best in use and made us perform to our strengths. 401 more words