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We won something huge.. thanks to our Rune System

Hello all Ascenderians,

We finally meet again. It is me, Amethyst, the lead designer of Ascender. Today I would like to share an amazing news for all of you. 346 more words


Game Changer

The growing hype surrounding NASA’s Mars announcement has got me thinking on this Sunday morning.
People are waiting with bated breaths to hear what they have to say – but I am concerned. 140 more words


Creating a Gameful learning space, not gamified education (gamification)

Gamified, or gamification in education was all the rage a few years back, and why not, kids love video games, naturally if we make education like video games they will love it too!, well it is never really that straightforward but that didn’t stop people talking about it. 408 more words

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The Nits

‘…Almost 3 weeks into the new schoolyear, and The Note had still not been sent. The tension in the staff room was unbearable. It was now a high-stakes game of Russian roulette, the trigger had clicked 5 times and the bullet was still in the chamber. 179 more words


Game Changer Nail Polish

I didn’t lie in the title of this post…this polish is truly a “game changer”.

Why is it a game changer?  Because in my time of wanting beautifully painted nails, I have spent hundreds of dollars on a professional manicure as well as professional grade products from the stores like Sally’s. 170 more words


Let 'Hitman' Give You a Free Haircut At PAX This Weekend For Charity

If you’re planning to cosplay as Agent 47 from Hitman during PAX this weekend in Seattle, and you forgot to shave your head (oops), you’re in luck! 186 more words


So, what is a (video) game these days?

A question I have been asking the past few weeks is the place of video games in society these days, the ‘what are they’ question. Sure, we could go back to the beginning where it was an electronic game that was played on a video screen, heck, even computer game is fairly self-explanatory. 310 more words

Stuff From My Brain