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One Man's Lie? How about One Man's HOPE?

As of this point with the title, I’m pretty sure we all know what game I’m talking about without even looking at the image. Yes, another No Man’s Sky article. 2,076 more words

Becoming A #gamedev

Another top down game?

Yes! I did make another top down game, and this one involves shooting as well. But I feel like it’s different enough from my first top down shooting game for me to make and upload. 509 more words

New Library: Whooshes & Transitions

Whooshes & Transitions is now available from A Sound Effect with an introductory 50% off.

Whether you work in film, game or music production, it’s a standard requirement to have a wide range of whoosh and transition sounds at your disposal. 70 more words

Sound Design

The 5 Hardest Dark Souls 3 Bosses

Let’s face it, Dark Souls is hard. We all know this is a fact. Some of us get deluded into thinking that Dark Souls is easy after having played 3 or 4 installations in the “Souls” franchise (Demon Souls and Bloodborne Included). 1,743 more words


Transmutation: Camera Effects

Unity has some image effect standard assets that allow some pretty cool things to be able to happen to the camera.

I started to fiddle with and check out all of the image effects on the camera, what they did, and which ones I thought would be appropriate to use. 1,201 more words

Game Dev

Long-Awaited Check of CryEngine V

In May 2016, German game-development company Crytek made a decision to upload the source code of their game engine CryEngine V to Github. The engine is written in C++ and has immediately attracted attention of both the open-source developer community and the team of developers of PVS-Studio static analyzer who regularly scan the code of open-source projects to estimate its quality. 6,482 more words


New apps are added for Replica v.1.4

Calculator app is newly added in Replica 1.4 version. I didn’t know that I’m a programmer who can make a calculator.
And a lot of detailed, benign, specific, direct hints are added including morse code and secret partition puzzle. 7 more words