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Spritesheets con inkscape mediante layers

Cómo extrañaba programar!!! y cómo extrañaba usar linux!!!!! y ahora que tengo linux y quiero acelarar mi proceso de producción de spritesheets, encuentro la escusa perfecta para programar y usar linux XD… 183 more words

Locomotion: Level Deep-Dive

I’ve already discussed my general thought processes for Locomotion levels, so in this post I want to do something a little different: today I’m working on a whole level from scratch, and I’m going to go through the whole planning process. 1,362 more words


Flora and Marketplaces

Wow you can so easily waste fiddling with and effect to get it just right, then still hate it then fiddle with it some more. 188 more words

Project update #2

Done on April 16, 2017 – Player controller

For this second update I took care of the following things:

  • Limited the frame rate and passed it to the Update method…
  • 256 more words

6 Reasons to Start a Devlog for your Indie Game (#Gamedev Audio Blog #7)

When it come to creating things, from making games to writing ebooks, I’m a nerd for process. I find reading other peoples’ devlogs a blast, but creating your own has numerous benefits, too. 135 more words

Nathan Meunier

Glam Rock Lumberjack : Finale

I am really happy with the unique hero prop I made for the character and I feel I matched their styles really well. I’m also happy with the pose I choreographed the character into after rigging. 88 more words

Goldilocks The Warrior Bear! : Finale

I really enjoyed creating this character however I feel the plinth could also be developed further. I definitely will be working on the props more post handin. 56 more words