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Berlin Mini game jam - Feb.2015

Zap Rat is a prototype made in 8 hours by our team of four for the Berlin Mini Game Jam! You play a little lab rat which can teleport itself, and wants to collect pieces to build it’s world domination machine. 51 more words


Mar 1 Goals - Adjust FPS, play with villager behavior

I’ll try to be quick today because my wife is out and my mini-me’s are wild! I just adjusted the FPS of the game to 60fps by suggestion; as well as allowing to resize the window. 148 more words


Sell your game. (With a logo)

“Yo dude, well I made a sweet game recently”

“Sweet bro, got a website?”

“nah, don’t really know how to do that…”

“Is it on the app store?” 949 more words

What now? – My 7 ideas for new projects

So, last time I left you, I had cancelled development on Life’s Impetus. So the question is, what am I going to do now? Before I can get to that though, I need to establish what my goals are. 825 more words


Feb 28 Goals - Wolf attack, wolf damage, healthbars on screen

Last night I really didn’t get too much accomplished after posting; but I did get the wolves into “chase mode” or Task 1. So now if there’s a villager within 200 pixels of the wolf it will effectively go after that villager. 189 more words


Feb 27 Conclusion - Getting graphical!

Well I was pretty impressed with myself today. I’ve done some pixel art growing up but this is probably my best “Character”. I also managed to redraw my sad looking wolves. 203 more words