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More game design antipatterns: progression and output randomness

After thinking for a while, I’ve come to this conclusion: Progression systems in almost all games that feature them, are bad game design. This includes improving stats, gaining new abilities and new gear.  1,147 more words


Result from sharing my game via Imgur

Lately I begin to use Imgur to promote my game ‘There Is No Tomorrow’. I gotten this marketing info from reading some of the posts from gamedev reddit. 179 more words

Game Dev

Assorted thoughts

Watched some more gameplay today, and had some thoughts: 1,651 more words


Atavism Dev Log 10 - More Animations, AI plans

Week 10: March 8-14

On the tail end of what could reasonably be considered a Wednesday, I come bringing progress. There aren’t any flashy gifs this time, but I go over a bit of the AI behavior I’ve been planning. 759 more words


Let's Make a Game! Building a Flappy Bird Clone with Unity3D.

Want to get started making games? Then just do it! As I mentioned in another post, I’ve always wanted to make games. Ever since I started writing code all those years ago. 158 more words


What am I doing now?

It’s been quite a while since I last made a legitimate blog entry and that entry was about my struggle to figure out how I should move forward with my career. 1,606 more words