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Game Engine Project

This is a 2D Game Engine created for my second year university project working with Carl Chalmers,  using the C# language and Microsoft’s XNA framework. 37 more words


Algorithm: Collision or Intersection of circles and rectangles

In this post I discussed the conditions to determine the collision between circles, non-rotated rectangles and collision between rectangle and circle.

Circle-Circle collision

Two circles collide if the distance between them is less than the sum of their radii. 279 more words


Generating Terrain with Noise

It occurred to me recently that it was time to improve the terrain/world generation in Eden. Up to this point, believe it or not, I was getting by with some homemade algorithms that created enough variety early on in development to be useful. 1,190 more words

Game Development

The darkest night approaches

Recently took this project out of the drawer and decided it’s time to finish it. It’s the first game we started when we created MiniChimera, but as it often happens we got sidetracked with other projects. 307 more words


Weekly Review: Week 3 Clear!

Guten Father’s Day all! The Sun is shining, the grass is buzzing and it’s time for the Super Sunday Weekly Evaluation Episode! (known from now on as: SSWEE). 926 more words


Mega Power Update - June: Shift, Conventions, and more!

And we’re back with another update!

So, with life happening I didn’t get a chance to work on my stuff as often as I had hoped. 202 more words


Another gamplay test

Testing movement mechanics on a simple level with pre-made character (walker) and level geometry with gravity.

  • Walk, turn and turn in place:
  • Walk and run, blending between: