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It’s been a while, but this time I think I’ve really been getting back into it!

  • Worked on P4iD (actually, I have been working on it for a while now, I just never recorded my progress) …
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ATP - The Witness (and the sounds of problem solving)

Sometimes you just want a puzzle game to remind you of the days of Myst. And you likely end up with endless logic problems that give you thinky pain in the brain area. 44 more words


Level modeling is driving me crazy

I'm not posting this as much as a rant, but I'm really frustrated with it. I've been trying to model a simple interior level as efficiently and correctly as I can. 226 more words


Dodge announcement/release

I really need to blog more,

So I’ve finished my game, (should have giving an update like a few months ago that I was getting close but eh) you can find it on itch.io here : https://540foxgamestudios.itch.io/dodge its enjoyable enough and I hoe you have fun


Aiden . J Rodgers

Full Steam Ahead!

Well hello there! (I really hope you read that with Ewan’s voice)

I am J.M. Ebia and I love games and many other stuff, from StarWars to LoveLive (from that you can maybe guess what kind of person I am LOL). 573 more words