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The most asked questions about game designing.

-How to become a game designer? 

Design games. Start now! Don’t even finish this post, just do it now!

-What skills does a game designer need? 283 more words


Animal Design, Yes I Said It.

What do you write about when you do the same thing for days in a row?  It is hard to figure out what to say.  I’ve been just writing up descriptions of creatures that have the potential to make it in to Violent Sol Worlds.   165 more words

Gaming Friday! ^^

It was easy to decide what to play this Gaming Friday! ^^


I think one of the most important parts of the 2D platformer game is backgrounds so we spend a lot of time and effort to make them worthy. 13 more words


Ancestors Part-2

One more piece of concepts for Ancestors. As I mentioned previously each of them will give you special passive ability and I hope it will make yours game experience even more fun.


Starting Up A Business: Minimum Viable Products

Juha Vainio, CEO & Founder of Epic Owl

This time I would like to write about the concept of Minimum Viable Product and what it means in the context of Epic Owl’s game production. 1,095 more words

Epic Owl

Fisher Price: My First Convention Panel

I apologize for the wait between my last post regarding some news on New York Comic-Con, but I’m glad I waited it out because I have an exciting announcement after all! 176 more words

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