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DATA Labs: Work Continues

A little while ago I posted my DATA Labs audio demo level which I created in Unreal Engine and FMOD. I was always intending to use this level as a place where I could try new techniques and develop my skills in audio implementation, so today I went back to the labs to reacquaint myself with some of the systems and blueprints I’d put in place to control audio and events in FMOD. 152 more words

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Legends Of Learning

For those of who don’t know, Legends of Learning is an educational platform that allows students and teachers to play and interactive in an educational gaming environment (i.e educational game). 262 more words


Break The News: Game Audio

Recently I was asked to write some music for a short first person  game level created by a fellow student at Futureworks here in Manchester. It was an interesting piece to work on, and whilst the designer gave me a lot of creative freedom with this piece, the theme of the level was quite particular.

Game Audio

Let the project begin!

Hello friend!

I assume you have read the “about” page, so I won’t be going through the basics here. No, there’s little time for that now. 461 more words


Marmoset Toolbag 3

Long time no post!

That’s a reason for that – I’ve actually been writing tech articles for my new job over at TurboSquid – I’m an Associate Producer there, and focus on R&D for real-time 3D and VR. 95 more words

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Hard Decisions and New Beginnings

Hello, it’s been a while.

If you are subscribed to us on youtube you might have already found out about this, but we have a bit of an announcement to make today: 502 more words

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New Employees

Recently we have been expanding the team. We have taken on board another artist to help Louis out in the pixel art department. This will also allow us to make the game even more pretty. 181 more words