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Arena Hero is out!

Arena hero is out!


So after 2 years which can be tracked on this fun little blog, the game is finally out to the public. 231 more words


Delve 96: "Pope-ular Cheese"

We are rejoined by John du Bois this week on the show to talk about Button Shy Games, publishing and the cost of making even a small game. 165 more words


On Weapon Collecting (Day 17)

Continuing on with the theme of the last couple of days, today is all about collecting weapons in games. Basically any game that has weapons allows you to collect them in some capacity, so this is specifically about games that encourage or reward it in some specific way. 192 more words

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Creating Deadlines and a Schedule as a Part-time Game Developer

So, you want to start making video games, but you can’t afford to quit your day-job. The problem is, a demanding job takes time away from your game without a structured schedule. 1,428 more words


Hello World!

Hello, everyone. :)

This is my first blog post using WordPress, so I thought I’d introduce myself. I am TheDudeFromCI, also known as CI or Dude, for short. 278 more words


On Ultimate Weapons (Day 15)

Nothing gets me more excited than the term “Ultimate Weapon”, which probably says a lot about me and my social life. But I’m not alone – Ultimate Weapons are a popular feature in many, many games, and are often tied to some of the most interesting (and difficult) quests or secrets. 732 more words

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Low Poly World Progress

So, like I stated in the post before this one – I am currently working on a RPG – Type low polygon styled game – the working title is just Low Poly World because I am really not able to come up with something better than that right now. 103 more words