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Culling Mode: Always Animate!

Something funny happened to me today, I am coding a script to position the camera pointing to the characters and for the target of the camera I was using a joint of this character (the root, so I can precisely track its position for a more cool look in my case). 252 more words



There is now a GoFundMe for my game Adventure squad! If you are interested in helping me out, or want the game to be completed faster, head to my… 22 more words


Populating a World, Part One - Sites

So I’ve got Worlds, Users, and Agents, and I feel like I’m on the downwards slope of the “person being logged in” aspect of the site, and I can now put thought into what the World comprises, and what a User, through his Agents, control. 1,675 more words


Snap Quiz Challenge now available on Android!

Snap Quiz Challenge is now available on the Google Play store!

Snap Quiz is a fast paced quiz featuring more than a hundred questions from 11 categories including movies, books, video games, geography, music, famous quotes and more! 22 more words


How to form a team

It is not an easy task to develop a game, sometimes we do need a team. But the question is “How do I form my team?”. 1,113 more words


Tutorial - Simple Sound Manager for Unity3D

Note: This tutorial was made in Unity 5.1 but should work for older versions. If you have any questions I can be reached easily on twitter… 2,020 more words


The "Almighty" Plan

Very recently someone asked me how they should start to get into this industry, and as usually I asked what that person wanted to do, 3D? 843 more words