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Status Update and Halloween Goodies

So we’ve loaded Heckpoint to Steam, and now we wait for the page to go live. Right around Halloween we should be going up for sale through Early Access. 123 more words


Project-K Devlog 1

Project-K is a Party game I’m making in my free time. I use Gamemaker and wear the designer’s, coder’s and artist’s hats. I’ve challenged myself into completing and releasing it! 389 more words


[Bandit Tobat] Devblog #4 – Assets!, New Enemies | Menu & Inventory Coming Soon !


Chill, chill. We’re still here :) and we’re here for the surprisingly big update ! 193 more words


Hivemind Beginning

Hi Everyone. Thank you for checking out the first entry to the Hivemind development diary! In this development diary we are going to cover as many aspects of the creation of Hivemind as we can and hopefully get some feedback from the readers as well. 347 more words


Long time...

Hi folks,

it is been a long time. To long. Here is a screenshot from the current state of the game.

The game is still in development and not dead. Definitely.


Acorn Island Round-up

We’re up to Day 13 in the Acorn Island adventure game over on my Twitter stream. The players have (finally) got ’round to opening the door of the hut, to be presented with the scene of a bear, asleep in an armchair. 71 more words


Dialogue system and Quest system

I have programmed Dialogue system for NPCs and Quest system. Currently it is possible to talk with NPC, start/finish quest or quest tasks by arriving to some place or by talking with NPC. 120 more words