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Gaming On The Fly!

As a gamer, I have set goals for myself in this grand old year of 2018. Games to complete. Trophies to earn. Platinum’s to acquire (I am obviously talking about Sony based console goals lol). 518 more words

Video Games

LS Weekly | PlayStation E3 Predictions

Gage is joined on the couch this week by Sin and Coop to discuss the prospects of Iron Fist season 2 and EA’s acquisition of Gamefly’s streaming service before tossing our predictions for PlayStation’s E3 conference into the ether.


US: VOEZ Physical Release For Nintendo Switch Listing Appears On Gamefly

Music title VOEZ has been a success on the Nintendo Switch eShop and because of this it looks as though the game will be getting a physical release in North America. 31 more words


RiverCityGamers Podcast: 2-6-2018

The podcast lives! SCXCR pours one out for a Sony homie as Zeromaster dishes on the tech behind Virtual Console games. WellUnreal007 indulges in Monster Hunter: World’s GameFly reviews (hint: they’re bad) and Blondeguygamer is the voice of reason (and sanity) as usual. 66 more words


Review: Gamefly

My first review for an online service! Is Gamefly worth the money, or are you better off spending it on honey? Sorry, thats the only word I know that rhymes with money. 1,160 more words


GameFly: The Best Way To Get New Releases?

Gone are the days of strolling into your local BlockBuster to pick up the newest releases (if any are left). The way to get the newest games now is to, well, buy it at retail price. 908 more words


[North America] Shantae: 1/2 Genie Hero Physical Edition Boxart For Switch

For all you lucky folks in the US, you know already that Shantae: 1/2 Genie Hero is getting a physical release. Well it may please you to know that you are one step closer to seeing it in stores. 44 more words