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7 Ways Video Games Engage the Brain - EdTech 532

For my class EdTech 532 I watched a TedTalk video called “7 Ways Video Games Engage The Brain” by Tom Chatfield. In this video Tom explained how we can use 7 key strategies from video games to help us realize engagement in education and in business. 305 more words

Game Graphics - EdTech 532

As part of my class EdTech 532: Educational Games and Simulations, I watched a series of videos by Stuart Brown entitled “The Brief History of Graphics”. 987 more words

Video Games and Learning - EdTech 532

Recently I watched a video by Daniel Floyd and James Portnow about video games and their place in learning. They pointed out that for a long time now games have been grouped into two categories, either educational or entertainment. 376 more words

Sploder Game Types - EdTech 532

For this blog post I will be reporting on the different types of games that can be made and played n Sploder. As I complete each type, I will add to this blog post.

Star Trek Science - EdTech 532

As part of one of my course work assignments in GameLab for EdTech 532, I got to read an article about a amazing science teacher using gamification in his classroom to teach science content to his students. 173 more words

Ticking Time Bomb (EdTech 532)

At the start of the class EdTech 532 РEducational Games and Simulations, I was very excited of the idea that I was going to learn by immersing myself in a game every week. 483 more words

Virtual World Explorer: Hallucinations Tour

As part of my EdTech 532 class for Boise State, I had the opportunity to use the platform Second Life to experience what it is like for people who experience visual and auditory hallucinations. 346 more words