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How People Learn 2

For this quest, I will be evaluating two of my peers learning theory mash-ups using John Bransford’s “How People Learn” Theory  (Bransford, Brown, & Cocking, 2000). 675 more words

Milk Run

Tonight, MoodleHunterD & I went on a Milk Run! It was interesting to learn the WWII roots of the term: a milk run was an easy mission with little to no risk for soldiers. 286 more words

The History of Video Game Graphics

I grew up not playing too many video games. I was much more interested in playing with dolls or playing basketball outside. When I was about seven, we did get a SEGA Dreamcast and I did enjoy playing a few games at local arcades and with friends. 459 more words

Gamification: Star Trek Science

Mr. Gonzales has truly gamified his classroom. In a similar model to EdTech 532, he has transformed his sixth grade science classroom into a Star Trek mission.  179 more words

Games & Learning

What is most important to keep in mind when gamifying education?

For this quest, I watched a short video about video games and learning. The video began by presenting a big problem when it comes to games and education. 300 more words


Currently working on a 3D model (Bat mobile), for my upcoming game! Will post the result later.