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Starfinder Setting - The Town of Tumbleweed

The town of Tumbleweed is less of a town and more of a loose collection of homes built upon the crumbling infrastructure of an abandoned mining asteroid. 1,182 more words


Inheritance of Mana - Campaign world history

In the world of the Inheritance of mana, history is defined in three broad epochs. Antiquity or mythologies- which takes place millennia ago until the last 1000 years. 1,791 more words

Role Playing

Limiting Players Without Restricting Agency

Does anyone else have one of those players that just likes to do goofy nonsense without considering the plausibility or repercussions of their actions? Alright, don’t all agree at once, we’ve all had that player or been cursed with two or more! 1,566 more words


Adjusting Encounter Design to Player Character Skills

Far too often, Game Masters fall into the trap of designing encounters for how they ought to be, rather than what would be most fun for their players. 963 more words



This last session of 7th Sea was marked by two experiments I wanted to try out.  I had no idea how well either of them would work.   1,382 more words

Game Master

Controlling Tension Through Knowledge

As many good Game Masters know, pacing is essential to creating an engaging game that excites and enthralls. You want the ups and downs, the tension and release. 697 more words


Worldbuilding: It's Not Just In Your Head

While a large chunk of my time lately has been spent editing and doing real-life tasks, I’ve been discussing with friends some of the materials I’m reading, reviewing, and editing, and many of these conversations lead to concerns about building a world. 1,917 more words