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Controlling Tension Through Knowledge

As many good Game Masters know, pacing is essential to creating an engaging game that excites and enthralls. You want the ups and downs, the tension and release. 697 more words


Worldbuilding: It's Not Just In Your Head

While a large chunk of my time lately has been spent editing and doing real-life tasks, I’ve been discussing with friends some of the materials I’m reading, reviewing, and editing, and many of these conversations lead to concerns about building a world. 1,917 more words


Rewards driven story

RPG is all about rewards.

Once you finish a session or a scenario the experience points are given, loot is shared. Rewards.

But it makes a huge difference in the gameplay what is rewarded and how. 1,054 more words


BTT AG 1.1 "Time is of the Essence"


It’s been a while! We’re excited to present the first episode in our new campaign. In this episode, we introduce some new players, the new characters, and wade into this new campaign setting, based loosely on Elizabethan England. 6 more words


Game Mastering Pathfinder - Introductory Adventures for New Players

When you start a Pathfinder or D&D game for new players, there are some things you need to keep in mind. New players generally trust their GM and are willing to go along with whatever they’re presented with. 1,140 more words

Dungeons And Dragons

Game Mastering - Meaningful Choices

Controversy between players is one of the most fun aspects of table top RPGs. When the situations presented in the game don’t have perfect solutions, players might disagree about what to do. 1,007 more words

Dungeons And Dragons

The Cloning Factory: Sherlock Holmes

In this series, we recreate a character from our favorite works in Pathfinder.

This week’s installment: Sherlock Holmes 3,246 more words