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Everything that Could Go Wrong | Alien Isolation Walkthrough | Part 16

In this episode of Alien Isolation, I make my way into android storage and the requisitions department, get my hands on the part for the elevator, and say “oh god” more times that I can count. 45 more words


Artwork by Kimi Harris

I recently met Kimi Harris (Inuzumi23) on Instagram, immediately liked her style, and saw that we had similar interests. I asked her if she would consider submitting some artwork for the website and was so excited when she said yes. 307 more words


Best Player in the World? | Shadow of Mordor Walkthrough | Part 8

In this episode of Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, I demonstrate why I am the absolute best damn player of this game (that was sarcasm by the way), shoot Uruks in the face with arrows, set some slaves free, and attempt to not totally screw up a mission (spoiler: I fail). 54 more words


It's Canada Day, and a new game, Enslaved: Odyssey to the West

Hey! So as you might have figured out I am Canadian! GO Canada!! And it’s raining like it’s a bloody rainforest. I’m really glad I have nowhere to go today. 103 more words


Alien: Jump Scare Champion of the World| Alien Isolation Walkthrough | Part 15

In this episode of Alien Isolation, I discover the utter crap that is this game’s save system, watch the alien wreck some more people’s shit, continue my epic game of hide-n-seek, and get scared out of my mind. 48 more words


Gather 'Round and Avoid: Sage Fusion

Come for the visuals, stay for the sleeping aid

Blaster bolts scorch past me and burst into schizoid fireflies against the wall. Safety only barely exists behind cover, but the enemy closes in even as I suck down adrenaline-flavored breaths.

2,282 more words