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Writing An Effective Video Game Review

I’d really missed blogging when I took a little break earlier this year. Being back in the saddle has felt amazing and I can’t believe I actually took that break! 975 more words


Pathologizing Play

Recently, my good friend Jeowulf over at Nerd Speaker sent me an article by Charlie Hall of Polygon, which discussed so-called erroneous claims that people can become addicted to video games. 1,280 more words

Video Games

Video games in the marriage?

Some people ask me “How does your marriage work when your husband is a gamer?”

Well, simple, really. We compromise. We set aside time each night to watch TV together or talk, and we also set aside a few hours later in the night for him to play video games with his friends (online, not in real life) and me to play Sims 4 on my laptop or write. 365 more words

Warriors All-Stars Set for Next Month

You would be completely forgiven for not knowing that Warriors All-Stars even exists, and yet, it not only exists, it’s being released next month, on August 29th. 62 more words


Twitch Streamers Series- Part 20

Horror games, shoot ’em games, create your own world games…they are all so much fun and these streamers are here to show you just how much fun they are, inspiring others to buy the game and play for themselves. 474 more words

Twitch Streamers Series- Part 19

There are many people who think that playing games are just a waste of time and there is no point to them. Well that isn’t true! 836 more words