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I'm Back

Hey Everyone, 

I finally returned back to Oman after a two week vacation in UK with my family, all posts published during that time were scheduled from before so it feels good to return back blogging here. 225 more words


Old School Video Games That Scream Nostalgia

These old school video games are iconic to any gamer. Most of them have gotten complete makeovers with the new add ons, better graphics, cooler music, and the game play got even more dynamic and fun. 53 more words


My Nerd

Hello, my follower! I know what you’re thinking, “What! Three blog posts in a week! Be still my beating heart!” Before you have a heart attack, I must confess, my husband has been very “nicely” demanding that I get on the ball with this whole “blog thing” for a few weeks now and demanded that I set up the first two posts last Sunday. 577 more words


In Pokémon Blue and Red, which starter did you choose?

A decision that divided a generation, but who did you choose? This is the story of my first Pokémon.

When Pokémon Green and Red hit the shelves in Japan back in 1996 they were a phenomenal success. 827 more words

Retro Gaming

Orwell Review

Modern society is a tricky little beast isn’t it? Security, liberty, and freedom, three pillars of governance that seem to be in a constant state of tumultuous war with one another. 1,107 more words


Lisa Hanson's Blog - Steam Powers On in China to Provide Standalone Games (and Dota 2) for a Price

It’s no secret that Chinese gamers prefer Free-to-Play (F2P) online titles on their PC and mobile devices. The overwhelming majority of China’s gaming revenue is from online games and only a few titles such as Blizzard’s Overwatch, which is published by NetEase in China, can charge money upfront and be successful. 1,843 more words



(This review will be mostly spoiler free.) (There is one, and it’s hardly a spoiler in the film.)

FINAL FANTASY XV: Kingsglaive is an ambitious project created by Square Enix that is a prequel to FFXV. 560 more words