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Old but Gold - Saints Row 2

To quote one of the best scenes from Farcry 3 °Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting something to change.” Now by the ever-lovable Vass’ logic Saints Row developer Volition is indeed insane. 541 more words


Rocket Dicks is going Far East and Is Going to Ruin Everything


Basically what this article is telling me is that in the not so far future we are fucked. Not only are servers unreliable already they are about to be imploded by the amount of Chinese people who will be playing come free to play weekend. 110 more words


Want!!! The Atari Flashback Portable

Por que si algo tenemos los gamers es memoria (cuack) y nos pinta la nostalgia a cada rato, siguiendo el camino que tantas otras compañías Atari también decidió sacar su consola en modelo portable y con los juegos clásicos incluidos. 294 more words

Achievement Unlocked?  How to Know if You Are Marrying God for the Money (Numbers 22-25)

It’s time for a confession.  It’s a dark secret from my past that haunts me to this day, and I have tried to run from it but it is branded into me like the proverbial scarlet letter.   2,372 more words

Video Games


In an alternate timeline at this very moment, there lives a world that had advances generations in technology in only a few years. Every person is now installed with hardware and implants to make life easier and to bring the world closer together. 209 more words

Women's College Launches Varsity ESports League

Stephens College in Columbia Missouri is jumping into the wonderful world of Esports. Matter of fact they’ve just announced their Varsity Esports team, with full support with scholarships. 294 more words