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Exercises for gamers with sedentary life style

As a gamer and an otaku, I often find myself sitting in front of computer and playing for hours without realizing how long I had been playing. 551 more words

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Gaming with God: The Origin Of Our Depravity

Via Gaming with God: The Origin Of Our Depravity

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ave reached the conclusion of Tales of Xillia 2, and what an ending it was! 293 more words


Uncertain Future - Part IV - Doxxing

The Gamergate scandal didn’t end at name calling, though. Several key individuals suffered far more than the traditional effects of the average internet rabble. Along with threats of rape and murder, which are disturbing, but easily dismissed given the safety that online anonymity provides, there was another threat, one which pierced that veil of safety and put the power directly in the hands of the mob. 734 more words


FNAF Fan Game Five Nights At Treasure Island

Sup gamers! Watch me get scared in this fan made Five Nights At Freddy’s game. I am very proud of this video. So far this video has the most views out of any video on my account. 14 more words


What Game Could Possibly Make A Kid This Sad?

(Source: kotaku.com)

Look at this little boy’s face. He is the saddest little gamer who ever gamed. What sort of video game does this to a child? 471 more words