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When it Rains, it Pours: Another Roundup on Hearthstone News

As appears to be Hearthstone’s modus operandi, Hearthstone had several big moments and announcements over the past week. Why they don’t stretch these things out more and allow us to stew in our hype a bit between announcements is beyond me. 2,747 more words


Ru’s Daily Blog #19: Have You Ever Experienced... GAMER DISCRIMINATION?

G’day Gamer Gals & Guys!

Today’s blog comes to you from a place of frustration. :(

I am sick and tired of the rap that we gamers get in mainstream society! 704 more words

Ru's Daily

Sarah E. Stevens - Guest Post - Gaming Geek

I don’t just write fantasy and science fiction. I’m also a geek in about every sense of the word—well, except the historical, literal meaning of “geek,” because I’ve never bitten off the head of a chicken while performing in a carnival. 485 more words


The Rage Within

You might have heard about “nerd rage” or “gamer rage”. It usually describes when someone is playing a game (duh) and it can be any kind of game, and sometimes, and some will claim, through no fault of their own. 390 more words


Fun vs. Competition: Can you enjoy gaming if you suck?

tl;dr – Yes! I suck at many games that I enjoy playing, but I do feel as if there is a limit on how much fun I can have with a game due to the presence of competition in certain games. 461 more words


The Importance of Difficulty

One of the main complaints gamers have regarding mainstream games these days is that most of them are too easy. A big reason for this is that as games become more popular, there is an increasing demand on producers to make the products that are more accessible to consumers. 693 more words

Stardew Valley Tour

Hi Guys!

This is my Stardew Valley Tour, it’s my first attempt at a gameplay video so feel free to let me know what you think, but please be nice!