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4K PC gaming not worth it yet - ESIST

Move over 1080p; the latest crop of graphics cards from NVidia can play games in 4K at very high settings, making it seem worthwhile to check out 4K monitors to enjoy games in eye-watering high resolution. 362 more words


The Saboteur - Kill Colonel Gower and Destroy supply trucks

The Saboteur – Kill Colonel Gower and Destroy supply trucks.

The Saboteur is a game of World War 2 where Sean, The Irish Man, tries to free Paris off Nazis.


RISK: Legacy

“NOTE: What’s done can never be undone.”

Husband is a huge gamer geek.  As in, he loves playing all games, ever.  Video games, board games… Dungeons and Dragons, Pandemic, Cards Against Humanity..

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Kerosene Games: Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition (PS4)

As I mentioned in my previous post, I bought two PS4 games cheap on PSN, this was the other one. It’s late here but that doesn’t matter because it’s Friday. 21 more words


Kerosene Games: Lego Marvel Super Heroes (PS4)

Currently playing Lego Marvel Super Heroes, which is super cheap on PSN through the Superhero Sale, it doesn’t matter if you have Playstation Plus or not. 35 more words


Gamer (an acrostic poem)

Gather up resources

Analyze the board

Make the best move available

Endure your opponent’s turn

Rinse and repeat

Acrostic Poem

Pokemon GO Needs A Global Leader board

People are still going crazy over Niantic’s latest release Pokemon GO. The game has done well so far and it will only continue to grow. Pokemon GO is still being worked on and I can’t wait to see an update for the game. 219 more words