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**Cue The Host**

Welcome back to Purge week on Gamers House. This week’s challenge was a test in arcade fighting prowess where our contestants battled against 3 fighting game characters.

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Uncharted series: What's next?

Last year, I played Uncharted: Lost Legacy and I was missing Nathan Drake very badly while playing that game, now intellectuals will say I am against feminism, no, I loved the fact that Sony Interactive Entertainment and Naughty Dogs connected a story related to Nadine and Chloe even later involved Samuel Drake. 195 more words


The sad part about education is Exams, where it tests your knowledge and ability to stand in front of the world to get a job, partner, car and your own house its not my opinion it is said by some well-known intellectual. 335 more words

Button Mashers: Episode 1

Well aren’t you in for a treat!

Welcome to the first episode of Button Mashers, with David Paul and Liam Mackay.

Button Mashers is our brand new weekly podcast to keep you up to date on all things gaming. 23 more words


@FifaGalacticos is very proud to support FIFAPub.

@FifaGalacticos is very proud to support FIFAPub, a computer game tournament every Wednesday night in London.

Warm up time from 5pm, kick off is 7pm. 16 more words


Attention all Minecraft gamers

On behalf of Nagito Komaeda, I demand that this site is only accessible by Fornite gamers, who have an absolute salutation to me. Please give me all your hopes, despairs, and your dad and your mom credit card number, 3 numbers on the back and the expiration date. 9 more words


Happy Tuesday and welcome to week 3 of the Gamers House reality show! Last week we had our very first DOUBLE ELIMINATION and the disks were ejected for both Diddy Kong and Duke Nukem. 810 more words

Random Blogs