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Gamers: Misunderstandings At Their Finest

I recently rewatched Gamers and I love it. I rarely watched the same thing twice so when I do, it means I enjoyed the hell out of it. 808 more words


100 Theme Blog Challenge No. 20: Fortitude

We’ve arrived at topic #20 in the 100 theme challenge, making us one-fifth of the way done.  Our newest topic is fortitude, a word that means courage and strength, particularly when faced with life’s many trials.  425 more words



“Find something you’re passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it.” ~Julia Child

Welcome to my personal blog everyone. I have been so blessed over the last year to work with the professional esports gaming team The Philadelphia Fusion in the first season of the Overwatch League. 728 more words


The Typical Viewing: Gamers!

Who remembers Gamers!? probably not a lot of you (though I could be wrong). It was one of those shows that came in, people watched it, the show ended and then we all forgot about it. 703 more words


Harus Tahu 11 Hal "Nyebelin" Saat Main Mobile Legend

Siapa yang nggak kenal sama game satu ini? Mulai dari anak-anak sampai orang dewasa semua main game ini. Kamu bisa download game ini di handphone atau computer lho. 1,315 more words


Beta Test #8: Whispering Willows

Whispering Willows

Rent. The hit musical about AIDS, capitalism, and the American way. The movie that warns you about power and what it can be like to be at either end of the spectrum. 904 more words


Episode 49.5B: Hammers and Switchaxes

Woo wee! Hello everyone! This week we talk about our personal weeks, video game news, and games we’ve played. And oh have we played some games. 59 more words