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Fortnite: Season 7 Update

Season 6 on fortnite was highly anticipated, but with christmas coming around and fortnite bigger than ever season 7 was one of the most looked forward to seasons on fortnite yet!   85 more words

Red dead redemption

With christmas coming around you probably have been wondering what to get the gamer you know.  Well Red Dead Redemption 2 is a perfect game for them!   108 more words

Power Up Players for a community collaboration! God of War took home 2018’s Game of the Year and it got me thinking about the games that I’ve played this year. 269 more words

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For although overwatch League Emulating Major League Sports Gamers

Despite his penchant for crashing into the thick of things and leaving craters in his aftermath, Wrecking Ball has to create a massive impact on OverwatchРІР‚s meta. 373 more words


Dealing With Death

So what can I tell you about today? Well I have just received a brand new card game from the genius minds of my close personal friends Oliver McNeil and Oliver Brooks named Grim Reaper. 206 more words


**Cue The Host**

Welcome back audience to the Gamers House Reality Show! Over the first season of this Community Event we have watched contestants get casted, enter the house and compete to be among the final 4. 529 more words

Random Blogs


Certainly, anyone living in today’s society and culture has, at some point, come across the popular video game called “Fortnite”.Prior to continuing on in this post, I must confess to our readers that I  have never once played Fortnite, have no intention on ever playing it in the future, and this is something I am proud to say. 393 more words

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