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Game Review - Norn9: Var Commons

Norn9: Var Commons

ノルン+ノネット ヴァール コモンズ
Otome game
Otomate / Aksys Games
PS Vita


Twelve-year-old Sorata suddenly finds himself in what appears to be Japan from 100 years ago. 1,804 more words


Norn9: Var Commons Translation Issues

Norn9: Var Commons had so many issues, I had to cover them separately! 1,321 more words


No Man's Sky and Worldbuilding - Part 2

I already talked a bit about No Man’s Sky and worldbuilding in a previous blog post, but I decided to talk about it on video, as well. 87 more words


#BraveFrontier: Divine Bloom! (Doggie Digest) #ブレイブフロンティア

ID: 4766778298

Haven’t done this in a while haven’t I? I’ll have to take my time with the new additions. So, I was trying to tidy my place, I did a sketch, and I wanted to rest. 253 more words

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17 Dogs Who Won Gold Medals!

I think my dog could have won a few herself!  If you love dogs, you’ll love this!


Murakumo Unit 13 - cute but deadly

I was playing 7th Dragon 2020. Death comes to some of the characters. Actually, like most of them.. >_> But what triggered me when I read a letter from my late kouhai/junior Aoi, that loved candy. 645 more words


Worldbuilding and No Man's Sky

As you may know, I’ve been playing No Man’s Sky. Every planet in the game is unique. And it’s actually quite inspirational for me. You see, it’s giving me ideas for worldbuilding. 295 more words