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Jailbreak Cricket v2.0

Interesting tweet from Phil Kearney yesterday:

Sensible advice from Judith Rink; coaches should design a game that is challenging but that the athletes can manage to play.

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TGfU CLA CGBL NLP...omg...can we not just play a game?

A key theme that emerged from the 2017 ECB Coaches Association Conference was the rise of games as a key coaching methodology.

Drills are out (or, at the very least, “gamified” by introducing game-like challenges); players should spend as much practice time as possible developing transferable skills (skills that have direct and obvious application in match situations) by… 326 more words


The challenge of games - ECB Coaches Association Conference review, part 2

I have written previously about my conversion to games-based practice, but also about the challenges I have encountered when trying to design appropriate games… 855 more words


Performance development is not just for "performance" athletes - podcast with Mark Bennett & Stuart Armstrong

Fascinating podcast from Stuart Armstrong with Mark Bennett MBE, founder of PDS (Performance Development Systems) .

I uploaded a new episode, "Doing the best you can with what you have – A conversation with Mark Bennett Part 2", o…

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Making sense of games with Principles of Play

I have posted previously on my conversion to games-based learning, and on the challenges of designing games that are both “representative” (of the real game, and that therefore require the players to develop transferable cricket skills) but at the same time not so constrained and artificial as to no longer be fun to play (the “ 768 more words


"Running two" - a modified fielding practice that also develops batting stroke placement and decision making.

Back in the summer, one of the teams I coached was having problems picking up singles and twos – their innings progressed┬áby a succession of big hits and run outs – so we developed a game to practice shot placement and decision making. 267 more words


One hand, one bounce - what's that got to do with coaching?

When I started out at my local Club as a volunteer, level 1 Coaching Assistant, sessions were taken by an exuberant 1st XI player – lots of enthusiasm, diving catches and (attempted) big hitting, and always a fiercely contested session of one hand – one bounce, usually with said 1st XI player dominating the game. 792 more words