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Gramophone Concept - Bleak Manor

During the week off I completed a concept piece for the gramophone asset in the escape room.

I used Photoshop and a technique of not blending, but layering colours to create a metal sheen on the instrument to draw this. 51 more words

Concept Art

Scrawlings of a Skirmishers Dream Pt 1.

I’ve been planning and tinkering all week and I thought I should share some ideas I have, maybe airing the idea could help me refine it… 1,309 more words

TerraPoint- City Builder: Easter Holidays

Over the Easter holidays I feel like I have made a lot progress. I have made several misc models to fill up the space of the map, as well starting the vfx to make models more interesting and to represent the weather. 386 more words


Upcoming Visual Design and Solo Studio Assignments

In the next couple of weeks, I’m going to have my final deadlines for the year; Visual design, in which I’m making an escape room style game based in the Repository¬†(a fictional place from the Skulduggery Pleasant novel series) and Solo Studio, in which I’ve made a vertical slice of a turret defense game from scratch. 225 more words


Final Major Project - Theme Ideas (Continued)

In my previous FMP blog post, I listed theme ideas for my diorama design. This blog post shows reference images for inspiration towards each theme. Once I have fully researched the themes I will then be able to decide which theme to use for my final diorama. 1,639 more words

Games Design

My walk cycle

I spent todays lesson making it so that the cycling motion of the feet look smooth, unfortunately, when i playblasted this animation, the animation was unable to repeat itself from start to finish, and then back to the start. 130 more words


UI Book Page : Bleak Manor

Yesterday I designed a book page-style game menu. I kept all of the assets on the page separate and have put it on the group trello to review what they like and dislike about it. 149 more words

Concept Art