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Games Industry: Creative Director

Creative Director

“A creative director is a position often found within the graphic design, film, music, fashion, advertising, media or entertainment industries, but may be useful in other creative organizations such as web development and software development firms as well.” 641 more words

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Games Industry: Audio Engineer

Audio Engineer

An audio engineer works on the recording, manipulation, mixing and reproduction of sound. Audio engineers have been defined as the individuals who work on the “technical aspect of recording—the placing of microphones, the turning of pre-amp knobs, the setting of levels.” 559 more words

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Games Industry: 2D/3D Artist

2D/3D Artist

2D Artists: “A concept artist works with the game designers, producing character and environment sketches and story-board and influencing the “look of the game”.A concept artist’s job is to follow the art director’s vision.  666 more words

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Games Industry: Games Producers

Games Producer

“A video game producer is the person in charge of overseeing and funding development of a video game.”

Skills and Experience required to be a: 632 more words

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Games Industry: Technical Artist

Technical Artist

“The technical artist is a new concept and role in the game industry that is starting to take hold. Every company has a different idea of what atechnical artist’s roles and responsibilities are. 1,589 more words

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Project EML

Today we are presenting our white-boxed version of the game to our lecturers before we then present it tomorrow to Stephen Hey from EA Games. 102 more words

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Eller's Algorithm

Continuing on from where I left off, I need to begin to create corridors to join my rooms together. To do this there are many ways I could employ… 796 more words

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