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Yet More Pachinko Game Stuff.

I promised more animation stuff, not for now. For now I have a small update regarding the Pachinko game. I’ve finished 5 levels now (from a previous 2.) and most are in what I’d call a final state. 320 more words

Pachinko Game

Further building on my pachinko game, I decided to begin injecting some individuality into my game. I chose to start with drawing a sprite for a dropper as this is a central piece of the game that features on each level so it would give me a theme to follow when designing levels and the rest of my sprites. 195 more words

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Renders in Autodesk Maya

Today, i added colours to my room in Maya, the colour scheme was based off the colour scheme i have in my real life room. This colour scheme is red and white on the walls, with a blue carpet, and a brown bookshelf and dark drawers. 37 more words


NextGen-Games Design: Ball Game Jump Code

In today’s lesson I continued with my ball game and added a few tweaks to my jump feature as well as info to the console to help the player. 330 more words

Defining Key Unity Terms


A GameObject doesn’t do much in themselves however they act as a storage place for components that can allow the to make up visuals in a level such as scenery, environment or charters. 738 more words

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Peer Feedback.

So I have received some feedback for the 3D model which is very good. Adam has pointed out some things that needs to be done like my UV needs fixing. 66 more words

Games Design

Unity Terminology

Unity is a modern-day miracle for game designers. The accessibility of the app, along with its versatility and adaptability, makes game-making a coding simpler and easier. 308 more words