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Solo Game Update

I have decided that I won’t be going ahead with the 8-bit zombie game because trying to create the assets, characters and the background is causing me quite a lot of trouble. 120 more words

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Solo game: Week 3

My goals for this week were to:

  • Add kill collision that resets the level
  • Make the collectable item the goal
  • Add shooting to the enemy…
  • 274 more words
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2D Game Update 3

So this week I have started to create actual threats to the player. Instead of just patrolling guards, I have now made is so that the guards can shoot and actually kill the player when they are seen, the guards will also stop moving when the player steps in front of them so that they do not lose a line of sight and can try to kill them. 219 more words

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Solo Game #3 (Finale)

Today I “finished” my solo game.

I added several new features to my game. They were waypoints for the enemy, collectables (with a score system) and a shooting system. 237 more words

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My Stealth Game.

We have now started our independent game, which requires us to make a stealth game. My game idea is you play as the burglar and you have to steal form the homeowners. 107 more words

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Solo Game #2

Today I attempted to do some code for the movement of my character. I had some help from Scott. 21 more words

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Solo Game: Week 2

My targets today were to

  • Make a map (sub goal: add collision to map)
  • Add movement to the main character
  • Add a goal object
  • Add enemy and enemy collision…
  • 285 more words
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