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Updating the room.

I didn’t realize but when I submitted my room project I was given feedback by Matt. The feedback was given some time ago, but I have started work on the room. 107 more words

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Maths in Unity

In Ant’s lesson we have been learning some new math technique’s which is applied in Unity. Some of the stuff we have been learning is Trigonometry and Radians. 167 more words

Games Design

Trigonometry and Class Diagrams

In Ants lesson we went over trigonometry and class diagrams.

When using trigonometry in coding for games we learnt that we use Cosine and Sine differently to Tangent, Cosine and Sine is mostly used for movement where Tangent can be used to have a enemy turn and aim at a player, the example that we were shown was a 2d spaceship game. 199 more words

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Trigonometry and Class Diagrams

Today I learned how trigonometry is used for movement in coding and how to make class diagrams.

In coding, trigonometry is used to work out the distance an object travels based on X and Y axis. 214 more words

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Trigonometry And Class Diagrams

Today with Ant we learned how Trigonometry can be implemented into a game. When making a 2D game, Trigonometry can be used to move and rotate the player.  166 more words

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Next Gen Portfolio Feedback

My Feedback:

(Think about colours white on colours stand out much more than black. Turn the music off its distracting. good modelling development – I’d like to see wireframe renders more. 278 more words


Assignment: Vroom!- video game interface: Task 1-ideas and research

For this assignment, we have been asked to create a UI (user-interface) for a photorealistic new racing game by first figuring out the way we are going to create the interface and come up with ideas for the context and HUD elements we want to use e.g. 415 more words