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Life Is Strange - A Much Needed Change

Eh eh? See what I did with the title?? PURE GENIUS wouldn’t you agree?

Hehe… well horrifically bad jokes deserving of a hanging aside… I’ve been meaning to write a post about DontNod’s Life Is Strange. 1,754 more words

Makin' planets

So, I’ve been making this today. I will hopefully make some more progress on this tomorrow because I’m just a little too tired today! I’ve been following an awesome tutorial by https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EVtj1FV5vz0… 13 more words


Mery quotes Mad Moxxi

Time taken: 15 hours
Frames: 155

Got her feet moving and tried folding her arms!
I know the arms occasionally clip through her body but yeah… such is life… 19 more words


Narrative Development - "Bus Stop" Michael Beirut

In today’s brief we had to create a concept of a “Bus Stop”, Basically we had to draw up a concept that isn’t for a Bus Stop but something else that acts as a Bus Stop i.e people waiting for something. 18 more words

Concept Art

Charlotte's web rpg


The RPG will be based on the children’s book Charlotte’s web. It will be set in a fantasy gladiator with some Sci-Fi elements with equipment and weapons inspired by gladiators, some roman and Greek, the animals of the characters as well as other weapons from different eras. 2,263 more words

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