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L3 Games Design: The History of VR/AR Game

Virtual Reality or VR first dominated the scene in 2015/2016. First came the Oculus VR and this already had a foot in the gaming industry before Facebook took over the company for $2 billion, and then Sony came up with their own idea of 3D experiences by creating a project called Morpheus. 445 more words

Hammer Girl - Week 4 & Overview

This is the last post on my hammer girl project, In this post I will be going over the research and ideas that sprouted and initially flourished the game. 1,472 more words

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Partner Game: Mobster Madness

I have been quite absent from my blog recently because with the coding exam approaching I realised I needed to try by best to focus on getting some skills in programming. 409 more words

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2D Game

The goal for the 2D game was to have a player that you can control and get them to a goal also having enemies who patrol the level. 209 more words

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The Slime Game: Using Unity

With our code exam coming up soon, we are going back to unity 2D to make a very basic game so enchance different methods of code. 192 more words

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New Art Project.

In Tony’s lesson we have started a new projects about heads. We will make a 3D model of a head later so we have had to learn about the skull and the muscles.  50 more words

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Hammer Girl Brief – Week 3

This week I have gone ahead and adapted upon what I have developed last week by making multiple destructible objects within the world: a barrel, a box and a special kind of rock that will yield more gems for the player when smashed. 180 more words

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