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Industry Standard Asset.

Matt has given us a task to make an industry asset, we have had a couple of genres. We had Sci-Fi, Post- apocalyptic, fantasy and Tim Burton. 129 more words

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Metal Gear Solid Analysis.

So Chris has give us a task to analyse three games and discuss how they changed gaming. The First game I am going to write about is Metal Gear Solid. 322 more words

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2D Game Update 4

So it has been a while since I made any progress on this game. However, since the last update post, I have made a few extra developments and tweaks to the initial level as well as setting up for future levels to be implemented. 273 more words

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LudumDare 38

So this weekend was hands down, one of the best weekends of this year so far, because instead of being really bored.

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Ludum Dare 38 - April 2017: Small world, isn't it?

Happy 15th anniversary Ludum Dare! It’s hard to believe that it’s been going so long. I’ve only personally been taking part in it since… 2012?  Maybe 2011? 721 more words

Ludum Dare

Good teachers don’t compete. Good teachers are curious, collaborative and constructive.

This time last week the nerves were a’ rumbling as I did a last minute run-through of my specialist paper for my teaching conference, in order to pass my PGCE. 620 more words


Enemy and Goal

The next steps in my Fox Game were to create the enemy and the goal. My enemy is a house cat. The cat should hunt the intruding fox in the house. 66 more words

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