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Bee Game Feedback

Before half term we were told to have our games ready for peer review when we come back. Over the half term we tweaked variables to make the game , what we thought, feel as enjoyable as possible, making sure our repelling object didn’t push too strong and making sure the player had a big enough area to pull bees and pulled at a correct strength. 489 more words

Games Design

Bee Game Feedback

Before half term, the class was told by ant to prepare our games that are using the physics in a way we haven’t before. My group made a game where, the player has an attractor, and must herd bees to the beehive. 224 more words

Games Design

NextGen-Games Design: Adding enemies and adding new designs

In today’s games design lesson I decided to make my 2D scroller just that little bit more difficult as well as finish off some little touches to the designs of my collectibles and brand new enemy. 233 more words

Substance Painter

Today i believe that i have become better equipped with using substance painter as away to texture things.


I have become better at combining the usage of “Smart Materials” and brushes to create a different style of texture.


NextGen- Games Design: 2D scroller Review

In today’s lesson we had other members of my class playing and reviewing my games. How this worked was a person from my class would come and play my 2D scroller and then write a review of what was good about my game and what was bad and of course what was good. 339 more words

Final Major Project - Theme Ideas

Final Major Project Theme Ideas

Below is a list of themes that I want to explore before choosing a final design idea for my diorama. Beneath each theme, there are scenarios that are suitable for that scene as well as a list of games/films/books that I could look at for inspiration. 510 more words

Final Major Project


This is a project I have been working on for a little while now. Sitting on a beach in Northumbria I was surrounded by the shells of dead Limpets, my daughter was collecting them and handing them to me. 318 more words