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Looking back on my LD38 experience


LD38 made me realise the potential of 48 hours.

In that time I managed to

  • Code
  • Draw Art & Animations
  • Create SFX
  • Publish

a game all in that amount of time. 76 more words

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Equivalent Exchange

Equivalent Exchange

Death Stranding’s new trailer came out yesterday. I watched it in the morning and now I’m really curious to what Hideo Kojima is making. 254 more words

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The energy in a isolated system

The Second Law of Thermodynamics.

The second law of thermodynamics states that the total entropy can never decrease over time for an isolated system, that is, a system in which neither energy nor matter can enter nor leave. 154 more words

Games Design

Games Design & Play Ch1

Week 1


The Elements of a Game

  • Actions
  • Goals
  • Rules
  • Objects
  • Playspace
  • Players

The Basic Tools of Game Design

Games Design

Voxel Rendering

Today, I rendered my model in Mixamo. I first exported the model from Magicka Voxel as an .obj file, which created three separate files. I extracted them to a new Zipped folder and then dragged it to the Mixamo site. 17 more words


The Wizard King: Written treatment

Title: The Wizard King

Logline: A King, who has knowledge of magical secrets, marries a princess, and a few years later, the Queen dies and a grief-stricken King, unable to live in the same place anymore, sets out to find foreign lands, surviving through his use of the ability to shape-shift into any animal. 89 more words