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Ludum Dare 36 - August 2016 : ???

Oh, hey again. I guess it’s time for another action-packed dive into game development!

…The only issue is, I kinda double-booked myself on the Saturday, so updates and progress might be a little sparse for the first 24 hours or so. 823 more words

Ludum Dare

FeedBack on Game Pitch

Group D: Gardening – Growing a tree, nurture activities – doing a good deed – being charitable.

I personally like this one very much but it’s probably the one that;s furtherest from CBT – but that is not necessarily a bad thing. 195 more words

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STUDIO IV - Serious Games SPARX


Your next project will be in partnership with SPARX, so it will be good for you to research your client properly and carefully! SPARX is an online e-therapy tool provided by the University of Auckland, as an initiative of the Prime Minister’s Youth Mental Health Project. 94 more words

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STUDIO IV week 5 - Concept

Today we learnt about doodling. Apparently Doodling is a great way to learn thing because your brain is chill..

Line drawing techneques.

collaborative drawing on a large sheet of paper

Concept Art

Environmental Art

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Studio 3 - Games Collaboration

This trimester, we were encouraged to do some cross disciplinary collaborations again so myself and two other graphic designers from my class helped out with one of the games students projects. 303 more words

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First CastleThrees Blog

As part of the development process of my game project, I have decided to keep a sort of diary. Writing a blog post on each key part of the game discussing my design thoughts and reasoning. 31 more words