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Creation of Modular Stairwell – Post two: Research and Reference

First of all, I am going to find images of stairwells from online, below each of the images, I will place the website link of where I got the image from. 61 more words

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Creation of modular stairwell - post one


I am going to be creating a modular based stairwell with textures that can be used within the game engine Unreal Engine 4.
I will be using reference images from the internet to give me design ideas and an understanding of what will be needed to make it a modular based system. 193 more words

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Final Fantasy VII Clouds Buster Sword (3D Modelling)

A recreation of Cloud’s Buster Sword from Final Fantasy VII Advent Children. The sword is made up of multiple blades that all attach together to form one huge sword.

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End of Placement Reflection

As I wrote in my previous blog posts and in my About section, I have been working as a Web Developer in a school over the past 8 months. 456 more words


Jonah: Creating hand drawn style signage.

Through researching the signage of the period, it became clear that signs used to advertise and promote businesses where hand painted, often perhaps by the owner of the business the sign was above. 60 more words

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The Last Resort: TV Wall Asset

Perhaps the main feature of the Last Resort is the TV wall that is situated on the back wall. I felt that having this playing a video in real time would look really good. 114 more words

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The Last Resort: Building up the area outside.

Upon my decision to build up the area directly outside of the Last Resort, I have gathered some images that show limited views of this space. 58 more words

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