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Personal Project: Revisiting LuciousĀ 

Today I really wanted to redraw the character Lucious from our previous game, and so drew a few new sketches of him.

The new sketches,I think, look a lot nicer than my previous ones. 35 more words

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After everything has theorised to work, a plan is laid out to make the game, and the GDD finished, it is only then that you have enough information to complete a feasibility analysis. 590 more words

Games Design

Space Civ - updated rules

I’ve made some changes to the rules after my short playtest. The rules now include:

Reasons for going to war,

Random events during wars,

Random reasons behind a civilization’s collapse

Space Civ (0.3)

Games Design

Ludum Dare 35 April 2016 - Looking pretty shifty...

Oh boy, it’s Ludum Dare time again! Grab some snacks, kick back, and let’s make some games!

0 Hours in

Alright, neat. Let’s grab the ol’ marker pens and giant pieces of paper, and get some ideas down. 592 more words

Ludum Dare