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Game Adaptation Concept: Exterior

For this task I had to create a piece of concept art of an exterior of a building. I decided to do an Aztec style temple that would be in the Atlantis like city part of my game and also give it features of the environment. 177 more words

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Game Mechanics: Loss Aversion

This mechanic is applied mainly in MMORPG games. What this is, is items that the player receives but they can not use them because they are on the demo version of the game or a free trial. 199 more words

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Walking Simulator (Unity)

During this week and last weeks lesson With Ant we were continuing with our Walking simulator game. Last week we were told how to add a flashlight to the game which the player would be able to toggle on and off using the ‘F’ key or any key you chose to set as the toggle button.  873 more words


Making A Walk Through Game #4

This is quite a small blog post. I’ve been working on this at home and have accomplished little, but i have started to create some new models for the game. 12 more words

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The 1st Presentation @ the old Cornerhouse

kitchen-waste <- Full powerpoint presentation

Since our first meeting, we had still not managed to meet with the client so we had no official direction for the game. 388 more words

Platform Engine Game

I edited my platform game on Flash the other day, and I managed to make it visually pleasing and mobile at the same time. I had previously designed a 2D map on Flash by using simple polygons in a silhouette format, and I had to now make it into a game. 389 more words

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