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Learning and Research – Unreal Engine 4 : Post 3 – Current progress and plan

Current Progress

Over the last day, I have finally been able to get morph targets to work within Unreal Engine 4 by creating it within 3DS Max. 262 more words

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Learning and Research – Unreal Engine 4 : Post 2 - Ideas

I have had a look at the example 3D side scroller that is included within Unreal Engine 4 (4.9.2); and the first thing I think I need to change a lot compared to this example is how the camera is used. 194 more words

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Learning and Research - Unreal Engine 4 : Post 1

First goal

I am starting to learn and gather research into the Unreal Engine 4. I am planning to learn and understand how the Blueprints system works, so that I am able to create the first early version of my games mechanics. 259 more words

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Assignment 1_Item and Game Screen Design


  1. Traditional writing and color coded according to elements

2. Not traditional with element illustrationsKitsunebi or Foxfire

Illustration for countdown timer and score display… 6 more words

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Assignment 1_Yokai Design

There will be 4 Yokai (variant) altogether, each representing a different element. I started off with researching the types of Yokai, and I picked the notable ones and paired them with the elements. 38 more words

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Professional Practice Contribution

To contribute to professional practice I contributed to a few events over the summer.

The first event was the 3rd year degree show:

Here is an image of myself and Phillip Maclennan helping out, we was in charge of the bar which was drinks and snacks for all the visiting guests of the degree show. 652 more words


Assignment 1_Character Design

Art Style

Okami, and action adventure video game developed by Clover Studio and developed by Capcom. The concept art is very unique in a way that it incorporates brush strokes, making the edges of objects and characters bold unlike usual games. 15 more words

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