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Primitive Shapes

Today we learned about how to edit shapes by using the selection tool. We inserted basic shapes like a circle, square and a rectangle. Our task was to turn the original shapes into the shapes on the right. 20 more words

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Project 3: Halloween Game - Gobble Ghost

After pitching our games to the rest of the class, we have decided to make the Gobble Ghost game within our team.

We had a group meeting to discuss what each person in each team will be making towards the game. 17 more words

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First blog post

Hello this is Roman (Formerly known as Lucky),

I am currently 33 years old and I have just resigned from my job to enter full time study. 195 more words

Peripherals: Headphones

The headphones are a vital peripheral to gamer’s as they add the most immersion to video games. This is because they provide all around sound that accompanies the thee of the game and completes the desired atmosphere. 368 more words

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Game Mechanics: Reward System

The Reward system is a mechanic int eh game that encourages players to complete missions or objective. It does this by giving the player a reward such as an item which can help them through the game or a character upgrade. 363 more words

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Peripherals: Keyboard

The keyboard is another essential peripheral for the computer as it allows users to record information in the form of texture without having to physical take notes. 451 more words

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3D and Perspective Drawing

For today’s lesson we learnt how to make drawings on paper look 3D. We did this by using shadows, shading, and dotted lines. We practiced using circles, the shadow would be a distorted version of it that appeared on one side of looking as if the light was coming from the other side.The shading would also give the same effect as it would be added on one side to show that the light is not hitting that part of the sphere. 259 more words

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