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Guys I passed Second Year!

You honestly have no idea of the level of relief washing over me. To top it all off I didn’t get a single 3rd.

I’m not going to lie. 155 more words


Small rough ocean animation in maya

So today, I decided to try to create a rough ocean scene!
This is only 120 frames, but it has taken a long long time to render (don’t ask why I think it has something to do with the rendering fog effect I added) 7 more words


Games Design Week Overview

Primary 5 and Primary 4/5 have had an incredibly busy week preparing to show the games they have made in their teams.

On the run up to the final day’s challenge to show off their game in an exhibition, we had the teams hard at work making and preparing art materials for their game and for their advertising efforts. 386 more words


Games Design Week Taster

This week in Primary 4/5 and Primary 5 we are working on making our own video games using Scratch and our imaginations. We are looking at how games are put together and the different roles to help make a video game into a reality. 177 more words

Primary 5

What is a 2.5D game?

This is a game that contains a 3D environment, but uses 2D logic within the games mechanics (Link here to source). What this means is, a game could have graphics that are polygonal, but the mechanics of the game use 2D logic, example of this is a platform based game where the character you control can only move in 2 axises (usually X and Y), but not in the 3rd axis, but the environment itself is within all 3 axises, which adds depth and perspective. 32 more words

Games Design

FARSKY MAPPERS: a free cardgame of space-time profiteering

This game came about as the product of having run out of battery on my phone and having no lapspace on the tube. Oh, and misremembering the rules to Hand Patience. 390 more words


New job, less gaming

So just recently I decided to move on from my previous job in search of somthing new, so I moved onto a new job where the hours are great for my uni but don’t leave me much time around it for gaming, but hopefully soon training will be over and the hours will settle leaving me with at least a little time to game, but I will keep on with the game Coding and will keep you posted on anything new that comes through the system


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