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JAGEX Lecture - a couple of new ideas, people to follow on twitter, and games to lose my life too...

In my latest entry of ‚Äúsurprisingly inspirational talks that I went to, to try and develop a wider understanding of design, and then came across some surprising inspiration‚ÄĚ I will talk about the lecture today by JAGEX. 643 more words

2D Racing Game: Part 2

Today I am continuing on with my 2D unity game. Straight away I bumped into problems with the collisions.

I needed to change the way the car moved in order for it to be able to collide correctly with the barriers of the track. 157 more words

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2D Racing game

today I decided to try and use different types of maths in coding, to make a 2d top down racing game.

I have used assets from the website “kenney.nl” 62 more words

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Coding: Asteroids Part 2

The next par of my asteroids game, was to code in a laser, so that the player can shoot the objects.

I added a box collider and rigidbody to the laser so that it would collide with other objects and wouldnt fall off the screen. 347 more words

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Age of the Force

Or possibly Age of the Jedi, haven’t decided yet…

A while ago I got the guys in the office to put together two 40k Codexes that brought Star Wars to the game, one covering the Rebel Alliance, the other the Galactic Empire. 433 more words


Useful Mechanics Obstacles and goals

As a game designer it is important to understand standard and useful mechanics used in a game. We also need to recognise some of the existing goals and obstacles in games if we are to create them. 1,331 more words

Coding: Asteroids

Today I started making a 2D Game of Asteroids in Unity, following the Youtube Channel “PointClickWin’s” Tutorials.

I started by opening Unity in 2D mode and then imported some preset sprites that I found online. 301 more words

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