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Week 1_280815

We were given a recap of what we learnt in our previous semester. Our lecturer, Mr. Razif, showed us again how Classic Tween and Shape Tween works. 128 more words

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This is Madness - Dark Angels in Age of Sigmar

When it comes to games, I like fiddling. It is why, in Real Life, I am a games designer. I enjoy it that much.

So, I started thinking about comments people were making on forums about the ‘Sigmarisation’ of 40k. 1,689 more words


Ludum Dare 33 August 2015 - I did the monster mash

Whoa, it’s been a whole year since my last game jam, huh? Man, time flies when you’re playing ga-… I mean, graduating university. Yup, pretty hectic. 941 more words

Ludum Dare

Retooling COUP for two players

It is the future. And with the Resistance steadily gaining a foothold against the ruling forces, it is a time of much turmoil. Into that turmoil YOU step – head of a wealthy corp-family. 321 more words


Portfolio Pieces

A mix of work to create a portfolio. This will include all my best pieces.

Games Design

Let's Discuss... Progression and Difficulty (The Witcher 3)

Level up! Words that seem to define the whole media form of video games. In the arcade scene it was attributed to beating the level and making your way to the next, but later it took on a different form. 1,637 more words