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I survived Titan hard mode!


Okay, this post is for my gamer friends only. Apologies to everyone else, but today has been a huge milestone in my gaming career, and I just have to write about it. 922 more words

Games For Big Kids

Virtual gaming worlds of the future

I just went back to Final Fantasy XIV, A Realm Reborn, so it’s not surprising that I dreamt about gaming last night. However what did surprise me was the logic of the dream. 1,918 more words

Nano 2012 Excerpts

Sunset in Final Fantasy XIV

I’ve been far too tense lately, and that has been reflected in my blog posts, so I thought I’d show you one of the reasons I love playing Final Fantasy XIV so much. 183 more words

Games For Big Kids

My new addiction - the Jacquie Lawson Circus!

I make no apologies – I’m well and truly in holiday mode, and playing games is very much a part of the equation for me. I play Final Fantasy xiv, of course, and Spider Solitaire, but my latest craze is the Balloon Pop game that’s part of the Jacquie Lawson Circus. 203 more words

How I'm keeping my sanity

The Certificate IV course in Training and Assessment I’m studying is nearing the pointy end, and I’m behind in my assignments. I literally have been working my butt off for weeks now, but the official-speak leaves my brain feeling as if it’s been through a pasta maker and turned into spaghetti. 132 more words

Games For Big Kids

If I could change the world [of MMOs]...

I’ve been too busy to spend much time gaming lately, but to be honest, I haven’t really wanted to play all that much either. Many nights I spend my precious gaming time searching the net for new MMOs instead. 679 more words

Tad Williams on Otherland online

Tad Williams has been one of my all time favourite authors since I fell in love with his Otherland series. Since then my Daughter has become a fan, as has her boyfriend, so I guess you could say it’s a family affair. 403 more words