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#FFXIV - The Vault

I’ve always believed that the definition of true courage is not a lack of fear but the exact opposite – lots of fear but the courage to push ahead anyway. 1,045 more words

Games For Big Kids

#VR - will it need safety standards?

The following quote describes the experience of VR :

‘“The gap between ‘things that happen to my character’ and ‘things that happen to me’ is bridged,” Stephan said.

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Games For Big Kids

Next gen #gaming for the masses

Jeri Ellsworth and Rick Johnson have been toiling away at augmented reality for years at their startup, CastAR. Their ambition to make a fun AR product has been cooking for a while, and they’re taking a very different approach to the next-generation gaming platform.

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Blade and Soul - system error #3746

The pic above shows my assassin character on Blade and Soul. I have not been able to play him for three days because I keep getting the system error shown in the title of this post. 552 more words

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#Heavensward - 2 x 60 at last

Before anyone gets too excited -rolls eyes- none of my characters have hit level 60 in battling yet, but I am proud to announce that Takh broke the crafting barrier twice today – once on blacksmith and the second time on goldsmith: 293 more words

Games For Big Kids

#FFXIV - why I can't leave

I’ve written some pretty unhappy posts about Final Fantasy XIV over the last few months, but no matter how angry I get, one thing keeps me playing. 222 more words

Games For Big Kids

FFXIV and the #Heavensward expansion - too much stick and not enough carrot?

When Final Fantasy 14 came out in version 1, it was vilified by the majority of players because it worked so badly. There was no auction house, no bank, no end-game content – all pretty much standard fare on MMOs. 1,635 more words

Games For Big Kids