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#FFXIV - why I can't leave

I’ve written some pretty unhappy posts about Final Fantasy XIV over the last few months, but no matter how angry I get, one thing keeps me playing. 222 more words

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FFXIV and the #Heavensward expansion - too much stick and not enough carrot?

When Final Fantasy 14 came out in version 1, it was vilified by the majority of players because it worked so badly. There was no auction house, no bank, no end-game content – all pretty much standard fare on MMOs. 1,635 more words

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FFXIV, Steps of Faith - Summoner

Steps of Faith is the final trial in FFXIV, version 2.X. It came out in early 2015 and was obviously designed to be the Grand Finale for this part of the storyline. 1,000 more words

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FFXIV - the Chrysalis

Okay, first up, I did get through this trial, and I even managed to get a commendation, so this is not sour grapes but… the Chrysalis was nasty. 939 more words

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CGI Silly Putty

Technophile or technophobe, everyone should have a look at this video clip!

It shows computer generated shapes squidging up and splaying out, and generally behaving like real world ‘wet’ things. 149 more words

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FFXIV update - The Keeper of the Lake

Apologies, another gaming related post coming up. The pic below is of my character, Meeka, and the new minion she just earned from completing the Keeper of the Lake. 1,651 more words

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I survived Titan hard mode!


Okay, this post is for my gamer friends only. Apologies to everyone else, but today has been a huge milestone in my gaming career, and I just have to write about it. 922 more words

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