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Playing the roulette wheel of (mis)fortune

It is well known that playing casino games can lead to ruin (at least financial ruin) if the gambler is not careful (e.g. putting all or a substantial portion of his/her wealth on the line with the goal of beating the casino). 1,416 more words

Gambling Games

The probability of breaking the bank

What is the likelihood of a gambler winning all the cash in a casino? A better question is: what is the likelihood of a gambler losing all the money he or she brings into the casino? 1,629 more words

Introduction To Statistics

An Internal Barometer of Truth

The seemingly incongruous juxtaposition, the often wildly unexpected pairing of two or more images and/or concepts: This is where Surrealism draws much of its power to affect consciousness, and The Question and Answer Game is no exception. 425 more words

Q&A Game

There is No Luck but God

A very common phrase these days is, “Good luck!”. While it’s a nice, feel-good thing to say, this phrase doesn’t really fit with the Catholic faith. 869 more words

Catholic Insights

Games of 'Chance'

A couple of times
in my life,
I’ve had this
sensation that
I was due to
have a stroke
of good luck.

what causes… 351 more words


January 17, 2017, Prescott- 

Today being 1-17-17, I thought of the significance of single-digit numbers.

Zero holds a place, adds value to its cousins.

One is a beginning, a self-contained unit. 116 more words


Chicken Stampedes

Farms are like prisons; they both thrive on routine. Try being late for morning chores to see just how disruptive your barnyard inmates become. With luck, the worst you’ll suffer is obnoxious, sideways looks from the ingrates. 1,562 more words

Why You Crying?