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Sleepless: The Big Snooze

DATELINE:  Foxx Fones in Performance

Noise, car chases, unremitting violence, do not make this film distinctive from a plethora of faint-hearted copies. It too wants to be a franchise “cops in Las Vegas” series with Jamie Foxx. 325 more words

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Choose your Pet Boarding WISELY

*Guest Post by Ms.Madhu Goyal

Recently there have been several complaints about unethical practices at some dog boardings, of dogs being confined in unaoccupied broken-down buildings, dogs chained to gates and driveways in the hot sun without water and in their own excreta, dogs kept on rooftops with no shade from the summer sun, dogs being returned to pet parents covered in ticks and suffering from high/tick fever and other ailments, of pet parents being billed double the boarding rate agreed on, pets being held hostage, etc. 625 more words

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Three Thoughts About Music

I was a pretty big star when I was 12 or 13 years old but I never like to talk about it.

Lead singer to a pretty popular group. 608 more words



Week 29: ‘play’
I get knocked down but I get up again, you’re never gonna keep me down…I get knocked down…’ I saw a cartoon drawing not that long ago of a set of 10 pins lined up at the end of a bowling alley with that quote drawn as words coming out of one of the pins mouth. 603 more words

10 Pin Bowling

Commedia Dell’Arte (A Play of Masks)

Forgive me,
Forgive me I did not mean to fall.
I played at being indestructible
But it was illusory, imaginary
And not the role I was suited for. 59 more words


Logo Wars: Michael Jordan v. Gronk

DATELINE:  Sports Deadlock

 It takes balls.


Michael Jordan’s silhouette image on all the junk he markets, around since the 1980s, is called Jumpman. We never knew his dunkman had a nickname. 309 more words

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