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Song of the day: 27 July 2015

In 1969, Joe South did a step to the foreground. He had worked as a musician on songs like The Sound Of Silence, but now he wrote a song about people who lead their life when they are occupied with negative thoughts. 41 more words

Song Of The Day

Gaming the system

If play is the thing, Time is the essence.

So where’s the time – as the Walrus said, (overheard by Lewis Carroll)

“To talk of many things:” 459 more words


Games people play

I will save you

i will fix you

i can mend you

i can bend you

i can break you

i can take you

i can blame you

but i cannot hate you~

Insanity Street

And ultimately, the subaltern could not speak

When they spoke about Gajendra Singh’s suicide, the ‘farmer’ from Rajasthan who hanged himself at Aam Aadmi’s anti-land bill rally, and the subsequent spectacle that followed, from the rally being carried on to one authority blaming the other for his death, something struck a chord somewhere; a hint of déjà-vu, a unique association, a repetition of events almost a hundred years later. 623 more words


What to do when there's no dimmer switch on the Bullshit (and you're the host)

Most times it just beats me. I’m out of fresh ideas getting ready for your judgmental ass to come over. The dogs at the park don’t even need to get a whiff of what I got because I attract the ones who will either piss me off (Dad) or make me serve them (Mom). 141 more words


Hey, Y'all Prepare Yourself (The Spinners)

The Spinners, a 5 piece vocal group from the Detroit suburbs, was formed by school friends in the mid-1950s. There were some personnel changes before their first record, “That’s What Girls Are Made For”, was a US Top 40 hit in 1961. 1,055 more words