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Chess Match Unmatched

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Mind games are not the easiest topic for a film in today’s violent action dominated movies.

Yet, Pawn Sacrifice turns out to be a thriller of genuine caliber. 234 more words

Sports Humor

Bob Dylan, Aretha Franklin and Elvis all knew how great Joe South was - So should you!

‘A need to hear and tell stories is essential to human beings, second in necessity apparently after nourishment and before love and shelter,’ (Reynolds Price, Novelist of the American South) 1,634 more words


Local Podcasts!

Ever since the invention of podcasts – when all radios in the Northern hemisphere intercepted a panicked discussion between a group of survivors of the Great Hiveship Anaximanious who had accidentally flipped their escape pod’s internal tele-speak on “broadcast” during a panicked hunt for the SOS transmitter before having an enlightening conversation about comedy, music, movies, board games, and oddly enough the American penal system – we’ve all been fans of this on-demand radio for the internet. 628 more words

Modern Myths

[Book Review] GAMES PEOPLE PLAY: The Psychology of Human Relationships by Eric Berne, M.D.

 Aaaaaa! Run for your life! Non-fiction!!

Okay, this isn’t the stuff I usually read, but recently, I discovered something called Transactional Analysis. And it’s REALLy interesting. 377 more words