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This Week in Patriot Superstition

 DATELINE:  The Devil You Say?

      Most Off Off-Season Ever!

If you wait for Bill Belichick to let you know what’s going on in Patriot Nation, you’d be the victim of a fake news blockage. 352 more words

Sports Humor

Brady’s Former Bunch

DATELINE:  Back-ups to Tom





Sunday was a football day without much interest unless you like to sing the National Anthem while everyone stands. 311 more words

Sports Humor

Red Sox Players Don’t Like Boston Much

DATELINE:  Boston Not Their Home

Red Sox Fan

We heard that Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock considered coming to Fenway Park to bestow the city of Boston with his insane mass murder on the joint. 311 more words

Sports Humor

Patriots First Class Jet Set

DATELINE:  Off They Go into the Wild Blue Yonder

The New England Patriots may look like they are a tank job, but they are soon to be privately airborne. 235 more words

Sports Humor

Boston Celtics Unveil Third Big Three

DATELINE:  Here We Go Again, Hopefully

Nouveau Celtics: Hayward and Irving, Alphabetically

After a long hiatus, we returned to watching The Boston Celtics again.

They do look rather exciting this season, which may take the sting off the stink of the Patriots. 255 more words

Sports Humor

Nero Trump: USFL’s Revenge

DATELINE: The Sky is Falling


Nero Trump with his USFL star Hershel Walker

If the New England Patriots played in a domed stadium, we would be tempted to say the roof is caving in. 295 more words

Sports Humor

Stephon Gilmore, Scapegoat

DATELINE:  Hold the Stephone, Fans

In New England, Tom Brady is the GOAT, and this week Stephon Gilmore is the goat. He only wishes he were the scapegoat, which implies a false guilt. 273 more words

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