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Why I Stopped Wrestling

Vivian is my younger brother…he is seven years younger than me. He is the youngest in the family. I am the eldest, then there is Linda, Deanne and “baby” Vivian. 521 more words

Dhariwal Stories


One of the all-time favourite games we used to play as kids was called Stapu. It is the Indian version of hopscotch.

You draw a playing area on the ground…we used either sticks or stones to “draw” the playing area on the earth, or chalk to draw on a paved or concrete surface. 333 more words

Dhariwal Stories


For all you “Torontonians”…

Games People Play at the Apotex Atrium on Oct 26, 2015  – Doors open at 6:30 pm

Imagine a weekend getaway in a new Mercedes SL550 Roadster! 463 more words

Mah Jongg

Games People Play

For those who don’t know, Games People Play is a book by Eric Berne, who developed Transactional Analysis. The book provides a language for understanding some social situations via analysing the psychology of distinctive patterns of behaviour. 756 more words


Dealing with narcissistic people

They love playing games and pushing buttons. It’s good to know the games but then forget about it. What I found works well is if you take them for real and keep respect unless it gets too absurd. 694 more words


"Oh poor me ..." (now can I get what I want?)

I guess there are times we all do it.

Introduce some games playing in order to manipulate others into giving us what we want.

Then there are those who are serial manipulators,  and it seems the  “poor me”  tactic is one of the more common games. 214 more words

Team Culture

Let's Be Honest

If you love someone, you don’t lie to them. You just don’t. The thought of lying shouldn’t even occur to you.

Maybe you think if you kept quiet about something and they never found out about it, things will just go on as normal. 424 more words

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