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Playing the Victim

Eric Berne wrote that beautiful little book, ” Games people play,” a must read for anyone interested in understanding psychology. He explained the games that adults play, enacting victim and saviour and lame leg and a lot of characters in the play-act of their humdrum lives. 396 more words

Theatrical Withdrawal

The shocking thing about suffering is not that it happens, but that we are shocked when it happens.  The suffering can of course take many forms: bereavements, illness, chronic sickness, depression, pain, cold and flu, to name but a few! 533 more words


Taking Responsibility For Marriage

Something I can hardly stand to read are the thoughts of married men who hate their wives and feel miserable, powerless, and trapped in their marriages. 659 more words

Now He's a Happy Pappy


Go back and sing that title if you grew up with the Flintstones. And if you didn’t…go to http://www.youtube.com and listen to rockenschpeel ( … 412 more words


You Are Dissipating

staring outside
the moon hides
the stars twinkle and laugh
and the clouds rain toxic gas

the cold air weakens my breath
is this death? 128 more words