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#TO40KGS Episode 4 Subs Over Dubs

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Pew pew pew mother truckers! Welcome back for instalment 4 of theTale Of 40k Gamers. With you today is Aaron, Gary and Jan. 115 more words


One Earth Elemental and one lady dwarf...

Sounds like a prog rock album. Earth Elemental and Lady Dwarf…

But it is also the next part of an order that is complete.

I quite like painting dwarfs, I have no reason why! 47 more words

Starting a lot of projects

Continuing on with my goal of doing at least fifteen minutes of hobby work per day I have recently started up several new projects that I have been meaning to get around to.  711 more words


Paint lines reviews - GW, Vallejo, Reaper, Minitaire, P3

Recently I tried two new lines of paint – Vallejo Game Air and Badger Minitaire. I’ve also used GW, Reaper, Vallejo Model Color, Vallejo Game Color, Vallejo Model Air, P3, Vallejo Liquid Gold (alcohol based metallics), and Army Painter currently and/or in the past. 2,046 more words

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Twin-Linked Grand Tournament (Day Two): “Return of the Space Communists”

So with new pilots recruited, more piles of scrap cobbled back together as horrible travesties of wheeled vehicles, and blue skins flocking to the glorious banner of the Greater Good, we returned once again to the crucible of war for a second day of gaming in the Sacramento Sector. 1,335 more words


Horus Heresy Weekender 2015 - Pictures

Hello internet!

We at the ‘rift have been somewhat busy moving house and dealing with real life since May (when we went to the last HH Weekender!) but we managed to get to the weekender this year as well. 147 more words

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Tale Of 40k Gamers: Matt Lyons Month One

First out the gate is Matt and his Blood Angels

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So congratulations to Matthew Lyons for being the first person to complete their 750pt list, and what an awesome force he’s produced. 413 more words