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Under the Slow Brush: pt. 4

Not much to report this week. Some touch-ups with Basic Skin Tone, where paint had rubbed off or where I got sloppy with other paint. Then some Polished  Looking forGold applied to helmets, ornaments, armor, etc. 186 more words

Blood Bowl

Battle Report - Warhammer: Age of Sigmar - Realms of Conflict Ep

Marc from Old Gitz Paintworks brings his Sylvaneth to face my Stormcast in 1500pts of Three Places of Power!

Check out his painting service HERE: … 6 more words

Guerrilla Miniature Games

The story of the Galactic Knights Space Marine Chapter

I have done a dedicated page for my DIY Space Marine Chapter here on my Blog. You will find information about the creation, homeworld, combat doctrine, organization, look, beliefs and geneseed… 15 more words


Spartember- Week 4

I’m one day late for the weekly Spartember update but I don’t think anyone will hold that against me.  I caught a bug a couple of days ago and my body feels like I just completed an all body workout.   439 more words

Games Workshop

Under the Brush: My first painted warband

This is a post long overdue, the story of my first-ever completely painted warband of miniatures. I can count on one hand (technically two) the number of minis I’d painted before undertaking this endeavor: Two D&D miniatures when I was about 11 years old, and one of the plastic space marines from the 40k 2nd edition starter set. 1,281 more words


Nedeljne vesti 15.09. – 22.09. 2017

History of the World

Specter Ops: Broken Covenant


My First Stoneage


Breaking Bad

Mi u redakciji sajta Pitchwise volimo da kažemo da su društvene igre za svakoga od 5 do 105. 691 more words