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Tyranids- Scratch Built Trygon

Inspired by the Canadian wilderness I have name my Tyranids Hive Fleet Kodiak.  Over the last couple of years I have introduced you to two of my organisms from my Tyranids- Time the Dimachaeron and the Spawn of Cryptus.   685 more words

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What's coming up in 2017!

A bit late for hobby resolutions, but I plan these things before I make any concrete decisions. 2016 was a year of challenges for me, from keeping consistent with my course work, to deciding who to vote for in the EU Referendum, pushing my hobby skills to another level and finally, getting as much table top hobby time as I can. 291 more words


Christmas 2016 'Death from Above'

Following on from our Tanks game, we moved on massively in time…..to the 41st millennium !!  Our next game was our own created game of 40k.  225 more words


Tomb Kings Ushabti Update

Let me start this by saying something…..

I. Hate. Resin. Models.

There. I said it. It’s out in the open. There is no more disguising my hatred for the ridiculous use of resin in Warhammer models. 333 more words


Badab War YEG- Battle Report #3 Cleansing of Outpost RV381

Hello all,

Badab War YEG is slowly moving along.  There is one more game left for phase two and then we move onto Phase 3.  This report is the first of three games being played for Phase 2.  1,909 more words

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Scale and Perfectionism

I haven’t posted for a few weeks simply because I haven’t made as much progress with current projects as I’d hoped. The Varanguard has reached a fully assembled state… and stalled. 683 more words


Blood Angels Assault Marine

A Blood Angels assault marine prepares to take down a foe, featuring scatter terrain from Terrainify. More pics of my new Blood Angels army coming soon!