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Maybe the future isn't so bright

I started playing 40K at the onset, way back in ’87, it was brilliant! In truth it was Space Hulk that started me off. I dropped out of the 40k gaming for a while and picked it up just at the end of 4th edition this was midway through ’08, since then there’s been three more editions with only 2 years between 6 & 7. 794 more words


My First Pro-Paid Short Story Hits the E-Shelves

I’ve already ranted at length about how I was recently picked up to write a short story for everyone’s favourite wargaming scifi and fantasy company, Games Workshop. 120 more words

Cities of Death- Shrine of Aquila WIP Oct. 08

Armies on Parade is on October 24 so let’s see how the progress on the Shrine of Aquila is going. 162 more words

Games Workshop

The unstoppable tide of Green!

So, more Ork stuff has been painted and some more is in the works.  I’ve also started making my Aegis (Orkis?) Defense line out of old bits of sprue while rewatching the X-Files in preparation for the new series in January. 168 more words

Warhammer 40k

We go marching on...

Good afternoon watchers, pressers and followers,

There has been a flurry of activity at the Brushworks. Having moved into the new studio a few weeks ago the productivity has improved and escalated. 144 more words

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Club weekly: Warhammer (but not that AoS muck)

Not a lot of time (three quarters of an hour), but a passable game of three players and two turns apiece. I was Ogres, fighting the Orcs and the Lizardmen. 182 more words