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Alpha Legion Storm Wing

Storm Raven

Storm Talon Alpha

Storm Talon Omega

Alpha Legion Storm Wing formation (Storm Raven + two Storm Talons), painted back in February. Painted using an airbrush with Scale 75, Vallejo, and Forgeworld paints. 29 more words


Look, I Painted Something!

I have a couple of minis on the table right now, but I put them on hold for one night so that I could paint my first ever NAF trophy mini. 366 more words

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Shiny Tau Commission Update #11 – Stormy Tides

The war machines of the Tau Empire are tall and mighty, and now painted. 3 Riptides and a Stormsurge.

I love the Stormsurge. It’s huge and is neat to paint. 42 more words


My Blood Bowl Corner...

What is this madness? Two posts in two days? Is this a sign of the apocalypse? Nope, I just felt like trowing up another quick post to have something to do. 168 more words

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Sargent of the VIII Legion

The night lords have always been one of my favorite space marine chapters, They are not like the rest. Neither slaves to the god emperor or the runies powers. 185 more words



Decided to hop on the AoS bandwagon and picked up the starter box with a friend. As usual with GW box sets its really good value. 150 more words

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Bugman's Bowl 2016

So, yesterday I attended a new local Blood Bowl tournament called Bugman’s Bowl. As always, it was good to see friends and play some good games. 1,845 more words

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