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Games Workshop sprema novi Talisman

Kompanija Games Workshop je najavila da planira da oživi društvenu igru Talisman, čije se originalno prvo izdanje pojavilo daleke 1983. godine. Britanska kompanija je skoro celu deceniju sarađivala sa Fantasy Flight Games koja je tokom ovog perioda izdala pored Talismana, veliki broj igara baziranih na Games Workshop intelektualnim svojinama, kao što su Warhammer, Warhammer 40.000, Blood Bowl i mnoge druge. 130 more words


[WIP] Khorne Bloodbound: The Axes of Skarbrand painting 

Once again, Khorne has been the focus for my hobby time this week. I found an awesome red primer at Halfords for reasonable price, which did an awesome undercoat job for my collection. 502 more words


Another New Blood Bowl Release, Another New Post!

Two Friday’s ago, Games Workshop announced the pre-sale of the second Star Player in the Blood Bowl range. I ordered it immediately, because of course I did! 477 more words

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Bulletin - 30k Space Wolves Tactics

What started as almost a passion project for staff at Games Workshop and their partners at Forge World has really exploded into one of their most popular games. 213 more words


How to paint Space Wolves part 1: Geigor Fell-Hand painted as Bran Redmaw, Wolf Lord

For about three years, I spent my time collecting Space Wolves. I liked the Vikingness of them, and the Chapter’s colours too, so, I amassed a battle company, and chose Bran Redmaw to lead it. 710 more words


LOTR Numenor Commission Update #5 – First Half

About half the infantry are complete. Tabletop standard. It’s great painting Gondor models while listening to an audiobook of the Two Towers.

As a note, I thought painting the ears on a couple helmets to denote captains.


Bulletin - Shadows over Hammerhal Unboxing

The crew from Bell of Lost Souls takes a good look at the new Warhammer Quest: Shadows over Hammerhal game.

They’ve also written a short article detailing their thoughts on how the game actually plays. 129 more words