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Shakey Spearz Game 1

It was a grim and overcast day, with the clouds looming in the sky looking menacing. The ramshackle stadium was only half-full, but a surprisingly diverse crowd had seen a lizardman-ogre brawl break out before the teams even entered the pitch. 1,179 more words


Space Hulk

I played my nephew two games of Space Hulk with my newly fully-painted set. Over the years I’ve had other people painting my set. Some lost paint bets and had to paint me a model, others from the Secret Santa paint project we did at the shop for a few years. 150 more words

Games Workshop

Forge World News - Elysian Drop Troops now "Last chance to buy" and Aurox Armoured Transport up for pre order!

From Forge World this morning we learn that it is the last chance to order the Elysian Drop Troops range! These are some lovely models and I have always fancied doing a small army of them myself while playing Ride of the Valkyries at full volume… 308 more words


Battle Report - Necromunda - Orlocks vs. Escher

Luke is back with Hairmongous and the War Daughters to face my Orlocks in a revenge mission! Coleman and his men are cornered in a downhive tunnel by the vengeful Escher…. will they escape?

Guerrilla Miniature Games

Quick! Muster the Brotherhood!!

So, as it happens I’ve become a last minute member of one of the teams at this weekend’s 40k doubles event, The 2nd Confrontation Alliances… 352 more words

Warhammer 40k

Work In Progress Wednesday: April 18th, 2018

So followers of our Facebook page will remember that 2 weeks ago we had announced that we would be starting our bi-weekly Work In Progress Wednesday feature on the site. 309 more words

Warhammer Fest - Black Library Guests

More details are inbound from the Warhammer World website about what guests are coming to Warhammer Fest, today we have the details of who is attending from Black Library! 23 more words