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Grey Knights - Terminators Squad B

Squad A is composed of pewter models.  Squad B is all plastic.  So far I only have 8 painted up. 65 more words


I'm a rebel, and I will always be good #DnD #Gamerules

Saw this week that Wizards of the Coast is releasing another 5E Big Campaign. The Temple of Elemental Evil, along with some nice additions and modules. 1,010 more words

Role Playing Games


With the release of the new Assassinorum: Execution Force board game (AEF) this week, Games Workshop has taken a new step in re-defining the borders between their core games and their supplement products. 596 more words

Games Workshop

The Emperor's Shield

“Captains!  Another centennial contest is upon us, and we shall once again determine who is best suited to be the Emperor’s Shield.  The Lords of Terra welcome you to Olympus IV to test your mettle against your fellow Adeptus Astartes.  1,292 more words


Cities of Death WIP

Matt and Jerrod helped me get started on my Cities of Death buildings a couple of weekends ago.  We were distracted very easily and often and that’s alright because it was a good night had by all (or so they tell me).  504 more words


Total War: WARHAMMER - A Match Made in Heaven

I’ve often found that, like buses, good news comes in pairs. A few days ago I shared the good news about me and writing for… 314 more words


Act 1 - Fall, Chapter 4

After turning against their previous Overlord and separating themselves from the other dynasties, the Udin Dynasty now lived solely on a great battle barge, the Am’otep, drifting through space and avoiding those who would wish to see them buried in a grave for their betrayal to their own race. 729 more words