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Blood Bowl Sunday

With the Super Bowl happening today, I figured that those of us that are gaming inclined might not have the greatest of interest in football. However, I have a solution to this issue that allows for those of us that prefer gaming to still be involved with football this weekend. 381 more words

Blood Bowl

Painting Progress: week 5

Five weeks already… how the time flies! I’ve been really ill lately, however there’s still been a surprising amount of progress made, so let’s jump right in! 799 more words


Forbidden Stars

So yesterday we gathered together for the first run at Forbidden Stars, a Fantasy Flight game produced on behalf of Games Workshop. This is a Space Conquest game set in the Warhammer 40K universe, where up to four races, the Orks (we’re mostly familiar with orks now, yes?), the Eldar (Space Elves), the Space Marines (human super soldiers) and the forces of Chaos (people corrupted by Dark Powers ™), battle to seize objectives held by the others at the start of the game across several star systems, represented by a grid of land and space locations. 830 more words

Fantasy Flight

Age Of SigBrah Ep.12: Crews Vs Possum

Welcome travellers of the Realm Gates.

First up I apologise for Gary being lower in the mix (although we are sure you all enjoy that) it does even out some what. 58 more words


The Wolf Is Loose

The world of Warhammer 40k is not like our own. That really should be clear by now but sometimes I feel it’s still overlooked. There may be super-soldiers, space battles, teleporters and lasers aplenty but this is not the future. 2,763 more words

Warhammer 40k

The Fear Part 2: Fresh Fear

If you’re thinking “why the terrible faux movie title” then I should probably point out that The Fear 1 is here.

Almost a year ago I blogged about how a certain, strange unease comes with reaching the next level in a writing career. 432 more words

Geek Economy - the Monopoly of Games Workshop

So this afternoon I just went into my local Games Workshop to buy some supplies – I have currently 2 very neglected armies (Dark Eldar and Brettonia – yeah I like playing hard core where the rules are against you). 809 more words