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Group Stage Painting

Battlegrounds Saugus had a “Paint a Starter Box” (of Warhammer) event and another friend was going so I decided to participate.  I didn’t actually get any painting done while there, but did get most of the stuff assembled.  132 more words


Soul Wars pre-orders

Age of Sigmar: Soul Wars is coming and The Sentry Box is now taking preorders for the boxed set, General’s handbook, Malign Sorcery boxed set and all the other items that will be released for the new version of Age of Sigmar on June 30th. 161 more words


Battle Report - Warhammer: Age of Sigmar 2nd Edition - Sylvaneth vs. Freeguild

Owen from Gaming with the Cooler and I unpack even more Matched Play Malign Sorcery in the Realmscape of Aqshy as the Sylvaneth attempt to seize a vital objective from the Freeguild in ‘The Relocation Orb’.

Guerrilla Miniature Games

On the Paint Table - Soulwars: Nighthaunts and Stormcast

Check out what I painted this week and take a look at upcoming projects!

Check out the Sylvaneth vs. Freeguild Battle Report HERE: https://youtu.be/TTO4Kgjd68A

Guerrilla Miniature Games

SHOWCASE: T'au Tetra (and tips for transfers)

Grit hissed and clattered off the hood of the small skimmer as it ploughed through billowing red clouds of oxide dust. The tandem craft buffeted like a leaf in a storm, jinking and swerving through a mangled sprawl of skeletal buildings and ducts. 767 more words


New Mechanicus rules for Titan Guard and Termite up from Forge World!

Exciting news everyone! Forge World have just put out rules for Mechanicus Titan Guard and the Termite!

It’s because of your feedback that we released the beta rules for using your favourite 

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