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Tactical  squad deathsword 

As part of what I hope to become a weekly article, or at least have the intention of doing, is a ‘on the bench’ post. In these I shall update you with my weekly projects whether it is assembling a unit or painting it. 45 more words

White Dwarf Review - January 2018

This issue is packed to the brim with Nurgle stuff, Age of Sigmar Nurgle stuff to be precise and it all kicks off with a super snazzy piece of cover art, featuring a Lord of Blights.  2,303 more words

Blood Bowl Dwarfs update 1

The 2018 painting continues as I finally put the finishing touches to the first Dwarfs of the Blood Bowl team I bought early in 2017. I won’t lie, these guys lingered on my paint tray as the colour scheme didn’t work as well as I’d hoped. 48 more words


The New Year Plan - Man Flu... Medicine... The Arrival Of Papa Nurgle (Score So Far 0)

This post was planned as a quick aside really, to say that I didn’t get a game of Heroes of Normandie in as planned.  I have what seems to be a mild dose of the flu.  298 more words


Fortifying This Position

As a loyal son of Dorn, and devout Imperial Fist, it is my sworn duty to build as many fortifications as possible, whenever possible.  That’s why, when I liquidated my… 1,322 more words

Warhammer 40000

Advanced Heroquest Reborn - The Heroes

Looking at the box of Games Workshop’s Advanced Heroquest you’d be forgiven for thinking the game was a direct continuation of Milton Bradley’s Heroquest. The box art featured the four heroes  from the original game along with a full complement of monsters, the familiar zombie, scimitar wielding Orc and the shifty looking Goblin to name but a few. 483 more words

Advanced Heroquest

Dungeon of Doom - Warhammer Quest

Appropriate for my current fantasy mood, Virago invited Sigur, Daniel and me over to play a game of Warhammer Quest, the GW classic from 1995. 660 more words