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Making plans for a new collection: The Liverbone court 

Today I’ve finalised my plans on how to build up my Ghoul army, which took longer than expected, but worth the wait. So a while back I mentioned that I’ve started to move on from building my skaven army, as I felt happy with the amount I’ve collected to play the army. 478 more words


Still Here ;)

Not much words here, just been busy trying to up my painting game.  Check it out.  Most are WIP, with the exception of Kharn the Betrayer, I painted him years ago! 98 more words

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Upcoming Games!

We’re rapidly heading towards Christmas, which can only mean one thing: big games are coming! Okay, so it probably means more than that, but still! There are a lot of interesting things on the horizon, some nearer than others, so I thought for today’s game day blog, I’d ramble a little about these upcoming delights! 967 more words

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Da Nuka Trooperz (Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team - Orks) 2014

I’m a die hard Fallout fan. There’s something about the ridiculous retro-futuristic vibe, coupled with the barely-contained anarchy of the post-post-apocalypse, that really gets the gears in my spider-web encrusted brain turning. 836 more words


Hemera’s End - A 40K Campaign League

Sometime last year, I raised the idea of setting up a regular ‘league’ at my FLGS here in Hong Kong.  There are many regular gamers here, representing the whole spectrum of power levels from the… 435 more words

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Sylvaneth- Branchwraith

Welcome back to the work week.  Monday is beginning for some of us and ending for others.  I’d like to introduce you to Bobbi the Branchwraith.  194 more words

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Jamie's 16th birthday weekend.....

So when you ask your teenager ‘Where do you want to go for your 16th?’, what kind of response do you expect….?  Well, in true wargaming nature, Jamie decides that a day at Warhammer World is where he wants to go most. 764 more words