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Paul McCartney And Ringo Unveil Beatles Rock Band At Game Conference By Beatle Geek Pete

Game advancement has exploded over the last few years, and today it seems like many people are making a video game. While the idea of enabling visitors to make their very own game content isn’t fresh ( even on mobile phones and tablets ), the fact that Galzerano has removed as much complexity as possible while even now giving off the effect that the user has made a game” could give the app a chance at being mainstream in a manner that Unity or Unreal could by no means be, given their beginning situation as professional tools and not fun toys for hobbyists. 216 more words


All-Star Game

A couple of weeks ago I had the unique experience to photograph the Reese’s All-Star game as well as the Final Four practice on that Friday. 27 more words


Star Wars Battlefront Update!

With the Star Wars celebration behind us, we now have a ton of new information about Star Wars Battlefront! For starters, the game will be released November 17th of this year! 304 more words

Games In 2015

Sudoku Solving

I love doing Sudoku puzzles and have written programs for solving them.  Over the years I have written solvers in VBA and C# using Excel forms, Windows forms, text output, etc. 1,040 more words


4/19/2015 Update

Two new reviews up!

I feel a little bad about shitting on two indie games, but neither of them are really worth a purchase.


Nugua and Toby play, Skyblock!

Sorry its been so long guys, we’ve had A TON of stuff going on lately.

Here is our first video in a game series, Nugua and Toby playing Skyblock. 7 more words