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Language Learning Games

Changing Perceptions

Gamification, or turning an activity into a game, has become a popular subject in teaching in the last few years.  The perception of games as solely recreational pastimes has changed to include that of an extremely effective learning vehicle. 217 more words

Role Playing Games

Wot I Think: Broken Age Act 2

Over a year since the first act was belatedly released, Double Fine’s seminal Kickstarter project Broken Age is now complete. Act 1 was bursting with potential… 62 more words

Tenchu Z - Spielzeit ca.38 Stunden

Das letzte Mal das ich meine Hände an einen Teil der Tenchu Reihe (sowie dem ähnlichen Bushido Blade) hatte war mit den beiden Erstlingen auf der PSX und was auch immer danach folgte hat nie wirklich meine Aufmerksamkeit erregt. 1,546 more words

Xbox 360

Smash of the Day #2408

A more mundane evening tonight after yesterday’s festivities: coffee cake, partially popped popcorn, Smash Bros, Mario Kart, and a board game that left the four of us stranded in the desert despite our best efforts. 38 more words

Photo Of The Day

Motion Maths: Cupcake!

Motion Maths: Cupcake is a great maths game which is both fun and educational. It teaches kids grid referencing, addition and subtraction, and also how to solve basic maths problems. 506 more words


On Death and Dying

Death is an essential part of conflict, and in some way all games rely on conflict to tell a story. As such, it’s no surprise that death is a major component of almost every game – even those without fail states often use death in some way. 722 more words

A look at: Avernum 2 Crystal Souls

There are times where the original of a game is the best of the series. Then there are times where that is not true at all, like Fallout 2 compared to Fallout 1 (for the original games at least) or in this case Avernum 2 : Crystal Souls. 1,016 more words