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Hearthstone - Introducing /r/hearthstone Monthly Challenges!

Introducing /r/hearthstone Monthly Challenges!

Greetings Travelers:

As a bit of an experiment, I wanted to start a new feature for the sub. Think sort of like a month long Brawl, only with a weekly discussion thread. 322 more words

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MGS V (No spoilers)

So I just got MGS V without ever having played any of the MGS series… This was probably a mistake. The game is fun don’t get me wrong lots of action in the intro even if it was confusing as hell. 61 more words


Vidya Challenge Day 18: Favorite Protagonist

This is a tough question because I find in video games the protagonist is often times way more boring than the antagonists or side characters. Big Boss isn’t as interesting as The Boss, Geralt isn’t as cool as Ciri, Sonic could never hope to be as tough as Knuckles, who’s tougher than knuckles, rougher than knuckles, and unlike Knuckles doesn’t chuckle ( 254 more words


What's Up World!

What’s up, World! It’s The Melancholy Gamer. I decided to start a blog after realizing that I have way too many video games!  See, I work at a video game company and receive random games at times, and never find time to play them. 115 more words


Nintendo - KC Chiefs play MK7 in their down time

KC Chiefs play MK7 in their down time

Submitted September 01, 2015 at 03:19PM by Xilarating
via reddit http://ift.tt/1KFUiMg

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