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Competition - August '15

This month, our competition is open to all of our fans on Facebook. If you give us a like over there, you are in with a chance of winning… 276 more words

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"10 Characters That Fight Sexism in Gaming"

“There’s no question that sexism is prominent throughout the history of video games and still is to this very day. A vast majority of games have depicted women inferior to men, constantly requiring their help in trying to help solve any conflicts that appear in most stories. 283 more words


Hearthstone - [Twitter] New Mechanic

New Mechanic

Is your lance ready for some jousting? Find out about #Hearthstone's new gameplay mechanic! https://t.co/0yBAQLD7vL

— Hearthstone (@PlayHearthstone) August 5, 2015

Submitted August 05, 2015 at 06:15AM by Amfrese…

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Going to live football matches and a selfie

Hi guys, so I’ve completed another two tasks on the Summer Plans list. I’ve managed to kind of merge the two of them together to so they kind of both count. 210 more words


Hearthstone - [Twitter] New Cards - Gamescom (With artwork)

New Cards – Gamescom (With artwork)

The Grand Tournament is more than just new cards! It's also JOUSTING! pic.twitter.com/1tT898BeGw

— Hearthstone (@PlayHearthstone) August 5, 2015…

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Just cant wait to play these..once released in august
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Expanding: The Sims 4’s Get Together Announced

Are you happy? Do you feel complete? What’s been missing from your life? If the answer is “to explore continental Europe with friends via the comfort and safety of The Sims” then you are in luck. 55 more words