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Hearthstone - TIL Loatheb can cause summoning stone to summon deathwing on turn 5

TIL Loatheb can cause summoning stone to summon deathwing on turn 5

Opponent played loatheb, I cast my zero mana (Tavern Brawl) 5-mana spell which cost 5 now because of loatheb, Summoning stone summons deathwing… 17 more words

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iPad Pro review – the creative future’s looking good

Apple’s big-screen wonder has the specs to match its looks, with huge potential for gamers and artists

Read more on: http://newsrule.com/ipad-pro-review-creative-futures-looking-good/


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Good heavens! Is this what you call a AAA game?

We all understand making a game, that is designated AAA, is difficult. And they cost a lot of money. 332 more words

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Hearthstone - A few words about Hearthstone.

A few words about Hearthstone.

So after not playing for a while, I'm slowly making my comeback, but since I always feel like speaking out when there is something I really love, I thought I had to give my 2 cents here. 109 more words

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Minecraft story

Once there was a boy named Steve who finds a person named Alex. Then they built a house together. Then they fight zombies when it was night time and when it is the next day they mined to find iron to make a iron sword then when they came back home they made a axe and they chopped down trees to make a stick. 110 more words

Conversations in Sport Education

The model of Sports Education was designed by Daryll Siedentop. He felt that sport in Physical Education had been ‘decontextualised’, meaning it had been reduced to a shopping list of skills and tactics that needed to be taught and learnt before the game could be experienced. 1,120 more words

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249. WoT putting tank detection in place

Having figured out how I want tanks to see each other, it’s time to see if I can build the system. I didn’t look forward to this, because there’s a lot of testing, and usually some difficult bugs, in something this complicated. 1,086 more words