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Short Thought: Swing Dancing is Game Designing

Okay raise of hands how many of you have actually swing danced before…..okay great now take ten seconds to realise that I am an article and can’t see you and we can begin. 459 more words

Game Design

On Being Conditioned and in LIMBO

When LIMBO was released in the summer of 2010, the phrase “indie game” was hardly in my lexicon. In fact, at the time, whenever I heard the phrase, only two games came to mind: Braid and Fat Princess. 1,011 more words

Video Games

Math + Poems = Swagness

Today, in honor of April Fool’s Day, we pretended to do math instead of writing. We wrote a math poem, where each line had to have an equation but everything was words instead of numbers. 142 more words


April 2015 Nintendo Direct Shows Sustainability, If Little Else

I think it was during a past investor meeting that Nintendo head Satoru Iwata said the company’s plan for the rest of the Wii U’s life cycle was, overall, to keep current owners satisfied. 743 more words


Medical Lake Middle School Chess Club photos

Earlier this week I got to shoot some photos of the Medical Lake Middle School Chess Club.


No Shame In Not Being A Programmer (When Making An Indie Game)

Programming was the first major roadblock I ran up against when I tried making games on my own at the tender age of 11. Back then the tools were laughable and markedly aimed at the amateur crowd who, like my 11 year old self, had no chance of producing a marketable game that will sell and earn money. 507 more words



Tug-o-war is my favourite game! I don’t play fetch, sure I will go get the ball, but ya gotta catch me if you want it back! 31 more words