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어떤 문제인지는 아직 모르지만, 글을 ㄷㅡㅇ록하는 ㅂㅜ분에 있어 매우 불편한 워드프레스… 이걸 해결하기 ㅇㅟ해 시간을 내야하는데 …글을 작성하는 ㄷㅗㅇ안에도 앞에서는 글자 ㅇㅔ러가 연속적으로 발생되고 있다…


Can You Escape 9 Fancy Rooms II new game for iphone

Can You Escape 9 Fancy Rooms II is a new puzzle game from TIAN ZHANG link

Game description: The purpose of this game is to break out of the rooms. 125 more words


The Lack of Diversity Among Us

The Wolf Among Us. What more could you want when you already have fairytale characters, noir themes, and New York City? Non-Western fairytale characters! (also if you haven’t played the game, spoilers. 503 more words

Slipped Disc: A story in some parts. Part: the first.

“Gordon Bennett!” Bennett jumped. His glazed eyes blinked into action as Coach’s oppressive form filled up his vision right up to the periphery. The thick atmosphere in the East Cheshire Millennial Bowl had sent Gord’s imagination into a tailspin and he was finding it an ordeal to maintain focus. 732 more words


Shakespeare Saturday: Fun and Games

Greetings, Cacti Cult!

Shakespeare Saturday has dawned upon us once again and in lieu of one of our lovely (though lengthy) analyses, I have decided today is the day to share the wonders of the internet. 520 more words

For Phil Scott - Dark Souls II Glass

Hi Phil, as promised – Dark Souls II engraved glass!  If you wanna pick one up, they are now on our store via Etsy –  18 more words

TV And Game

Large-Scale for Small Games: Crazy8's

As I have mentioned before, I really dig the Crazy8’s game originally conceived by Travis Legge.  It is a super simple game that lends itself well to expansion.   329 more words