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This is Paprium! Rule, be ruled, or die!

It’s time to pull that Genesis out of the closet and dust off your Mega Drive. The largest ever Sega Genesis and Sega Mega Drive video game now has an official launch date. 323 more words


Let Me Ask You A Question - 3/27/17

I watch a lot of shows on gold mining because I find the process and the gamble to strike it rich mesmerizing.

Let me ask you a question: 12 more words


Bane 👊😎 Credit @wookiemilk #bane #thedarkknightrises #tomhardy #batman #phicen #toystagram #toyslagram #hottoys… https://t.co/KdvRmKg711


10 Easy League of Legends Cosplays

Many of you are already prepping your cosplays for upcoming cons this summer, which is awesome. But not all of us have the time (or patience) to invest in making a spot-on cosplay. 261 more words