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AI Is Learning How To Build Its Own Video Game Worlds


A team of researchers from the University of Lyon, Purdue and Ubisoft have published a paper showing what may well be the future of creating video game worlds: an AI that is able to construct most of its own 3D landscapes. 122 more words



My sister Phillo is heartbroken today. David Cassidy was her teenage idol. She had posters of him all over the bedroom wall and on the ceiling.  367 more words


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NBA Live's lifespan may prosper while living in the past

It’s been sitting in my modest office/gaming area for the past five weeks. Not long enough to collect dust – at least a visible layer, which is surprising because I’m a horrible housekeeper – but still an awfully long time for a purchase I just *had* to make. 1,138 more words

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Possibly a Mistake? GameStop's Taking An Extra 10% Off Everything, Including the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X.

10% off Physical Items | GameStop | Promo code TY10

GameStop appears to be offering a 10% off sitewide coupon with code TY10, and at least for now, it works on consoles. 77 more words


How Far Cry 5 Handles Cults And Small-Town America


Of all the types of American regions featured in games, the one least explored is the country’s vast open rural landscapes. It’s one of the intriguing aspects of… 1,676 more words


Guy Builds Robot To Grind (Badly) For Battlefront II Loot Boxes


There are two ways to unlock stuff in Battlefront II. You could pay for it, which sucks, or you could build a sense of pride and accomplishment by constructing a robot to grind progression for you. 138 more words