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Yankees Continue to Pummel Orioles Pitching

Clint Frazier homered twice and drove in a career-high five runs as the Yankees kept up their assault on Baltimore pitching in an 11-4 rout Tuesday night.. 20 more words

Stream Live @ May 21, 2019 at 11:30PM

RT Please! Grinding through Tier 5 of Tom Clancy's The Division 2, please follow and share. #streaming #streamer #gamer #gaming #SupportSmallStreamers #thedivision2 https://t.co/kDNemrNEwJ

— SonOfTill (@sonoftilly) …

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15 European Pop Acts You Might Not Know, but Should

European music is more than just the glitz of Eurovision. Turn on your sound to hear 15 of the continent’s most important acts, musically and socially, right now.. 24 more words

Anita Hill Worries Female 2020 Candidates Are ‘Not Being Taken Seriously’

In an interview with The Times, Ms. Hill said she was bothered by what she saw as the presumption that a woman would become vice president.. 26 more words

Dauntless - Console Release Trailer

Here’s me voicing the latest trailer for Dauntless, announcing its cross-platform console release.


[REVIEW IN PROGRESS]American Fugitive

I was intrigued by American Fugitive because of how closely it resembles the original Grand Theft Auto series ( 1, 2 & London 1969) without being a simple clone. 413 more words


Liberate Your Mind

It’s been 2 weeks since I started my therapy for depression and I can honestly say that I feel better.I always feel like a limited space bottle,but there was so much substance inside that the bottle began cracking.No amount of tape,glue,or temporary fix could hold it together and here I am,pouring out all the poison by choice.It’s a weird sense of liberation,but it’s MY liberation that saves me from my darkness. 85 more words