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Outdoor Games in the Dark

Flashlight Tag
We still have some time where we are in the dark during our evening meetings and want to do a little outdoor component. A game suggestion that the 1CL Beavers love is a quick game of flashlight tag outside. 227 more words


Elite: Dangerous Planets Turned Beige By Mistake

(Source: kotaku.com)

Image: Mengy

Last year, following the release of its 2.2 patch, Elite: Dangerous players started noticing something weird: some of the game’s planets, normally detailed and full of alien colour, had started looking a little more drab. 330 more words


Buck Buck

Buck buck (also known as ‘Johnny-on-the-Pony’) is a children’s game with several variants. A very physical version of the game involves one group of players that huddles together.

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Google search on Android can now search through Google Drive files

Hidden all the way at the right end of the Google search app’s tabs is ‘In Apps’ search. As you might guess from the name, it allows you to search within the apps installed on your phone. 86 more words