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Assassin's Creed Syndicate

London. 1868. The Industrial Revolution. An age of invention and prosperity, built on the backs of working class slaves. As gangster assassin Jacob Frye, you will recruit your gang to fight for justice on behalf of the oppressed working class. 85 more words


PD Session: Quizzes, Games, Oh My!

Presented by Carol Bohland, Aaron Joplin, and Korinne Turnbell

Next presenting on October 19, 2015 as part of the Sylvania Fall Inservice Day

From the ad: “Would you like interactive fun that can move from Smartboard to Chromebook to Smartphone? 112 more words

PD Sessions

Hearthstone - Ostkaka figured out the new meta already

Ostkaka figured out the new meta already

can't wait to bring my new charge warrior to blizzcon! pic.twitter.com/aWB7fJTr7a

— Sebastian Engwall (@NaViOstkaka) October 13, 2015…

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Audio Set Up

I was at Hyde Park Homing Coming Game and I had to set up audio.


Kids Rescued From Backyard Pool After 37 Years Trapped In Whirlpool

Emergency services have finally freed three kids who became trapped in a whirlpool in a Clark Rubber above ground swimming pool in 1978.

“I can’t remember who it was who first suggested that we make a whirlpool but we soon realised the water was going round and round way too fast to safely get a grip on the sides of the pool so we each grabbed a pool pony and just clung on,” said Pete Crenshaw, now 45 years old. 247 more words

Hearthstone - A new age of Hearthstone

A new age of Hearthstone


Submitted October 13, 2015 at 02:30PM by axelG97
via reddit http://ift.tt/1X0pucZ

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Digital Foundry: The Witcher 3 Patch 1.10 Finally Fixes PS4 Version of the Game

Finally, PS4 gamers can play The Witcher 3.

Digital Foundry just released their breakdown of the 1.10 patch for the Witcher 3 and it seems like it fixes most of the issues that has plagued the Playstation 4 version (special thanks to… 560 more words

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