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"Chicago Steel to wear ultra-cool jerseys at Junior Club World Cup http://ift.tt/1HoZa1M"

“Chicago Steel to wear ultra-cool jerseys at Junior Club World Cup http://ift.tt/1HoZa1M

The Chicago Steel’s spectacular jerseys will surely turn heads at the Junior Club World Cup tournament in Russia. 61 more words


An Author Approaches

Hello folks, I am the girl who shall be spending a part of her blogs talking about the beauty inside video games. From 8-bit games like Duck Hunt, to cinematic games like The Last of Us, and many other popular titles. 122 more words

Editorial: Snapdragon Sorrows - Has Qualcomm Begun A Long, Slow Fall From The Top?

Back in late July, the Qualcomm Corporation – employer of over 30,000 individuals at the time – began the process of telling about 15% of those people (eg, over 4,000 gainfully-employed human beings) they were no longer needed. 98 more words


Link Bubble Is 'Under New Management' And Getting A Big v1.5 Update With Drop Down Support, Colored Toolbars, And More

Chris Lacy’s Link Bubble floating browser was a cool idea right out of the gate, but you might notice that development has been slow. Today… 103 more words


Rocket League is like Soccer++

Rocket League is what soccer would be like if instead of humans it was played by acrobatic rocket-powered battle-cars (in other words, much more interesting). It’s pretty cool, and has deservedly been selling like hot cakes. 194 more words


World of Warcraft Subscription Base Drop.....AGAIN

World of Warcraft subscription base drops again with only a few days with the announcement of the new WOW expansion. The numbers released by Activision’s second quarter.. 117 more words

Gaming News


Download it for free on Google Play.

Annulus is an addictive game with simple rules and graphics.

Your task is to control a ball in such way, that you successfully dodge all obstacles, which are moving completely randomly. 33 more words