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6 HP Satu Jutaan Terbaik Untuk Gaming Versi Bonus288

Bermain game di smartphone tentu sangat menyenangkan, terlebih banyak sekali games esports di platform mobile yang bagus untuk dimainkan dikala senggang. Sebut saja seperti PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile, Mobile Legends, hingga Free Fire. 605 more words


Typhoon TV

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The popularity of Netflix, HBO and other online series and movies platforms have standardized the consumption of audiovisual contents on mobile devices. At present, there’s a wide range of online services of this kind, and it’s hard to decide on one or another, especially if you have to pay for a subscription. 193 more words


A Random Set of 1 AM Musings About The Upcoming Shadowlands Stream and Blizzcon 2020 Cancellation

I’m a night owl and can’t help it.

I’ve aimed to do one creative thing a day as of late, and when that isn’t animating in Blender for video projects (spoiled my own reveal), creating models, or working on ideas for the game my fiancee and I are working on, that means writing. 463 more words


Ready Players Play Titanfall 2 – Part 7

Hey baby, you wanna tour a warzone in my walking war machine? Taking a much needed break from JRPG bullshit for a while, Tristan and Jack go right to the other end of the spectrum: big bang-bang war shooters with deadly robot besties! 72 more words


Observation: Directors Play Through - TODAY, 2pm

Observation, the sci-fi thriller from Glasgow’s NoCode, has been widely praised for it’s unsettling and eerie set-up, understated sense of menace, use of audio and fantastic storytelling. 245 more words



—smelled a riot
—Bike errands: supplies to Summerize house
—Listened to Montsho & Olivia Peppers IG Live meeting.
::TOPICS included:
<<<racism, activism, how to be a better white person, books, … 162 more words

Blue Lotus

Mail A Letter

What You Need:

I love games that have a real world takeaway. This is a fun, easy game to play for any rider. As always, scale the game appropriately for the rider’s skill level. 338 more words