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Update on the GameTrailers Archive Effort

You may recall me, back in February mentioning the efforts to salvage the content of the GameTrailers Web site, which has gone bye-bye. The person behind that task dropped me a note on Reddit (and it took me a few weeks to get it, as I don’t log in to Reddit directly very often) to let me know that the… 9 more words

Tweaks & Updates

Easy Allies, Tense Affinity

Generally, I’m pretty pro the former GT gentlemen, now known as the Easy Allies guys (EZA). Game review scores seemed fair but tough, without the pandering you sometimes see around the interwebs. 702 more words

Just watching Easy Allies today

I was going to post about something else today, but I’m too busy watching my favourite group in gaming. The ex-GT boys are back with Easy Allies. 26 more words

Gaming Chat

Be an Ally to the guys from GameTrailers

Back in February the website GameTrailers was shut down after  13 years in business. With such a talented team it was hard to think they would just disappear, but i assumed they would be scooped up by larger sites looking for talented writers. 80 more words


Former GameTrailers Crew Announcement On March 21st

The former team over at GameTrailers have teased that they have a special announcement to share on Monday, March 21st. The team disbanded after GameTrailers sadly shut down, but it sounds as though it’s extremely likely that they have a new venture in place. 13 more words