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First Look WWE 2K17

Both UpUpDownDown and Steve and Larson posted some previews of WWE 2K17.

MyCareer designer Ramelle Ballesca gives Team UpUpDownDown the low-down on the biggest changes to the popular MyCareer game mode in WWE 2K17! 47 more words

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I’ve got three hours to kill and I’m stuck in one spot. I’m in school at my work study, attending the secondary desk at the library because they’re short-staffed. 3,241 more words

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Look, I Painted Something!

I have a couple of minis on the table right now, but I put them on hold for one night so that I could paint my first ever NAF trophy mini. 366 more words

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Austin Creed and Andru Edwards - Street Fighter V and King of Fighters

On this episode of Superstar Savepoint, Austin Creed takes on Andru Edwards from Gear Line in both King of Fighters and Street Fighter V in an all-out brutal fight for video game supremacy!


Law & Order In The Internet Archive: Crime Fighter

I have just returned from another exploration of the old MSDOS games stored at the Internet Archive and I think I may have found one of the most addictive games ever programmed.   1,172 more words


Skirt Wearing Weather

The adventures of one man and his spiritual wolf.

Which will one day be three wolves. I’m not entirely sure how one wolf magically splits into three- but I’m not asking questions! 599 more words


The Scars We Carry - Geeks Under Grace

Source: The Scars We Carry – Geeks Under Grace

When I was younger–and had more time to watch anime–the classic Fullmetal Alchemist was one of my favorites. 239 more words