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Thoughts on Gaming - The Importance of Clear Instructions

Isaac and I recently went to St. Louis to visit friends, and while there, we had them test out our new Battle Decks: Multiverse 1953… 745 more words

Stephanie Flint

Sixth World of Warcraft Expansion To Be Announced Very Soon

It was a tradition of my blog to write news about new World of Warcraft expansions, it’s that time again. Blizzard will announce the sixth World of Warcraft expansion very soon according to a… 295 more words


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Somewhat of a celebration.

I still have a huge pile of work on my desk. A lot of tasks to get through and things that people are waiting for. At least I’ve dispatched¬†most of the That Company paperwork now, there are only one or two minor bits of admin outstanding. 121 more words


1st Battle in 3rd

I decided to give 3rd a go this time. I’m not quite sure which I favor though. 2nd Edition was quite enjoyable with the small skirmish. 285 more words


Destiny Crucible in a nutshell

If you’ve never stepped into the Crucible (PVP mode) in Destiny. This is what to expect. A hilarious battle ensues with one of the most used load outs in the game, Blink (short teleport jump), shotguns (with sniper range), and Thorn (poison bullet hand cannon).



We Have a Twitch Channel!

Starting from tomorrow, we will be streaming from our new twitch channel G33k_P0p. We will post when we go live, we plan on playing a variety of games and maybe trying a few reader suggested games as well.


Top 5 Reveals of E3 2015


The next installment in the DOOM franchise look like its going to be almost as fasted-paced and its 90’s counter-parts, I do however have one complaint, WHY DOES IT TAKE A 3 SECOND LONG ANIMATION TO KILL SOMETHING WITH A CHAINSAW! 188 more words