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Some "Logic" Found In Videogames

Click on the picture then zoom in to be able to read the flaws in some videogames.


'Mobius Final Fantasy' Trailer

Square Enix has just released a two-minute trailer for its upcoming smartphone RPG, Mobius Final Fantasy, and it certainly looks impressive for a game fully developed for the mobile gaming market. 121 more words


Signs and Portents

Who are the Dreamers who Dream the Dreams of Ruin?


Zelda Symphony

   I was very fortunate to attend the Zelda Symphony event at Wembley Arena the other evening and it was just beautiful. The orchestra played music from many of the games, including Majora’s Mask, Twilight Princess and Ocarina of Time. 152 more words


Moar meet Qualifier #1 Results

Today was the day where 128 players battled it out for the top 8 spots of this first Moar meet qualifier. The qualifier was not broadcasted, however, the top 8 have moved on to secure their spot in the Moar meet Invitational on May 2nd along with a handful of pros. 27 more words


Heroes of the Storm: First Impressions

You know those days where you sign up for a Beta and then forget you did it? You do? Me too!

Though, that’s not entirely true- I do remember signing up for this Beta as I know a few people who play it and love it. 573 more words


Welcome to my Workshop! Let me introduce myself...

Welcome to my Workshop! Let me introduce myself….

 My name is MrMustache,from AoKHeavens and Im here to give and share news about my projects on AoE 2.I haven’t uploaded any scenarios or campaigns yet,but I think I already convinced a lot of people with my screenshots over at AoKHeaven.I will write about my ideas,projects,share screenshots and guides.I want to help other people get inspired to make scenarios/campaigns for AoE 2,it is fairly easy to get started actually,but very hard to master.So that’s why I’m here,I will write guides from time to time.I mostly make unplayable but pretty scenarios for Age of Conquerors’ Userpatch 1.4.I also use the mod Age of Chivalry : Hegemony. 24 more words