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Disney's Aladdin (SNES) - Retro Bits

Salió a la venta en noviembre de 1993 y es desarrollado por Capcom. En este juego trabajó Shinji Mikami, creador de Resident Evil.

Hay otro juego de Aladdin que salió al mismo tiempo para el Genesis de Sega pero ese está desarrollado por un equipo totalmente diferente y estuvo a cargo de Virgin Games. 1,066 more words


Barabas Ceausescu, Tabaxi Rogue

The tabaxi race is currently my favorite. In making today’s November character creation, I decided to not over-think the persona going rather traditional. Barabas Ceausescu… 183 more words


Allied Rather Than Adversarial: How 5E Encourages a Different Style of Play

There will always be debates. No one is looking for or expecting perfection or a last word on any manner. Rather, we’re all looking for variation and build upon what came before. 673 more words


Is push-to-talk being added to Fallout 76?

Fallout 76 had its full release yesterday and the game hasn’t been without its problems.

Despite launching a beta version of the game being available to help address any potential problems before the full launch, Bethesda hasn’t yet released a new patch to fix some of the issues. 270 more words


Wince, Kenku Corsair

Pirates, they’re so 2003. Plus, the ocean is horrible. Just ask Nott. Anyway, for today’s November character creation, I decided to ignore all that and make a swashbuckler–the… 168 more words


Early Xbox Black Friday deals offer up to 70% off games

Black Friday is still a week away but plenty of stores are already offering deals to their customers.

Video game sales have become a big part of the annual event, especially for shoppers keen to take advantage of the offers ahead of Christmas. 298 more words


Ghosts of Games Past - Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War

Publisher: Intelligent Systems

Platform: Super Famicom

Now, this is a game we weren’t initially planning to cover for Ghosts of Games Past, but talking about… 1,074 more words