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New 30th Anniversary Manga Collection Releasing in Japan - Oracle of Seasons/Ages

Earlier this year we talked about Nintendo putting together a special manga collection for the 30th anniversary of the Zelda series, where it combined volumes of select manga by Akira Himekawa into smaller volumes with some never before seen content and additional coloration.

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The Forgotten War - Part Three + Feedback

This is a write-up of the megagame 1866 & All that. Please see earlier parts for more information – Part One & Part Two. 2,429 more words


The Forgotten War - Part Two

This is part two of a write up regarding my experience during the Megagame “1866 & All That”, for more details and to read Part One, please… 1,320 more words


The Forgotten War - Part One

Or: To the Maine and Back: A Tour of the Federal German States, as written by the Prussian Army of the Main.

Since the only thing I seem to be able to blog about these days are the megagames I end up doing, it’s of no surprise then that I’m here to talk to you about another Megagame – “1866 And All That”. 992 more words


7 essential beginner's tips to help you master Overwatch

As Blizzard’s highly anticipated first person shooter finally releases, we offer the best tips and advice on how not to be a complete burden to your colourful squad. 977 more words


International Superstar Soccer 2000 (N64) - Retro Bits

International Superstar Soccer 2000 es la tercera entrega de la serie para el Nintendo 64. Su lanzamiento fue un poco raro, parece que no le dieron mucha importancia, salió en diciembre del 2000 y para esas fechas el… 360 more words


The Problems With Modern "Games Journalism"

Now I was going to stay far the hell away from anything opinionated when it comes to games journalism or in this case what passes for it anyway but I decided to scrap that idea after watching a YouTube video from “ReviewTechUSA” where he covers an article that was brought to light by another YouTuber that was defending Polygon due to the god awful Doom footage and at first glance one might say “well that doesn’t sound too bad” but it kinda is when you read the thing. 1,516 more words