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Poke Post: The Pokemon Come Out at Night

I just came back from a quick trip to Mitchell’s Harvest Foods. To my surprise, I caught some Pokemon, including this Nidoran.

After I got home, I found a Venonat in my apartment.


WoW Dance origins

One of the fun things about World of Warcraft is how it incorporates pop culture into the games, one example are the dances of each race and other character models. 12 more words


Poke Post: Alman plays Pokemon Go

I’ve been a little late when it comes to Pokemon Go. My mother bought me a new phone to play the game.

I’ve been playing the game on and off since last night and I’m having a lot of fun with it. 250 more words


Lost Castle (First Impressions)

There’s even a potion that makes you fart.

If that doesn’t justify an instant purchase, the potion also produces a poisonous gas cloud each time you fart that damages enemies who walk through/near it. 548 more words


Poke Post: Pokemon Sun and Moon Gameplay

A ton of brand new Pokemon Sun/Moon footage was shown on a Niconico stream today.


WoW Legion: The story of Felo-melorn

There are three different artifacts that mages can get in World of Warcraft: Legion. One is the Felo-melorn, which is for fire mages.


Pokemon UCL Season 2 Week 15: Real Marill vs. Carolina Keldeos

It’s the final week of Pokemon UCL Season 2 as the Marill try to rebound from last week’s loss and takes on the Carolina Keldeos.