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Summer in the Far Realms: Tana part 1

So, here we come to the final set of the “Summer in the Far Realms” e-mails. And, the best one, in my opinion. Honestly, myself and the player for the character Tana had a blast and wrote a lot. 7,243 more words


Good news for Bloodborne fans awaiting a sequel to game as Hunter gets a grisly comic book series

FromSoftware have given previous little to go on regarding their latest game, which remains untitled, bar a short and mysterious trailer at December’s Games Awards. 491 more words


The Chronicling of our D&D Campaign: Tempora – Part 22

Welcome to the novelization of my current D&D campaign, told through the perspective of the characters. Parts 1-19 charted the first part of the campaign, part 20 began the next phase of the saga: Tempora. 4,961 more words


Tom Hardy and Chris Pine could be the leading men in Call of Duty movie if Sicario 2 director gets his way

The Call of Duty movie could finally be heading into production in the near future.

And it would seem it’s a fairly decent bet to say that Tom Hardy and Chris Pine will be sized up for roles in the film if Sicario 2 director Stefano Sollima gets his way. 516 more words


Sicario 2 director in line to bring the long-awaited Call of Duty movie to life

It’s one of the most successful video game franchises of all time, with every new instalment guaranteed to shift millions of copies and keep countless joystick junkies entertained. 430 more words


If you love playing Fifa, you could be paid to coach others

If you’re playing it anyway and you’re good at it, you might as well be paid to do it.

Fifa fanatics who have mastered the ‘finesse shot and lob pass’ can apply to become a coach and impart their wisdom on the less savvy. 464 more words