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Video Game Music: Discussion and Resources

I often find myself listening to video game music as background music while I read or write. It makes sense, most of the tunes we hear in video games were meant to be just that: background music to your adventure and experience. 846 more words

Video Games

Parenting in the Time of Zombies 

I recently finished playing The Last of Us. A writer friend, Mason Thomas, recommended the game to me. Being that we’ve had similar emotional reactions to a number of other games, I suspected I was in for a trip through the “ringer.” I wasn’t wrong. 1,776 more words


Men don't like women who play online games - what it’s really like being a female gamer in 2017

Gamers: you might not know one personally, but you have a mental image of what they’re like.

You’re probably imagining sweaty teenagers, clicking furiously in darkened rooms right now. 754 more words


Two-fer Tuesday! ...But on a Friday!

Who has got two thumbs and got another package in the mail today? This guy! Two weeks ago today, Forge World put the new Griff Oberwald and the Skaven Rat Ogre on pre-order. 1,646 more words

Games Workshop

Smaller Parts of a Larger Whole

I’ve seen some large holes in my life.

If you follow me over on Twitter you may have noticed me talking about NieR: Automata recently. Which, by the way, if you don’t follow me over Twitter, maybe you should consider doing so. 576 more words


3 Clever Cugel Campaign Ideas

Not too long ago I expressed my ambivalence regarding Jack Vance’s Cugel the Clever stories. The guy is a heel, and as such he’s not always fun to follow for me. 586 more words


Fast RMX (Nintendo Switch) - Reseña

Es un juego independiente desarrollado por Shin’en Multimedia, y es el tercera parte de una serie de carreras con naves futuristas que inició en el Wii con Fast Racing League. 693 more words