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Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton and Tyler Breeze on UpUpDownDown

Here are the latest Superstar Savepoint/Gamer Gauntlet videos from “UpUpDownDown.”

After a few cameos, Tom Phillips a.k.a. Young Boy Tom has finally gotten his own Superstar Savepoint episode on the channel! 72 more words


Ibuki Street Fighter V reveal trailer

The ninja Ibuki will be joining the cast of Street Fighter V. I didn’t Ibuki too much in Street Fighter III or IV, but I like her design and what she brings to the game. 7 more words


Poke Post: 2016 Pokemon Winter Regionals

Watch Drew battle Shaun in the finals of the 2016 Pokémon Video Game Winter Regional Championships Masters Division!


Poke Post: What Pokemon team would I have?

While browsing the Pokecharms forums I replied to a thread that asked “What Pokemon team would you have in real life?” I’m decided that I would pick my Kalos team and I included how I would meet them – which mirrored how I caught them in Pokemon Y – and their nicknames. 189 more words


Fight Theater: Ryback vs. Thickballs

On this edition of the Friendo Unified Championship Wrestling Challenge, Thickballs faces former WWE Intercontinental champion Ryback. The winner receives a shot at Mechasanta and the Haitch title.


Video: History of the Warrior - Bryan Fury

On this episode of History of the Warrior it’s Tekken’s Bryan Fury. I liked playing Fury was much as the next Tekken character. He wasn’t my favorite, but he had some cool moves and that wicked laugh.


Daddywatch: New Overwatch Channel

Dearest Daddy,

I hope you take care of this new Youtube channel that was christened as Daddywatch.
Only the best Overwatch content and highlights are to come to you, if and only if you share this video with your mates. 27 more words