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Austin Creed and Andru Edwards - Street Fighter V and King of Fighters

On this episode of Superstar Savepoint, Austin Creed takes on Andru Edwards from Gear Line in both King of Fighters and Street Fighter V in an all-out brutal fight for video game supremacy!


Law & Order In The Internet Archive: Crime Fighter

I have just returned from another exploration of the old MSDOS games stored at the Internet Archive and I think I may have found one of the most addictive games ever programmed.   1,172 more words


Skirt Wearing Weather

The adventures of one man and his spiritual wolf.

Which will one day be three wolves. I’m not entirely sure how one wolf magically splits into three- but I’m not asking questions! 599 more words


The Scars We Carry - Geeks Under Grace

Source: The Scars We Carry – Geeks Under Grace

When I was younger–and had more time to watch anime–the classic Fullmetal Alchemist was one of my favorites. 239 more words


Il'gynoth, The Heart of Corruption

Il’gynoth, The Heart of Corruption, has been whispering to people within the Emerald Nightmare Raid. Whispers to take hold of your mind and let it run rampant with speculation. 9 more words


My Blood Bowl Corner...

What is this madness? Two posts in two days? Is this a sign of the apocalypse? Nope, I just felt like trowing up another quick post to have something to do. 168 more words

Games Workshop

Austin Creed Rumbles in Tokyo

Austin Creed shows off the story mode in Natsume’s River City: Tokyo Rumble. Playing as Kunio, you attempt to save Tokyo from the evil gang trying to take over the city. 35 more words

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