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Is Fortnite coming to China? Epic Games tease new announcement

Epic Games have teased Fortnite could be about to launch in China in a new not-so-cryptic tweet.

Fortnite might be dominating the western gaming sphere but it’s far from top of the world, with the game yet to make a splash in one of the biggest territories, China. 216 more words


Gaming Thursday: Top Secret NWO Review

Here we go!  Some 33 years after I bought my first RPG, Top Secret, the newly minted (and Kickstartered) Top Secret NWO arrived on my doorstep!  1,751 more words


Earnest's Demographic of Video Gaming

Earnest, a technology company that analyzes data pulled from loan applications, surveys, and/or publicly available data sources released their finding on the demographics of video game consumers. 361 more words

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Spellcrafting--My First D&D Homebrew, 5 Spells

I’ve been DM-ing since November of last year. Prior to this I had never actually gotten to play Dungeons & Dragons as a kid. A couple of my friends had also never gotten the chance to play be grew up with it and wanted to give it a go while a few more had played as kids and continued to play as an adult. 312 more words


Good Games Podcast: Episode 198 - Bad Games 3


Frank and Alex find out it’s that time again where they must suffer for their craft. The planets have aligned and they are powerless to stop it. 128 more words


Five Years with Ed and El

So, I think this series of e-mails was the most frustrating out of the set, probably because it most clearly showed my over-ambition about trying to get something similar to what we did over the months of summer into five weeks which included Christmas and New Years. 12,076 more words


Eclipse City: Lost in the Drift

Over this past weekend I had the opportunity to run a single session Starfinder adventure at a good friend’s 50th birthday geekstravaganza. Since many of the folks who would be attending this event were folks who make it to the annual regional cons I Gamemaster at, I decided to run a follow up to the events of Carnage 2017’s… 817 more words