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Anatomy of VGM - Hudson Hawk (NES, Amiga, etc)

What a way to begin a totally new and never before done feature! Hudson Hawk by the now obscure British company Special FX is… literally a video game, and clearly not a metal album. 949 more words


No, it's not 'misogynistic' to criticize Leigh Alexander

Why is it ‘misogynistic’ to point out facts?

Misogyny it seems, is the new shield. By that, I mean it’s being used to deflect criticism from a reasonable argument. 395 more words

Free Thinking

The (Not So) Weekly Argument: Does a Video Game's Length Affect Whether You'll Buy at Launch?

There has been a lot of discussion about the length of video games recently and how short is too short for a full retail price game. 50 more words


Quests: Donwhang Outpost 1


Outpost Commander Guo Mu Hu
LOCATION: Donwhang Outpost 1 (X:4075 Y:1315)
1 time
TASK: Defeat 76 Chakji Workers and 71 Chakjis. 296 more words


Adrift: A Game that should be on your Radar

Adrift, from developer Three One Zero, is a beautiful upcoming game that has you play an astronaut drifting through the wreckage of a spacecraft and trying to figure out what happened. 58 more words


The Lost Lighthouse Plays: Don't Starve - Part One

This week, Kii and Fenton are trying their very best to not die in Don’t Starve. They’re not very good at it.


Awesome Cosplay of the Day: 2/28/15

And we close out the (half) month of couples cosplay with a lovely Cloud and Tifa one. The raw intensity of this photo leaves me in breathless awe. 30 more words