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Video Games Are Epic

In the fall of  1958,  Physicist William Hinginboham created an interactive computer video game.Tennis for 2 was a simple tennis game, yet would be the start of an, amazing discovery. 1,023 more words


How Fast is the Xbox One in comparison to the xbox 360?

Well this is a fun question, I have read that in a single xbox one there is more processing power then there was on the entire earth in the 80’s & 90’s. 32 more words


About @XboxLiveRewards

Are you for real? You reply with BS excuses for not giving me reward credits and flat out lies in fact, and then you send me a email asking me to refer people. 254 more words

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When will virtual reality games hit stores?

Nate Mitchell knows the question is coming. As co-founder and vice president of product for Oculus, he gets it a lot – especially at an event like… 719 more words


PlayStation Now turns into Netflix for games with all-you-can-play subscription

Sony has been making major inroads in the world of game streaming, but up until now, the PlayStation Now service was an incredibly poor value. After all, a couple of hours of access to a single game can’t compete with the likes of Steam sales and Humble Bundles. 91 more words

Gaming Consoles

This Mad Catz $300 morphing game controller is absolutely insane

What on earth could make a game controller worth $300? Is it made of gold? No, the LYNX 9 from Mad Catz isn’t coated in precious metals, but it does have a few tricks up its sleeve. 215 more words

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