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Can software make hardware irrelevant for Phones like Game Consoles

When people buy consoles, they are not looking at the size of console, ram and other such physical attributes. However when people buy smartphones, they are looking at the configurations – Screen Size, processor, etc… 135 more words

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Game over: Nintendo is going mobile with Super Mario and friends

After years of resisting, Nintendo Co. Ltd Tuesday finally gave into the inevitable and said it would start putting its games on smartphones and other mobile devices. 340 more words


The great debate: Xbox, Playstation or PC?

For those of you who only follow me on this blog, you probably aren’t aware of my attachment to gaming. While I would no longer refer to myself as hardcore (sadly, due to time restraints), I’m still a gamer (and would argue that when I go on my gaming binges, immediately return to my ‘hardcore’ persona). 746 more words

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Video Games Are Epic

In the fall of  1958,  Physicist William Hinginboham created an interactive computer video game.Tennis for 2 was a simple tennis game, yet would be the start of an, amazing discovery. 1,023 more words


How Fast is the Xbox One in comparison to the xbox 360?

Well this is a fun question, I have read that in a single xbox one there is more processing power then there was on the entire earth in the 80’s & 90’s. 32 more words


About @XboxLiveRewards

Are you for real? You reply with BS excuses for not giving me reward credits and flat out lies in fact, and then you send me a email asking me to refer people. 254 more words

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