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Hey Pikmin (3DS) - Review

Hey guys! Sorry I have not posted recently, because I have been really busy. But, I’m back with my thoughts about Hey Pikmin! I have fallen in love with this 2D sidescroller ever since I started playing this game, because it a great change that the Pikmin series needed. 408 more words


When Online Video Gaming Started Evolution

To kill one another I do not really like this verb or what it implies and yet for the sake of our expose, we will use it. 986 more words

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Gaming 101: How to become a Gamer for Beginners - Consoles And Gaming Devices

Recently, I was surprised by a few of my friends, because they told me they wanted to start gaming. And of course, they came to the only person they know who loves and has any knowledge of gaming – me. 558 more words


10 Most Craziest Facts About PlayStation 2 That You Didn't Know About

PlayStation 2 is still the most popular and most successful game console of all time. With selling over more than 155 Million units, PS2 Single handily destroyed the competition and rule over gaming industry for more than 10 years. 78 more words


Game Consoles List 2017; Bigger Storage, Better Performance Improves Gaming Experience

Playing game consoles are the favorite past time activity of the young ones and the young at heart. There are hundreds of exciting games that can be played with it. 554 more words