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Gaming 101: How to become a Gamer for Beginners - Consoles And Gaming Devices

Recently, I was surprised by a few of my friends, because they told me they wanted to start gaming. And of course, they came to the only person they know who loves and has any knowledge of gaming – me. 558 more words


10 Most Craziest Facts About PlayStation 2 That You Didn't Know About

PlayStation 2 is still the most popular and most successful game console of all time. With selling over more than 155 Million units, PS2 Single handily destroyed the competition and rule over gaming industry for more than 10 years. 78 more words


Game Consoles List 2017; Bigger Storage, Better Performance Improves Gaming Experience

Playing game consoles are the favorite past time activity of the young ones and the young at heart. There are hundreds of exciting games that can be played with it. 554 more words


10 Video Games Consoles That You Never Knew Existed

How many consoles are there in the market right now? Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch these are the three main top gaming consoles that everybody knows. 62 more words


How New Atari Gaming Console Can Change The Whole Gaming Industry

Huge questions are swirling around my head as I watch the brief, 22 seconds long teaser Atari that has just dropped. The trailer itself reveals nothing but a few deep zoom shots that glide across what must be the new console, so far titled “Ataribox”.   546 more words


Limited Edition Gold PS4: Unboxing (A Narrative)

Seriously, where do I even start? How do I begin a conversation about the one item I have been waiting for since I was about ten years old? 2,630 more words


Modding the "Vader" Atari 2600 for RCA Jacks and LED Power Light

This article is going to be a fairly brief overview of a mod I recently performed on my “Vader” Atari 2600. I may end up glossing over a few details but this is only because there is already a great wealth of information on the internet pertaining to these mods so I really just wanted to share my experience as a relatively novice solderer in performing these mods. 1,173 more words

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