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Where can i rent gaming consoles in Bangalore?

Rentgames.in has been in the technology rental business for over 5 years. Over time, Rentgames.in’s inventory of technology has grown with the times.

Well now, Rentgames.in has updated its rental inventory even further with the addition of gaming console rentals. 458 more words

Another Era Of Gaming And Psp Download

Gone are the times of investing hours sitting before the TV as you mechanically move a joystick with an end goal to control a little yellow circle; the essential objective of which was to eat up every last modest spot fastidiously situated all through a labyrinth as it wavered between pursuing from or pursuing rapidly moving apparitions. 468 more words

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10 Reasons to Buy an Xbox 360 (Not a PS3 or Wii)

Gamers and nerds have sat tight anxiously for progressions and developments in gaming. To set the beat hustling and the mind supposing one should be tested. 499 more words

Gaming Consoles

Alienware Steam Machine ASM100-6980BLK Desktop Console

Alienware Steam Machine ASM100 still be the best for desktop gaming console under 500 dollars. Coming with the specifications that can be customized. Superior performance of 4th gen Intel Core i3 / i5 / i7 processors combined with NVIDIA GeForce GTX GPU 2GB GDDR5 (comparable to 860m class performance). 7 more words


Phased-Out Video Game Consoles Worth Remembering

As the daughter of a videogame fan, I had the chance to try out some of my dad’s precious videogame consoles even after they’ve been phased out. 301 more words


4 Reasons to Love Being A PC Gamer

PC gaming is found to be much better than gaming consoles. There are several advantages of using PC games. To be frank I have tried using both, the consoles and playing on PC and trust me PC games have won my heart. 455 more words

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The Nintendo Switch!

The Nintendo Switch, Nintendo’s latest innovation in gaming, has really taken a notice in the gaming world! But the question still lingers in people’s mind, Is the Nintendo Switch really worth the cold, hard cash? 495 more words